What is a good link for SEO?

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Most clients of a seo consultant ask, “Please give me an explanation for a kindergarten student”. So here it is!

What is a backlink, a link or rather a hyperlink and especially how will it boost my positions in Google? A link is a mark of popularity which has evolved a lot in recent years to go towards an ever increasing quality - cf. history of link building .

In short, for Google, a link is a vote! A voting package that makes your site “popular”.

What is a good link?

“A hyperlink or hypertext link or web link or simply link, is a reference in a hypertext system allowing to switch automatically from a consulted document to a linked document. ”Retrieved from https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperlien

Authority to boost my google referencing

Before placing your link, you must determine where to put it, on which site Authority sites, in your theme are the best sites where to put your link.

Merka-TIC recently bought an expired domain name from a government site with nearly 300 inbound links from over 200 different IPs.

Its power formerly determined by the Page Rank, an indicator since abandoned by Google today translates into a TF / CF of 29/49 on the root domain (domainname.com) and 38/41 on the home page (domainname / home).

To measure this power there are many tools, we use seobserver.com.

CF – CitationFlow

Majestic power meter from 0 to 100 measuring the raw “juice” sent from sites around the world. This indicator does not take into account the notion of “confidence”, and knowing it is mainly used to evaluate the raw power.

A low-quality netlinking campaign will increase Citation Flow but not Trust Flow.

TF – TrustFlow

Trust indicator made by Majestic, from 0 to 100, measuring the “juice” sent, directly and indirectly, from a list of 1 million manually selected trusted sites.

The notion of “trust” is an integral part of this indicator, which is highly qualified and considered to be the most faithful to the Pagerank.

The CF / TF Ratio

The higher this ratio, the greater the share of trusted links in a site's netlinking profile. Conversely, a low ratio will indicate a low quality netlinking . Note that the ratio can exceed 100%.

TTF – Topical Trust Flow

Allows you to check the consistency of the linking . This index is used to show what type of sites the good quality links are coming from. This is to add a “theme” data to the Trust Flow by categorizing the content of websites that make links.

We must strive to obtain links preferably from the same theme.


How to place a quality link?

Two things condition the quality of the link: its anchor and its context

The anchor of the link

There are many ways to place links and since the updates of Google Panda in particular, we stopped over-optimizing anchors with keywords to favor natural anchors :

The context of the link

To caricature, we have poor link contexts, so poor that the pages are not even indexed on Google….

Ex. https://www.apst.travel/nos-adherents/fiche-adherent/?id=IM075150036&envoi=ok&pagination=1

and richer pages that meet the three pillars of good content: EAT - Expertise, Authority and Trust is the best. Here we have a nice little page of around 450 words.

We will put that in nofollow, so as to block the transfer of juice and it's perfect:

Example of Altiplano on the APST

Liens no Follow

As you can see, the link is life! It allows to pass the juice from one site to another but also to give authority to a page with external links like on this page you are reading. You can also block the transfer of juice transfer by passing a nofollow link.

Sometimes, some unscrupulous professionals oversell nofollow links or switch them to nofollow after settlement is complete. Avoid the pitfalls, by being accompanied by a professional.

How to have a good link profile?

Vary the links, the supports, the quality of the sites, etc ... ask us for a strategy of netlinking and natural referencing , we have an innovative and very qualitative offer with

70% of links created + 30% of links purchased

All this for what results?

In a context of constant and regular netlinking and with a link on the government site mentioned above. One site did a good job in the search results of +50 positions on moderately competitive queries in 1 week.


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