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The alliance of SEO and UX - User experience makes it possible to approach the evolution of SEO from a smarter angle than before.

SEO today must be more in line with search intentions, more marketing !

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SXO: SEO Technique and Marketing

We have seen that in netlinking, we approach the subject from a technical and marketing angle. For the study of keywords it is identical, marketing and search intentions are at the heart of our business.

There are 3 types of research intentions: informational (KNOW), navigation (VISIT), transactional (DO).

Our strategies are particularly suited to any e-commerce site or any business or start-up that needs to position itself on a keyword, or a theme with high sales potential.

User Experience Starts in Search Results - Google SERP!

SEO Marketing: for optimal SEO efficiency

Marketing approach

The marketing approach of your SEO consultant also allows you to clearly define the objectives and the target (s), to lay down the page structure, the tree structure that is going well.

There is nothing worse than wasting months before realizing that you made a mistake and that you have to start over!

Central keyword

Basically, your activity can be based on a single keyword, this is rare because there are often synonymous or related expressions. This keyword can generate a lot of business but there is medium to high competition. Ex. Garden pergola

It will take months or even a year to get to be in the top 3 on the central query. In order to capture business quickly, we will target this central keyword, the related expressions, which can give us a spectrum of twenty keywords.

Secondary keywords: specific needs, questions, information guides ...

There are several hundred pages that can be created to create your authority in a very competitive industry using the semantic cocoon technique .

Long tail keywords. Ex. Catalog products

Secondary keywords are for example the products in your catalog. We can have several hundred in the case of pergolas and garden sheds. We are going to be on expressions with 3 or 4 keywords. These expressions may or may not mean a lot.

On, it does not help so much that the product pages are not indexed by Google!

The counter example is the most expensive query on Google Ads a few years ago: "criminal lawyer in Palm Beach" (Florida, USA). A request for $ 500 because the Internet user is ready to "give everything" so as not to go to jail. This demonstrates the importance of local SEO and a personalized study!

Can a business be based only on the long tail?

The long tail, made up of expressions of 3 or 4 keywords, is often an amateur SEO argument because you cannot develop a sustainable and growing business on it.

On the other hand, it makes it possible to have quick results and a return on investment which is significant. We must target secondary queries in the short and medium term, because even if we do not aim for the top 10 on the central keyword, which is extremely competitive, we will have a perennial business with mainly product categories .

How much does the SXO cost?

In a perfect world, you or your marketing department had already done this competitive positioning job.

If you have the time to do so, we provide you, at no extra cost, with a framework to follow in order to understand the question.

If you want a competitive, marketing and technical benchmark of your competitors, we are able to provide you with a study. This is roughly double the working time of a classic keyword research and optimization mission .

How to identify your personas?

There are many methods and theories for this, but they will be more concrete through two examples.

The first, within the framework of the realization of semantic cocoons in real estate, we will have a very wide range of profiles: from the individual to the family, of all ages. We are therefore going to simplify this to 4 slices of life: individual, young couple looking for an apartment with 2 bedrooms, young couple expecting a second child and retirees . In parallel, we will have levels of knowledge ranging from nothing, the first installment to professionals in real estate management type "LMNP".

The second is less focused on profiles than on purchasing behavior. For example, on an e-commerce, we will have 20% of the products that will make 80% of the turnover with low average baskets. This average basket of around fifty euros is Profile 1 and represents 55% of turnover . Conversely, we will rarely but regularly have very high purchases of high-end products , this is Profile 2. It represents 15% of turnover. We will have a profile 3, with 30% of the turnover which is the heart of the clientele with average shopping cart at the very correct amount.

Profile 2 represents a strong growth potential that must be explored with a phone call and provided with a questionnaire prepared in advance in order to define: the who, what, how ?. Profiles 1 and 3 also deserve specific approaches in terms of marketing and calls to action both in terms of conquest policy and loyalty.

Do you need 2000 word pages to be 1st in Google?

This approach shatters the principle that it takes 2,000 words to appear 1st in Google. Sometimes, it will take 10,000, sometimes, it only needs 300 if the answer to the user's need is given.

For example on the query "loan calculator": Do you think you have to tell the story or how you calculate a loan? No, you just need to provide a good loan calculator! Then you have to link ...

EAT Google: How important is it?

The EAT is important for all queries, but some more than others.

If you are just looking for pictures of cute cats, then EAT is probably not that important. The subject is subjective, and it's okay if you see a cat that you don't find cute.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the right dosage of aspirin during gestation, then the EAT is definitely important. If Google were to show content on this topic written by an author with no knowledge of the matter, posted on an unreliable, unauthorized website, then the likelihood of that content being inaccurate or misleading is high.

Considering the nature of the information sought here, this is not only a slight inconvenience, it is also a potential danger to life.

EAT is also important for questions like "how to improve your credit score". In this case, advice from someone who has no idea what is going on and is not authorized to give their opinion is unlikely to be legitimate and should not be relied upon.

Google calls these kinds of topics YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) topics: Certain types of pages or topics can impact a person's happiness, health, financial stability, or security.

We call these pages "Your Money or Your Life", or YMYL.

If your site is built around a YMYL topic, it is essential that you meet these criteria.

Click-through rate - Does CTR influence ranking?

Our experience, our tests and the results obtained confirm that the CTR is not a ranking factor, the pogo sticking on the other hand is. Some specialists confirm that the time spent on the site, dwell time (obtained by google analytics, chrome ...) is also.

Marketing: competitive positioning

I have always observed that the reflection of its competitive positioning in the editorial and metas (title and description) of a site influenced its SEO performance and also but above all on commercial, transactional performance, to use the term used. in introduction.

User experience is marketing, because it is the ability of your offer to meet its demand, its intention.

From there, we understand the interest of a competition study (benchmak in English) and the importance of standing out and entering the market with a unique and competitive offer (product, price, promotion, distribution). For this reason, it is essential, before publishing a website, to have answered 4 questions

How are you going to help me? Who are you ? What do I do now ? Why you ?

Action Branding sheet: we have a detailed framework that requires around 3 days of full-time work.

UX and study of personas

It is not uncommon to find that those who answered the previous questions and who are starting to meet with success with individuals - BtoC , end up with even greater results when they are contacted by professional clients - BtoB .

In order to approach the subject of site design and deployment of the page tree in an optimal way, it is important to determine your marketing personas, your targets.

UX: Keywords and tree structure

This approach impacts the design of the site and its tree structure, but also the technical part of the SEO.

The time of mechanical and binary splitting of the page tree and the model or a page = a keyword is over!

The technical part of seo is based on a fundamental element: the web page and everything in its anatomy is impacted . From its meta title and description, to its content, illustration and function: informational or transactional?

Today, with well-done content, you can appear on a keyword without even mentioning it in its meta title.

It is a revolution that we owe to the artificial intelligence of google which in our opinion will measure, not the click-through rate - CTR but the pogo sticking and / or the dwelltime on the web page with the help in particular of data from google analytics, search console, chrome ....

EAT Google: Expertise Authority Trust

EAT- stands for expertise, authority and reliability. It comes from Google's Guidelines on Search Quality Assessment, a 168-page document used by human quality assessors to gauge the quality of Google search results.

Google has posted this document online to "help webmasters understand what Google is looking for in a web page." - see google document

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