Video Brochure for Professionals: the Video Book of My Video Box

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Prospects are bombarded with hundreds of messages every day, making it difficult to stand out and get the attention we're looking for. As a result, many marketers see a decrease in the performance of traditional tactics associated with all physical advertising media: display, flyer, etc.

That's why MBCommunication decided to shake things up and create a video brochure for professionals .


Who are the suppliers of video brochures today?


PIXCARD is a fully customizable product in order to best meet your needs

screen size: from 2.4 ″ to 10 ″

memory size: from 128MB to 4GB

customizable printing format: A4, A5, business card format, custom cutout, flap etc ...

Number of buttons: from 0 to 9 that can each trigger a video or integrate functions such as PLAY / PAUSE / FORWARD AND QUICK RETURN / VOL + AND - etc…

printing effect: hot ink, selective varnish, embossing, perforation etc.

To see more clearly in the design of your pixcard, read our advice and explanations below

Pixcard is the combination of two cutting-edge technologies resulting in a unique and revolutionary concept.

The most advanced printing techniques (hot colors, embossing, selective varnish, etc.) and the latest digital innovations have been assembled to give life to a new vector that will ensure an unprecedented impact on your communication.

This is the insertion of an LED screen in a printing product of the commercial wafer type. The technology used allows a relatively reduced thickness of the final product (less than 1cm) ensuring perfect ergonomics.

Designed from the outset to be the best commercial brochure there is, the applications are numerous, it can be used as a VIP invitation, demo brochure for a particular product and for any other application which remains to be invented given the possibilities offered by the screen are endless

Pixcard is completely customizable which allows it to adapt perfectly to your needs. The first selection criterion is the size of the wafer in relation to the size of the screen. We advocate an A5 size (half of a binder sheet) with a 5 inch screen, this size is that of the screen of most current smartphones, so it is a reference for many people who are used to look at this format. Placed in the center of the A5 format, it occupies a good part of the page of the brochure and gives a better impression of size than when it is integrated on an A4 format. There is just room for the buttons around the screen around it. It is interesting to integrate the screen into the general graphics of the pixcard. Depending on your needs, it is also possible to create specific shapes for your pixcard (round, cutting your logo etc…).

The number of buttons is also your choice with a maximum limit of 9, it is recommended to assign a button to each video you have if you plan to integrate several. Each button allows the video to which it is linked to be paused. It is also interesting to place volume adjustment buttons because depending on where the "reader" (we can also say "the viewer") of your pixcard is located, it will appreciate being able to raise or lower the sound of your video, especially since the small built-in speaker provides a certain rendering despite its size.

It is also possible to create buttons for fast forward and rewind, pause, play etc. which we do not recommend for the use of pixcard as a commercial brochure. Indeed, your videos must be relatively short and impactful so as not to tire your reader, so there is generally no need to browse them. This may however be the case if you use pixcard to demonstrate a product with many characteristics (in the form of instructions for use for example). Anyway our team will be at your side to advise you when creating your pixcard. Note that it is interesting and important to put a legend on each button in order to instantly demonstrate its use. Here too you will be given advice. In the case of a VIP invitation we recommend as much sobriety as possible and therefore the absence of a button.

The touch screen, the premium function for your video brochures.

it is possible to integrate this functionality into your pixcard, it has many advantages that we detail in detail in an article dedicated to it

you can also watch the related demo video

Note that in all cases the video of your pixcard is triggered when it is opened. If you have several videos you can of course decide the order in which they should be played. This order can be changed by a simple manipulation on your part on each pixcard on a case-by-case basis once you have them in your possession.

Still in relation to the digital content of your pixcard, you will have to choose the size of the memory. From the outset we include a memory of 512 MB which is more than enough for video and sound content in good quality (for information a 1h30 movie in divx quality takes around 750MB) but if you wish it is possible to go up to 4GB. One of the special features of the product is that it also behaves like a USB key as long as you connect it to a computer using the cable supplied with each pixcard (for example for 100 pixcards ordered you will also receive 100 USB cables).

So you will have access to the memory of your pixcard and you will be able to perform the manipulations you want such as:

Reverse the order of your videos

Replace one video with another

Insert in your pixcard a file other than a video, for example a price list in PDF, the more detailed notice of a product, a standard contract or even a personalized VIP Invitation to print

Note that the cable will also serve you or your prospects / customers to recharge the battery of pixcards which originally have an autonomy of 1 hour.

Prospects who will receive your pixcard will also have access to this memory (don't forget to leave them the USB cable) and will be able to consult the files that you have left for them.

We recommend this use which will encourage your contacts to carefully keep the pixcard in your image that you have given them. Note that we can insert these files for you during production so that you receive your pixcard with them.

You can finally customize your pixcard in terms of printing effects. Everything here depends on the image of your company and the effect you are seeking to produce. So the pixcard of a company in the pharmaceutical industry will not use the same codes at all as that of a car brand, for example. Among the most used effects we recommend the selective varnish which allows certain parts of the logo or text of the design to be highlighted by covering it with a coat of varnish. Hot colors (silver, red gold, etc.) give a certain prestige with an always effective metal effect. Embossing which consists in highlighting certain texts or logos so that they stand out from the rest of the graphics and finally the special cutouts (rounded corners, perforation…) giving a finish to your product. We do not recommend the accumulation of these effects but the choice of one or two maximum. Here again, we will be at your side for any recommendation.

Once your choice has been made on all these options, we will produce your pixcard within a period ranging from 2 weeks to 1 month depending on the quantities and the complexity of your product and you will then be able to stand out among your customers and prospects by placing yourself clearly above your competition and their paper brochures.

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Boost your events by adding a screen to your brochures!

Discover an authentic fully customizable video brochure, with internal memory from 128 MB to 8 GB.

This video brochure or video flyer has a 2.4 to 10 inch Lcd screen, with an autonomy of approximately 1 hour. It recharges using a simple USB connection!

Equipped with a printed medium lined with an LCD screen with speakers, the video brochure promotes the memorization of your messages by adding a playful aspect. Optimized for your event presentations and electronic press kits, the VideoBook guarantees daring communication.

We can design your video brochure film from A to Z! Contact us.

See price list

Movi Book

Video brochure and brochure

The MOVI-BOOK Video Card is a complete range of printed media including an LCD screen, where video increases the impact of your communication and the influence of your business. Our video brochure is a disruptive medium allowing you to stand out and make a lasting impression. For VERY effective private communication!

Movi-Book offers a complete range from video books to video displays, including multi-page video brochures. Do not hesitate to consult us and request a free estimate for a personalized video brochure.

Your Events: Seminars, fairs, invitations, team building ...

The video brochure makes all these moments unique and unforgettable!

New products

Launch, press kit, presentation, road show ...

Clearly demonstrate their benefits with a video card.

Prestige album, activity report, gala evening… Show that you are unique and exclusive on this innovative medium.

Complex products: Tutorials, motion design ...

The video brochure promotes the use of your products and services.

The video brochure for strong communication that will extend your field of influence.

Wafer and video card models

Video brochure

10 ″ LCD display

Response to tender, sales support

Video brochure

7 ″ LCD display

Image, prestige, seduction

4.3 ″ or 5 ″ HD LCD display

Tutorial, virtual tour, opinion leader

Video business card

2.4 ″ LCD display

A Teaser… A Pitch? Why not in video!

Video box

Gifts, product sample

PLV - Video display

Reception and waiting point

See all video brochures

Video brochure

Video Brochure Templates

Video flyer

Video flyer options

Video Book

Video Book Quote

Need video brochures quickly?

Several video brochure templates are available

under 72 hours at affordable prices.

Do not hesitate to consult us

Flyer Mov

Le flyer next gen

The video flyer is THE new medium to get people talking about you. This high-tech brochure opens up new possibilities in print communication. Equipped with an LCD screen and integrated speakers, it broadcasts a video spot when it opens, the impact of which is all the stronger as it surprises the customer and calls out to him directly. Available in A4 and A5 format

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Distinguish yourself

A marketing and technological object, the video flyer provides an elegant solution to your printed communication.

The video flyer offers a neat visual of your product and deeply marks the minds by its originality. Each template is printed in four page format with a matte or glossy laminate cover. A varnished print can favorably underline your logo and your photographs.

Demonstration in pictures

Play the video

Your communication increased tenfold thanks to an attractive, informative and complete multimedia printed product

Various applications

Imagine, we create. The applications of the video flyer touch a vast field of achievements

Product launch, celebration, invitations, manuals, virtual tour, demonstration, speech, the video format increases the reach and impact of your print communication tenfold. Marketing is redesigned. The synergy between text, images and video is complete and permeates minds with strength and clarity. Demonstrating the serenity of a heavenly place, the emotion of a free fall jump, the effectiveness of a method, the video flyer makes the experience immediately real and true.

Cocktail d’Impressions,fr,3,37.cfm


72 article(s)

4-page video brochure 4.3 inch screen with die-cut shape

Consider incorporating a cutout shape on the 1st cover for even more originality

4 page 4.3 inch video brochure

Your video in an A4 format brochure with its 4.3 inch screen

Product video® print - 4 pages

Embark on new communication systems with the 4-page video brochure

Brochure video 7” A4 – 4 pages

Adopt the A4 video brochure in 7 inches for your business presentations, present your company, product launches, promotional operations, press kit ...

4.3 ”Video® Print 3 A4 videos

Highlight your partnerships with the Imprimé Video®

Block Video dressed 4 pages • 10 inches

The quick solution to produce a Video® Print in small series within an express time frame!

The 10-inch video unit is pasted in a 4 pages customizable to your communication (also available in 7-inch version)

Mini 3-fold Square Video® Print with integrated brochure

Provide as much information as possible by combining the video and the 3 sections of the brochures

Specialist in growthacking and e-commerce, you will benefit from our experience to develop your contacts and your turnover in record time!

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