Which WordPress SEO Themes is Best? SEOWP, SEO Mag, Hello from Elementor?

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The search for technical performance is the order of the day in your seo checklist and that is not about to change. Indeed, Google, like users, want a site to load quickly and meet today's technical expectations. AMP is proof of this. A new interface for your site, ultra light… but before you equip yourself with an AMP version, does your wordpress site meet the basic technical requirements?

What is an SEO optimized wordpress theme?

A premium theme at wordpress is a flexible interface that allows you to customize a graphical interface to your colors. A toolbox with a lot of tools… and code.

A heavy set but which allows you many customizations.

Custom WordPress Theme Vs Premium WordPress Theme

Why have a site made to measure rather than buying a standard theme at 50 or 60 €?

As Aurélien Denis, the specialist in wordpress sites on premium themes, says :

A “gas factory” back-office and disastrous loading times!

Premium theme = MVP

Do you know of any product launches or perfect site? We don't know any because the purpose of a launch is to probe the market and extract new data from it to be more in tune with expectations and better understand customer profiles.

Opting for a premium theme is the way to have an MVP - Minimum Valuable Product with flexible sales pages, which can be upgraded during the first year of launch as the fixes are made.

Custom theme = Version 2 of the money site

For me, the tailor-made theme must be the result of a successful MVP because once you have mastered over 80% of the project and are ready to put it on track. We can stand out from competitors who have the flaws of premium themes.

The bespoke theme allows you to keep in the toolbox only what is needed. It is therefore by definition lighter and therefore more efficient. This is the real technical performance on the web.

Eliminating all the superfluous is the goal of any self-respecting coder cf. Web ecodesign by Frédéric Bordage

SEOWP: THE WordPress SEO Theme since 2014


This theme has advantages and disadvantages.


The 1st advantage is a tree structure of pages covering the theme of digital marketing and SEO services. Its interest is therefore to recover illustrated page templates for which there is only personalized.

Other advantages

  • ninjaforms are easy to manage, everything is ready to use


This theme is in no way optimized for SEO as it was created in 2014 and is initially designed for computer screens before mobile ones.

Even with a powerful cache and compression system, performance is poor!

Technical performance too low for Mobile Vs Desktop version
via Google Page Speed Insight

Other disadvantages

  • openlive editor is cumbersome to use and often crashes
  • fundamental elements are not translatable such as “continue reading”

Modules added

  • Really simple SSL
  • WP rocket
  • SEOPress
  • widget google reviews

Codes inserted: shares from addthis, google tag manager ...

Ongoing tests:

configuration multilangue – weglot & polylangue optimale

SEO May the WPRank


This theme has advantages and disadvantages

Major fault

No import of demo content, which is very tedious to set up and configure because it requires special attention at each stage of the implementation.


Major advantage

it allows you to use a basic and woocommerce compatible interface

Live-demo 2 , homepage built with Stackable Gutenberg Blocks

or more graphic layouts with Elementor

Live-demo 4 , homepage built with Elementor Pro, via the Homepage Restaurant page template

Failing to test the performance on the same site as before, we will test the publisher's demo site, taking care to check the plugins installed on the site. Here we see that a file caching and compression system is in place

On SEO Mag Live demo 2 : performance is excellent on mobile, even better on computer: 97%.

On SEO Mag Live demo 4 : performance is poor on mobile but better on computer: 72%.

This is quite normal when you have a loaded one page architecture. This is the fault of such elementor builder, they are made to be beautiful and manageable like a premium theme!



Having heavy pages that give this score on Google test page is not that bad. The important thing is to have the buoyancy zone which loads quickly first, the lower part of the page can come later.

The performances here are very correct

Most of the resources downloaded here are images.



Announces correct structure but poor performance. We had detected that there were therefore too many photos on this page.

Now, the verdict, because even fully loaded, does this page allow you to do business and launch an MVP?

The first element of the waterline appears after 1.8s, so I would say yes but it is limited!

Best WordPress SEO Theme Today?

There are an endless number of themes that will allow you to meet your primary needs. We find among the best seller Avada, DIVI ... and recently Elementor which brings a renewal

Today, for a high-performance website with a fully charter graphic template, I would go to

Hello from Elementor: free and very powerful


Get the fastest, free WordPress theme made by Elementor's developer team. Over 300,000 websites are already using it and are seeing an improvement in speed!

Many of you already know, love, and use Elementor's Hello theme, but this week our starter theme was officially added to the WordPress repository, so we thought our baby deserved a formal baby shower.

Having Hello available in the official WP repository is a big deal. This means that millions of WordPress users can easily install and activate it right from their dashboard, and also get automatic updates for new versions.

Hello is 100% compatible with Elementor, and is both light and clean. Hello allows you to design your pages and sites without any problem.

Why choose Hello?

There are many advantages to choosing this theme before the others, especially these:

Perfect for Elementor. Hello theme is ready to use and offers constant compatibility with Elementor. When we release a new version of Elementor, most of the testing is done with the Hello theme. You know our developers - they are the best of the best (no bragging about). They make sure that the Hello theme is always updated and up to date.

Perfect for landing pages. If you are building landing pages, know that every millisecond counts. Hello is a go-anywhere theme that will load your landing pages faster than ever. (More information on this in a section below).

The fewest possible problems. With Hello, the risk of compatibility issues between the theme and Elementor and between the theme and other plugins is the lowest, as its code is minimalist and optimized. With Hello, there is no CSS spacing issue or color inconsistency.

Fast performance. Hello is as light as a feather. It is lighter than most themes because it is almost empty of style and scripts. All the design is done using Elementor theme builder. Faster site loading and lighter code mean better SEO results for your sites.

FREE forever. The theme is also completely FREE forever. We want our users to never think about their choice of theme, and just focus on designing beautiful and professional sites.


Betheme: more graphic than SEO


For sites that are quick to set up and themed. I will opt for Betheme because it offers more than 600 themed templates and



The best SEO optimized WordPress themes


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