Customer case studies

Proof by example, isn't it the best way to convince you to join us in the SEO adventure? Here you will find some examples of successful projects. The common point to all has been this state of mind in the strategy of conquering their market on the Internet. MINDSET!

Social Media Marketing

Key figures of SARL Merka-TIC

  • 2020 Merka-TIC turnover of € 100,992 for a customer turnover of nearly € 1 million 700
  • CA on May / June 2021 of € 17,000 for a business volume of nearly € 100K

Pharmathèque, from one to nearly 5,000 pages ...

Leader in pharmacy real estate, the pharmatheque website had only one page on which one could view hundreds of pharmacy advertisements for sale.

Today, we are essential on the internet thanks to a referencing carried out on all the keywords of the sector

  • Core keywords: transactional keywords
    ten pages
  • Secondary keywords:
    - transaction guide,
    - 1st installation
    - legal forms: including SPFPL of pharmacies,
    - estimate your pharmacy ...
    a hundred pages

  • Geolocated keywords: cities, departments, region ...
    Pharmacy for sale + city, department, region ...
    a few thousand pages

read more about pharmacies referencing


Le SEO de Merka-TIC nous a permis de monter dans les 1ères positions de Google sur les mots clés centraux relatifs à notre activité de transactionnaire en officines de pharmacies. Mais aussi sur un très grand nombre de requêtes connexes. Les retombées sont excellentes !” - voir nos études de cas SEO
Jean Luc Guérin
Founder of

Startup: online banking comparison site

Led by the journalist and FinTech specialist, Stéphanie Thomas, we have optimized the on-site criteria, with a particular focus on Boursorama Banque . A sustained netlinking dynamic has allowed the site to take off spectacularly towards the best comparators of online banks and neo-banks by being in particular the 1st comparator of banks on the request "bank stock market" ...

... this enabled the team to generate a turnover of between 3 and 5,000 euros per month.

What did Merka-TIC bring?

1. Content

In a very competitive context, we have recommended

  • complete an editorial strategy focused on current events with solutions by customer profile : retirees, young workers, expatriates and companies ...
  • develop internal networking by silo (information categories)
  • deploy its expertise by gathering customer opinions collected on the internet
  • develop a vertical page on major development axes eg. Boursorama Bank

2. Popularity

We have developed netlinking by deploying a real ecosystem of sites with around 70% of links created and 30% of links purchased.

3. Results

The site is seeing an increasing number of conversions and visibility is increasing drastically. At D + 1 year, we are first on the name of banks

Startup: sports travel platform

At the Paris 2020 SEO camp, we were pleased to inaugurate the “BlackHat” cycle with a conference on “How to self-finance your start up with aggressive netlinking? ". The concrete example of an e-commerce site positioned on sports tourism, in France and internationally. A singular example because it presents the creation of a network of sites to launch the launch of this activity, without therefore any branding, without social networks, without partners and without even without ... legal notices * ... find out more about the creation of a site network .

... il donne la preuve que l'on peut générer 100 000€ avec un bon marketing et un bon SEO.

* These elements have since been implemented to meet legal requirements. All the elements mentioned below are in accordance with the legal framework.

Startup: Costa Rica and Peru specialized travel website

The project leader Morgan Toubois did not really understand the interest of SEO but he understood that we would be useful for him to develop a site that would be in line with the customer journey and their expectations.
We therefore established a sample of ten pages on Wordpress allowing us to combine informational and transactional approaches. This model was taken up and developed to obtain today nearly 200 pages.
The seo strategy was to target long queries, interests and stages of the circuit . Today, the site is visible in Google on a large set and even on requests such as "map of national parks of Costa Rica" ...
This strategy enabled the autenteo team to exceed 300,000 in business volume in the first year.

Online therapist and alternative medicine

Networking of sites on the projects of Nadia Rasamoely, nutritherapist and naturopath in Biarritz. Since summer 2019, we have been developing the visibility of the various product and advice sites on its various websites.

"Depuis que Merka-TIC m'assiste dans la coordination des mes différents sites et dans leurs optimisations, j'ai pris de très belles postions dans Google. Je génère maintenant une belle visibilité que j'ai pu monétiser avec des protocoles et des consultations à distance. " - Madame Nadia Rasamoely

E-commerce PDO and PDO products from the Basque Country

Charcuterie Aubard: from 0 to + 200K € turnover on the internet - see how to boost sales without effort?


Chocolats Antton d'Espelette, e-commerce site positioned in the top 3 for "chili chocolate" for 8 years Sales site for individuals and professionals around the world. Online turnover x2 each year thanks to a good commercial dynamic with its resellers

Frédéric Gauthier, Building Expert

Since I entrusted my natural referencing to Merka-TIC, my turnover has multiplied by four. I have calls every day and I even stop paid ads like Google Adwords and Yellow Pages. Nicolas Mercadieu changed my life!