Effective and Economical Netlinking Strategy

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Netlinking is not easy, but it is not complicated either. Everything that happens outside of your site can be classified according to 3 objectives

  1. push your money site
  2. rank and capture traffic: I often test niches or approaches outside the money site
  3. improve your e-reputation

What is the best netlinking strategy?

A pbn is more profitable than buying a link!

What I defend in the discussion with Christophe Vidal and Nicolas Mercatilli is simple:

the link buying platforms are good but the results are slower and more expensive than what a seo consultant will do

Un consultant seo va se rémunérer sur l’argent qu’il va vous faire économiser
par rapport à ce que vous pouvez faire seul sur une plateforme d’achat de liens

70% of links created for 30% of links purchased

30% of the strategy is informational

Yes, the solutions offered by platforms are viable up to 30% of the netlinking strategies.

70% of the strategy is commercial

En netlinking, on va pouvoir faire ranker des informations que l’on ne peut mettre sur son site.
Par exemple :

  • what is the best brand on the market?
  • create influencers
  • integrate evidence and influence the market through its e-reputation.

How much does a netlinking strategy cost?

There are several ways of estimating a netlinking strategy

Objective / competition

We just need to probe a query and see the competition for the keyword. We count the cost of a link at 50 € and if the competitor has 100 more. We develop an effective strategy with a budget of 5000 €.

If intelligence is expensive, how much will you pay for stupidity?

We use a percentage of the Adword budget

It is easier to calculate the ROI on adwords campaigns than on natural referencing, that's for sure. However, the fundamental difference in the two approaches is simple: when we stop paying for clicks we have more traffic, while in natural referencing this is not the case.

For this client, we can estimate a budget of 200 clients x 10 (conversion rate of 10%; which is very optimistic!) X 1.7 € (which corresponds to the cost of adwords acquisition) or 3400 € per month.

In this case we have established a budget of

  • 1500 € / month of natural referencing for
  • 1000 € of paid referencing

How often do you post links?

In the past, you could publish 2000 links per minute. Today, we publish one every 2 or 3 days.

How to measure the results?

Monitoring and tracking of results is very important, which is why we develop global strategies and quarterly stages. In this way we can monitor monthly results, correct approaches and control results.


Netlinking for honest people

You know full well that netlinking is necessary to boost a website. However, finding good spots to make good backlinks is harder than you think. A good backlink is not only focused on the TF or the DA (specific tool metrics), it is also necessary to see the number of referring domains, the number of indexed pages of the site in question, if the site does not 'is not penalized and also the traffic. So calling on a netlinking agency for its SEO is well made. You will find satisfaction and ease, because you will just have to send a brief and the agency will normally do the work to find you the best spot.

hello everyone last straight line so we will explain to you why you should never make a link and that you have to focus only on the content so there you have no link is made good content and then that's all we are quickly presents kevin richard 512 banks is observer points as cultivars elle.fr my name is paul sanchez i launched a duplicate toolkit is an agency and sow akers and my twitter is the black out and we have something in common it is the only google in recent years has put a lot of pressure on SEOs on site editors to stop making links in fact we can see that you just have to go to the blogger markets us on the luxury travel theme etc by asking them for a link so that the guys immediately start freaking out say no we are putting no follow everywhere we can do nothing of all that and it is therefore in fact we really see that before it was a bit of a party underpants and that since recently in fact google has penalized so much sometimes a little bit at random well not at random but sometimes even nice people who were not necessarily in black hat or anything but just because they had had a small concentration of ink in their inbound links but they are taken a penguin they are taken a penalty etc etc or warnings in google search console google wants at all costs that we stop making the link and the question that we can ask yourself this is why because there has been a controversy for years that they have yeah that's it then you will see every six months and an article that's it google stop using links that's it the links these dead stop now doing social well yeah they go social but hey if you want to position yourself it's still links that must continue to make so every 6 months was worth a controversy like that and the thing that we can say to yourself that's if google penalizes autan t the links why it is simply because it works because it is an absolutely insane impact in fact quite simply there was I remember more exactly his name therefore someone from google who said recently so he seems to me two weeks ago something like that that the two biggest positioning factor on google was the content and the links that's good we didn't know we weren't aware but at least he told us he us widened the horizon a little a little bit so this is a slide that I have already presented last year here I will not dwell on it too much in fact a backlink it has different dimensions and in fact these different dimensions there they they are they have an effect on the power that a link will have towards a site ie that then there are there are different elements for example the ink I put a little penguin next to the spear because remember yourself a very nice legitimate link on a perfect site and it is can result in a penguin type sanction penguins in fact is a google algorithm that basically penalizes bad ink so if you have rotten links but which are not anchored if you have links which are not anchored but on supports a little little rotten you do not risk the penguin in any case not the penguin as it was released the last so there is in 2013 on the other hand if you even have a very beautiful site etc finally we will go we will say about ten sites you put the exact launch there you risk a penguin then in a backlink also what has it inked obviously I specify launch it is you know it is the little thing on which we click it is the text which a between two tags then there will be different elements I put that on purpose on purpose it's provocation a google pagerank for what concerns the juice the google pagerank in fact it is not dead it's just the display of the pagerank to which we no longer have access cès in fact the toolbar you know you have you in a toolbar in which here you have the pagerank which is displayed it is the pr all the bar this one there is no more access it will never be updated again but That does not prevent there is still a notion of juice when you create a backlink in fact I take a very simple example you have recovered a large domain name which has here a lot of inbound links and well in fact what happens is that it will have a big judge value if you make a link towards your site but that this link and in no context for example it is a blog roll or other you will not have the value context you will not have perhaps of the others values if it is due if the domain is not necessarily very sad and you will not have the value in khl you will just have the juice value so in fact the low click a little bit ideal is to have all these elements at the same time the context so to make very quickly it is the context which surrounds your link do in so rte to have something that is very themed nofollow a nofollow link for those who do not know it brings absolutely nothing zero nothing at all the nofollow link brings as much as a TV ad from a point of view is This means that people say yeah but the nofollow link still has a small impact it allows to make known the stuff is all ears like a TV ad or like doing a good job of having a good product that has the same impact because it's going to have an indirect impact in fact it's going to allow you to have something to have notoriety to have people who will talk about you but from a point of view and its waters a nofollow link is useless at all zero so there are some who might disagree but me all the tests I did and all the guys who tried to do some testing saying yeah me I'm going miss that with no follow etc they are all broken their teeth they said good ok I stop there is the click value in fact something is happening there is something which is communicated to google when you click and which has a lot of traffic towards a url it detects it i don't know how i don't know if it is through chrome i don't know if to through the dns resolution through analytics or other I don't know how they have so much information that can detect but in any case it detects it and therefore suddenly we could see that as soon as there was a buzz in relation to a website it had a small rise even see a very big rise in the serp and then when the buzz goes down and disappears and finally there is the notion of trust the notion of trust and is not really measurable but there is majestic which has tried for example to develop an indicator called the trot this blur me personally I greatly appreciate this indicator there I have not found an equivalent at the present time and it is really the one that could approach the more of the pagerank prefer it even more because 'it allows with the notion of topix of toki qualtrough fuzzy we get to have something we also get to know in fact what is the type of juice that a site receives it is for example I have links that come that let's admit that two football sites for ranque is sure of the mutual for example eh well I could not base myself on the aspect for example context or others I would have all the other elements of the backlink that will be able to allow me to return but it is ok be very very easily spotted directly in a billhook in fact when we are going to be interested in the linking profile of a site it will be really toast is obvious we will see just after concrete examples do not worry about the topic altro this blur so c this is what I was talking about before so there I took for example s at the campus point org this is therefore a screenshot of majestic and these waters you see that in fact the topics is what there is here it is the colors it is what there is here there at the level of exquisite and detailed circle after so in fact and it's at campus point org they basically have backlinks that come from gouaix design and developpment sites or esc eau etc and then they have another big part of online business etc and then all the rest cdc other subjects which are incidental but here it is, it's a little bit the color of the juice that you will receive and the topic altro this blur that's it it's a little bit as if you had different fruits which then go according to two of the dosage that you are going to do that will give the cocktail that points to your site the topic altro this blur this is an indicator that allows you to know the color of the links that point to your site the theme so actually what what what the people at majestic did hand selected something like a million sites categorize them and then go from there based on the runoff and yky clicks and join your site inte rnet bah we can know if I have only links since decides to football etc I will have a cocktail more oriented football 6 g links rather that come than sites I do not know me about credit redemption etc I will have something rather business oriented the trust flow topical trust water etc this is the first element on which I base myself to assess the quality of a site where the quality of inbound links but also the second pillar that I use is rankings and in fact we had recognized you as a sangoten and trunks for the youngest younger or not for that matter not now I am one of the old ones so for the oldest among us you will have recognized indeed dragon ball z is in fact they are doing a merger is to explain how in fact the two indicators are extremely how to say complementary and especially I do not know if you remember in dragon ball z but when there is a merger it is not just the addition of the two forces but it is q Something even higher because they see there a kind of thing that is done I do not know the details of a fusion in dragon ball z I can not speak too much about it but hey I know that it happens like that in fact the other this blur that's it I don't know if you remember those of this diagram there this is a diagram which appeared quite a lot at the level of the pagerank to explain the pagerank in fact if I have a very very large fruits that will give me a lot of juice from a certain theme if I have on the contrary small fruits there like that of different colors it will add juice but of a different color but a little less in fact here it is 'are things and we are really talking about cocktails really keep in mind the image of cocktails and then the rankings in fact you have to know something is that for example if you have a backlink from a page which is fully copied which has been copied pasted and well your your ninh bac that will bring you tr Very little fishing in fact that's why moreover when we go to directories etc we try to vary the descriptions we try to vary to have something unique content each time it's not only to please the owners of the directory it is also to make sure to have more power at the level of the link therefore at the level of rankings if you have a site which inevitably breaks the figure because of duplicating of accounts n you can perhaps tell yourself that the links that will send they will be less powerful less effective I put a little penguin because you also have to know something I weigh what I just said is that a site that has taken a penguin and well it can continue to send very beautiful game anyway a very beautiful not really beautiful but it can continue to send having a strong referencing power depending on what they send never makes a 301 redirect from a site that painted the guen v ers one to another site unless you know everything that happens after etc but on the other hand a backlink from a site which penguins is not a problem I also put your search did not give any results because a site which is blacklisted a sit in with more indexed pages and which loses all its kings ranks well it is a little bit problematic me I do not like to have to read about it and that for example what I have just explained to you at the level of the duplicate of constraint of the panda and of the blacklisting blacklisting yeah I don't know black these internships that the trotting this vagueness he will never give you too much according to him he only evolves in a total autarky he studies the relations of a sites in relation to each other but they do not study these elements, that's why you really need both and the last little thing I put in is a little bit back in time in fact this what i like to do is watch low traffic on everything i use me personally it is I look at the traffic it is ugly of a site the name of organic which world and the traffic in fact of a site and if I see that it is skyrocketing and well even s' they are very fuzzy it doesn't move a lot I tell myself but wait this site is going up like a patient so rent I want to have a link on this site there and conversely if I have this blur a little too much which is rather not bad but I see that the site is completely breaking the figure at the level of rankings there I will tend to at least try to find out more and tell me why maybe that they admit deleting pages and it is thus that it was chosen but here I am going I am going to do I am going to make this this investigation then that is a technique of killers check the topics altro this flow of the billhook it's you are going to see completely astounding things for example this is an example that I had already taken in podcast but I mention to them a a little bit and I will also take another another example after worry I don't have that recycling you type for example on google.com geo located in the United States perish luxury hotels therefore luxury hotel in Paris and there when you see a series like that impossible to see spam you quickly so I said spam I will qualify my point a little bit but hey you are going to tell me what you think about it but when you see it tells you good ok I don't know tripadvisor all that looks pretty good ok why not now if I show you the color of the trust blur we will stay on the previous image the story of fruits if you are in a greenhouse which is categorized recreation travel so some sites really related to the hotel industry etc in the middle you have a tomato if you have a site that talks about I don't know me 2 2 which is categorized from its juice which has juice which comes only from one of I do not know me of football or two what you want of equi tation or other there you can ask yourself questions there you can tell yourself wait you wait I will understand what is happening how does it happen to run out with juice that is not absolutely not themed and that me I Why use it because when I manage to detect a site like that it means that as it is very hard to have links in the right themes it means that they only use the other elements, that is to say that he is either drowning at the launching level or that he has a lot of juice or that there is something else so it may be interesting to be interested in these backlinks either to duplicate them or to understand the strategy either but in any case it is necessary to be interested there what I showed you previously on the luxury hotels I put you the concrete thing with the indicators so that it is a tool of analysts of key words and in fact you can see that there you have said results see you z here what is we are going to be interested in the domain roads that is the Arabs so you do not be afraid there you have the statistics of linking linked to the url we are not necessarily interested we really look at the domain roads we are going seeing a little bit the face of the domains so when you see red it means that it is very strong domains that have a lot of inbound links so a trip advisor and it's you it's normal when you see a very little it means that it is not that on the contrary it does not have many links and there you have the indicators related to its close relations therefore the number of bowling world the traffic also so there you have the aspect you remember everything By the time I was telling you you are quoting I believe that it is gluten free is who and who made the trust unclear so there you have sangoten and there you have trunks so that is all that is related to the ranking and there we can see in fact that this is big sites that target a lot of keywords but that for example ple it's a mini site and especially when we see that it is categorized as traveling that this is a newspaper that we still have from travel that is business what we take for the hotel luxury but that he is in science scientific publications seriously there we can still see the list of key words the list of key words on which they fit so boutique-hotel london etc etc and he still has good positions it is a low volume but it is still quite important and when we are interested in these backlink tops we see that they are the ss good is it therefore scientific tests in Swedish and that all the rest take a good look at the favicon there you go favicon and there you have launched london is in fact if you are a little used to spam you will understand that in fact it is a guy who has a network of sites quite simply and that in fact he put his whole network of sites to contribution they are all link and to each other no matter how so the name of the conf is I don't use zones and people I think I think no I think we missed it when we see this kind of good stuff so not forced so it's not necessarily spam but look for example you type round the world and sweat round the world you have something that is very themed travel still with this beautiful blue color and you have one that is therefore these videos which happened yesterday which is alex which is themed in red when I I clicked to display his best backlinks in fact what he moved from one category to another is because they were he intervened at seo campus he intervened yesterday and since he had a backlink since the paris.fr site no org point automatically it made it change category so be careful it's not because you have a site that does not stick to the theme you know it's not an exact science we just try to reverse engineer to understand how google works so when you see it was going in more detail is he still years he did not swoon at all but it's just that he had a link from elsewhere and it's not bad it's not a negative link c it doesn't matter to be in this situation there but here it can change and so here I end by taking this example see the iphone 6 case for example I like to type requests like its iphone 6 case on So see me when I see a Serbian like that I am directly interested in statistics of the field and I look at this one which is that which is classified in orange in this case arts literature so when we see that well here I am, I will interested in the iphone coke line bin I will also be interested why not in the ling bin of the first which is very very technology oriented especially because it was able to refer domain so if we arrive at roncq and a billhook with few references domain that means that we have bag line which are still very very optimized moreover and finally we will be interested in the first ones on plumber paris and you type plumber paris so there you have the 4 to 2 so spoiler next year there will surely be 5 the year at bab after 6 etc etc s 'calls for increasing your turnover without doing anything and there you go the first here paris point that the plumber and when you look at his rankings it is iran that it is completely crazy plumber paris plumber lyon montpellier bordeaux finally it is the total and it's big keywords we say to ourselves but we are going to listen to what google tells us we are going to make quality links finally we are not going to make links by making unique content etc and when we look at these low backlinks and paris point because the beauty status paris point that she roofers electricians what restaurant she hairdresser etc etc so you will have understood again the network etc so to conclude the magic formula to cash have incredible content for example if you release leaks eh ben you go having lots of bag lines that are going to be the problem is when you are a plumber or a locksmith it is very difficult either you copy the links of your competitors you copy paste their strategy you can also go see what is being done with spammers So before have cited in conference viagra cialis etc but the maintenance and we found worse we have a locksmith and plumbers and company it is possible to have a network of domain names which is buried online all the others hosted on the same ip and you buy links for to reinforce all that then there you have a piglet which tells you stop the nozzle not but yet it is the two examples how many to see where to have a link then two then wikipedia is in fact I had to tell you that normally there was one that was useless and spontaneously you would all say to me ah but no it's okay we're in 2016 google it manages to detect this kind of practice bah no it can't not have a link since wikipedia it will be not if it will perhaps be useful if there are other sites that he takes it again but hey here is paul I beg you for the continuation so the change is now because in 2012 for us everything changed in 2012 it's the slap what it is on April 24, 2012 when there was a concrete action ie we caught a penguin in the head which was impacted by penguins people damn it nice good you forgot it was years was far away yeah good short there was this whole series this series of manual penalty communications in july on the cp and it's a lot of people like kevin said a lot of people are affected we have collateral damage following these updates not because you have a little chick who received I like to give this example I don't know if she is in the room she was working in the bio so if a natural link on 4000 pages d 'a sidebar site she got busted when updating penguins filters she didn't ask anyone it was a really friendly bond and it killed him his business which had just started to grow so go ahead with the filters aggressive strategic communication which still continues we penalized this or that network we saw again a few months ago maybe Note that these networks are public private networks that means what it means private because it is a guy who is who administers them and the problem is that he sells links on his networks to everyone whether you are doing the plumbing or heating the rice or the garden or whatever you want they go to you and saas and we go back in fact in fact go back to the cpe mix all the contents they had nothing to do with each other by creating basic categories economy finance family is in a mess in short there has also been a lot a lot of professionalization the tools one more and more spam tools that have been born everyone wanted to get started there was and had two schools there were people who were crying because because they were trying to clean things up and were still broken up at the end of the day, they caused the atheist by the competitors who passed in front of them and they were fed up so he There was what I always say the famous open letter to google through tests to the ricans who complained but he is filthy he is not penalizing we respected the big blinds and we do not succeed we go there we do not We can't do it, we are pissed off so after a while google still has to give a little kick because it's starting to make too much noise but we still remain a pilot in the world of web in relation to what we are doing but we still had to clean up the mess a little bit today we are threatened with an update penguins that we all expect or more or that we do not give a fuck but still there are articles still is what we want is when the update of the tweets you know advice update but no it's not who cares that's all for me it's always the same as since I was born in the bseo i.e. it's always the same types of strata we call them differently the only thing has changed is the final we have today we refine more but even when we are in clean mode that we work on a clean netlinking strategy we are still obliged to refine what we made there was an article that did not go unnoticed olivier i think you mentioned it we will penalize blogs that promote products here we know how to stay 24 48 hours on twitter like that by retweeting thing but sap did more windy that I have a client who ask me every two days question, think paul not what they do they contact bloggers and he puts in products finally melted ivi of the guest blogging thing we offer you a mug here and they worry they worry because they don't know so what are we doing paul is what nt continued what we stopped here we can discuss it after in question and answer mode well we are going to talk about netlinking strategies so nothing new except for those who do not know us or who have never done sp who landed today here all the others know all those we are going to talk about as I say is that there are only words that change a good and the base of the mess is still the link of all this stuff there the algo and when even based on the link and the link is the meaning of the web and blah and blah a thing that in terms of netlinking strategy that we do not use that we could use in this room six months of a match is going to be first on escaut what am I doing but I ask him for a little backlink from my friend I ask my friend to click at world a backlink to my friend I ask buckingham my friend it will be free they will accept or not but here it is ten people if I have eight I gain three positions so that means what I use my r network I use sites of my group when I am a large bunch my name is orange I don't need to go have positioned do complex father strategies the only problem maybe it is to move a comma on these types of big sites is to succeed in having a small link on the home of 2 air france because there is someone who is called that whose only one there and that that but six months to have this fucking ballerina who will change Here it is for the little anecdote we worked on a big e-commerce clients where we offered him a private network strategy thing we were going to create I'm not 600 sites 800 sites etc and then suddenly the guy starts to us talking about the decide that they had within their group we have it as if since we have it as if you have mentally ill sites and you cannot put a backlink there to the product that the boss wants to push to be present the 24 before December 24 to sell play in fashion in 2015 or 20 14 and just by making this little backlink in because it was a box that was quite responsive annie known french traders very responsive on Friday we tell them that on Monday but he sets up four or five links in 4.5 hours foot site of their network on Wednesday it passes in front of the supplier the manufacturer of the toy okay and not we have lost the service of sale of the network to 800 domain but it does not matter the job was done and all that in a very way fast with basic things, that is to say I communicate with people who are in the same group as me or so you poutine because I have not found better but here it is the good spirit as said kevin on analyze the competition fairly basic afterwards to analyze the competition we have tools one that you know we have enough observers so and who is kevin's tool we can promote it because it is a good tool it is not because that it's my friend 1 I say it every time it's really a top cool so j e promote the tools after I make in the sense the most famous href majestic open site explore two words there are others new ones coming out etc there are free tools which allow but here it is tools on has affinities with some and me with others each his thing there are the tools to analyze the competition there are tools which in these tools also allow you to cross the links that your competitors have in common and that I think that we all forget and we no longer forget the proposal now, that is to say if the first ten there they have links in common if abundance it has the same good as clear axis and who accept themselves although s is at the point fr etc. abundance also has the same good as saving do why me I can't have it this link it's easier to go like that and filter like that when there are thousands of them already reanalyze to have those who are on the first page the links they have in common it is extract it and go post it in agreement it is easier and therefore there are features in these tools that allow you to enter the domains of your competitors and directly it tells you that it the link they have in common and on which page it is present so that we use them this is a basic which does not require a lot of time in one or two days it can be torch and chase it the evil it is the evil since antiquity 2 the birth of google that is to say that it is the first form they have put in place to denounce people who buy and sell links ok everyone knows that and yet it still knows it most common thing the most used and which works very well I stumbled upon by chance because I did not know and I classify them and there but I could have placed in private network on this small this small block so I typed what blogger kitchen in google because I said to myself good here we imagine substitutes who sell nt the recipe finally that he wants to position himself on the cooking recipes I will contact bloggers who are in mathematics so I typed cooking blogger and I realized after a while so I will take it and c 'is to say well we can contact the bloggers live to try to get an article from them except that what I saw after I saw when footer marked there this site is marketed by auféminin and when I say that I am referred to the kitchen section of au feminine so they contacted all these bloggers made partnerships with which exclusively and it is both the purchase of goods and at the same time the construction of a public network of links ok so everyone knows little brawl here we can also buy of course from the big newspaper there is the leader in France of the sale of links these rockets ling what we are going to say to advertise them to friends but we can buy goods on newspapers x it has a cost but at least you are sure to get a backlink because it is for a paying purpose so it is not a press release that you submit to a journalist and who do not necessarily understand what it is that a case a backlink so here it is a link on the other hand you will pay 1000 1200 euros for the article on certain newspapers and its share of the tariffs that we will say it goes to 300-400 euros for the local press until 1000 2000 for an article but that can make the difference nantes à strata when you are third on a top request which brings back business and you pass second to first it can happen thanks to three four five links like that which are trusted links strong enough with all the context of the article etc which can take and make the difference with the competitor who will also have trouble obtaining it because I have to take the necessary step which rakes and it is another stratum as old as the dawn of time and that we do not have a lot of means or that we have a lot of means and that we want to diversify the backlinks and what to go from dalé published on public platforms a you come confide this morning on wii I believe my tutu has the right to have a site on wii that you have the right to have a site on a lot of public platforms whether it is websites or blogs here it always works very well it always works very well however it is not new 1 except that before echoed nials we put all our customers on the same blog there we try to thematize blogs go there in a little clean mode and above all no longer optimized launch we freak out to optimize launch as to if we do not have control over the article c ' is to say that when we have difficulties to modify it so we will see later why I say that so there are low drawbacks and which can disappear his writings they can be moderate all the links cannot on the plot overnight and there are many wounded or who are also on this art watch therefore the best targets and those which are ultimately the most moderate the most difficult but there are still a lot of advantages that always send juice and and I asked you to find them but rockets are full create a free site created a free blog etc it is the same thing there except that it is on private networks so I put in yellow disgusting expired domain so that we can see it well the dom is expired the same it is a strategy which has existed for quite a few years which has been democratized which will perhaps be shattered we still have a couple of years, maybe I don't know we see there but it works very well well today and the advantage here is that we are autonomous that we are at home we do what we want we can hide things we can block the robots href majestic et cetera we can hide of links our competitors we can go back if we have a problem so that's huge the expired domains why we use read this stratum because the expired domains have a seniority as long as it is in our theme we save time we get backlink baldé already existing previously pour 2 pointing to these domains and that without even juice really and there are people in the room that uses it on a daily basis toulouse finally jean here I see I see there I see there that they use on a daily basis and the results are positive 1 we can not it we can not deny it and the advantage is is that it is a stratum which is cheap which is finally which is cheap which depending on the volume 2 of the number of sites that you are going to put online it costs more or less but which is for the moment sustainable on this we will be able to create some well-felt links but not all of them once again we will really work we have very very good results with the context without needing to anchor in agreement just with the context and behind we put to know more about where of helpers click here anyway I like tell me that was going to see the sites of people who do not make hurdles jump go to the ngo sites to go to the school sites look at their link profile you will see the link inks the link ink types http www.ntt.com click here and sometimes an internal page that emerges from the site because it is an important page thing but it is always or a pdf which is linkem and it is always an ink not optimized therefore we imitate this behavior there it works very well all then he showed you the example of 2,2 that she plumber I do not know if he is the only one so the gall is made 300 400 sites in this area he inc that the cities like paris that it plumber and towards paris which gardener paris some sculptors etc and there are enough 400 sites hosted on the same ip so it destroys everything that is said in relation to it is necessary and discreet it is necessary to host these domains on different ip and so on they did a study on the mutual or tcmt customers has with ew optimal I don't know the impact it had I looked a bit but I saw I saw some referrer domains I don't know the trick but it's one way to get the link c ' is expensive in time in studies must advocate something in diffusion but it has an impact today if you want to stay in very clean mode that there is no risk and it is turn to this type of approach the contests if I 've got a buddy in marseille he's having a blast he does that he leaves facebook etc it is broadcast etc he plays a competition it costs a little bit of money but not a lot he this mac with partners the mucem etc here and the famous infographics finally our infographics but infographics it can be in lots of areas we start talking about plumbers we can we can compare low I don't know me there is no more troubleshooting between such and such time and it costs in average such or such price if it is outside the price it is that crooks I do not know there are plenty of things to imagine all you have to do is sit around a table with the client and think about the meaning of the client and think I talked about the press but I'm talking about it again because it's really something in 2016 where I feel that we are all heading in versailles to nicolas robineau who has evoked the subject quite a bit and who totally masters his subject and it is the press we have two ways of approaching it that's why I put free against versus paying it's not the same approach there is relational to have I don't know if you attended the race of nico so I'm not going to spread too much about it but it's something towards which we see and the local press sometimes they are in dog of subject and if you produce them a good content automatically they will publish you and you can have your little backlink on Provence on sites like that rather quickly without paying a penny 1 and I come back what I said earlier you can buy the thing from the site of the link on the figaro but it is not the same me the same price and there is something that I did not mention at all and yet this is where I usually start and and it was the links we made the most scholarly i.e. we did not ask too many questions what is all that is profile all that is all that is directory so it is words that we even want that we even want to hear no more finally we not us but a lot of two high enough I still use them I find that it diversifies the profile of links I find that it works very well that we are a company we are entitled to have CVs of ourselves or our employees on on on website that says kiki who offers to publish his resume we have the right to post our job offers and above all never forget to put a backing offer us an internship we had to but to put a backlink we try to do things true, that is to say that our clients often need to recruit interns so we will not produce effects on internship offers or 'jobs because it's illegal after everyone has their own ethics or not where its business risk aversion or not so here I think there is plenty there is still plenty of activity where we can go and post a natural backlink that will never be able to finally be natural to forget this word which can never be penalized by google which are sites here reached right to have your profile on remix cv or remixjobs or thing what there is and then you have the right to go to comment total topics king of creating web profiles and to continue to make a few directories because when the problem of the directory these voices there if there are always found all the same has soberly that risk there for the blow we go never anchored in exact but it risks being devalued or even penalized so here we are doing a little a little bit of everything ok I advertised for a buddy service submit it point fr that I have not tested for tell you everything but it's good guys who did it so maybe it's t good and that it helps you to submit to the directories at the top directory that you select etc here is and what happens when one applies this type of strategy I gave you a concrete case one from india a real customer stop analytics but that on the natural organic part we made 31 brand so 30th good it means that a company I am registered on societe.com which is branded with INSEE so I have the right already my ring finger my link on the annuaire laposte.net if I'm going to dictate my profile I'm a company of which I have the right to be registered in directories of dike companies and of society so there are plenty of regional company guides etc well in short we have made this type of link we used the group to which the client belonged he belonged to a large group this is a project within a large group so we had links from the group's sites which has a strong impact and since it's a big site that works on the theme like many people work here in many cities so we must also give importance to these big cities and finally try to make them more visible than sites like lodging or leboncoin or other so when you are a baby who has just been born and that you fight with mastodons site and not aggressive your project it will die it will not be validated by the group you know they are merciless in a project it works it does not work you have not so you still need a quick action and this type of strategy with private networks allows this type of success allows others once again in autonomy to go back very quickly if a concern is to drown the fish by putting links to also other other resources neuter matip alain informative articles on real estate in paris for example ok here and we are going to do a little promotion anyway tac here



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