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FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

What do SEO services include?

The services are always tailor-made and do not contain general information. For this reason, we have a standard seo quote frame that we adapt on a case by case basis.

An SEO mission is not always operational even if this is our primary objective!

Some clients only want business plan, keyword or competition type studies. Others already have a coder, a web agency or a writer and we adapt accordingly.

Often we have 2 contacts:

  • the project leader, because it is important that we are well briefed and that the latter understands the leverage. Please note, the training is a third party service.
  • the coder or the web agency : in order to correct and optimize the existing one (which represents an additional cost)
  • the graphic designer, or community manager sometimes as part of an annual support of the marketing department and SMO services

In the case of wordpress sites, we provide the suite of paid plugins necessary for good technical optimization.

What is the price of a good SEO service?

First of all, it is important to define what a good SEO service is. Today, there are 3 types of SEO service: the basic, the good and the best.

The basic is often what we ask of the first comer, a young student leaving school for example. It will give you generalities or a partial analysis that cannot be applied because it does not take into account the competitive analysis . It is in the study of SEO professions, the Blogger profile - cf. SEO consultant profiles page (under construction)

The correct one is tailored to current SEO criteria (mobile use, EAT, internal networking ...) , takes into account global keywords: central and long tail and an analysis of the competition . It aims for short, medium and long term results. Usually, we have quarterly action plans as well as real strategic support.

The best can either go through a good quarterly action to be well calibrated but can also be focused only on netlinking. Advanced SEO which has become one of our specialties!

EAT Google: Expertise Authority Trust

The old triptych Technique, Content, Popularity is no longer enough. Today, a catalog of products and services is not enough to have performance. You have to give your expertise, build your authority and prove your effectiveness in order to gain confidence.

Why combine commercial and non-commercial information?

Coat its commercial offers with non-commercial information. Giving free advice, solving problems with guide pages ... should be included in any page tree structure, this will give you maximum visibility and will lead Internet users to purchase your solutions ... one of the fundamental principles of the semantic cocoon!

Should we invest in the on-site or the off-site

Today it is difficult to have good performance with the best content in the world. To propel it to the top positions of search engines, you have to gain authority and power. Netlinking is always necessary because it allows to accelerate and improve your natural referencing.

Does netlinking work? What is a good link?

A link is a mark of popularity that has evolved a lot in recent years to go towards an ever increasing quality. In short, for Google, a link is a vote! A voting set that makes your site "popular" ... read more

1. Onsite strategy

From the technical audit to the deployment of a semantic cocoon , your website deserves a real seo strategy.

We work on sites of 3 types of sites which correspond approximately to 3 audits below: turnover of less than 100K €, 200 to 300K € and more than 500K €.

1499 € HT

Your site has only a hundred pages and you have not yet deployed any informative pages.

2990 € HT

You have provided content and need to structure existing content.

4 990 € HT

You want to boost your content to gain top positions!

2. Off-site strategy: Netlinking

Netlinking is not just a few link exchanges, it must be the subject of a strategy adapted to your objectives and your means.

499 € / month

Boost your visibility with effective and powerful links. This will give you an authority site!

€ 990 / month

Surpass your competitors to become one of the market leaders with aggressive and innovative netlinking

€ 1,490 / month

Choose our innovative netlinking solution comprising 70% of links created for 30% of links purchased

43 lectures

+1,200 cups of coffee

Passionate about customer projects

Our SEO marketing work speaks for itself. We offer exceptional and tailor-made service for each of our clients, large or small.

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