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Quickly develop your turnover on the Internet thanks to our consulting and our SEO services in SXO = SEO + UX, SEO and SEA Google and Facebook.

We deploy effective strategies based on the creation of quality content: Inbound marketing, a strategy for creating traffic through content.

Operational Marketing

Quality content and advertising promotion actions in search engines like Google , Bing, Yahoo, Qwant and social networks like Facebook , Linkedin , Instagram , Pinterest ... Webmarketing Consultant Bayonne, Biarritz Pays Basque

Improving the performance of your website is possible!

  • Increase your visibility
  • Develop your image
  • Promote your products and loyalty initiatives
  • Convert visits to actions
  • Increase your traffic from search engines
Having a website for your business is more important than ever. Developing it by considering its impact through specific objectives (Google ranking, loyalty, purchases, etc.) is necessary to improve conversions with a global vision. Diagnostics, evaluations, advice and action plans, the optimization of your website is an added value to increase its performance and, consequently, its Return On Investment. Merka-TIC offers an analysis and optimization service for websites.
At the heart of this strategy, the type or types of customer (s) that we target. Thanks to a persona sheet that we will have you fill out, we will work on scenarios in order to optimize the customer experience on your site and thus achieve your various objectives of conquest and loyalty. Marketing People

E commerce approach, or definition of objectives

Our experience in this area allows us to offer effective solutions in the Internet sphere and in particular to take positions in search channels (search) because our main target is "in search of". They will be qualified as potential level 1 buyers.

Our perfect knowledge of the web, social networks and promotional leverage will allow you to make the most of your advertising investments with influencers, marketplaces or in advertising actions on targeted platforms (display). This target will constitute the potential buyers of level 2.

On sites that do not have a payment terminal, the approach remains the same.

Conversion Tracking

Structuring the content into layers of information relating to the intentions of Internet users increases your visibility as well as your sales potential:

Example: a catalog of real estate (=> level 1 buyers) to which we add a blog "expert advice" which is aimed at people looking for information ... but information prior to the act of purchase!

On a website, we can materialize all your goals and necessarily follow their conversion. We mainly use Google Analytics.

How can you help?

You need to develop the visibility of your brand or you are going to launch a new product, contact us!

Web Marketing, definition

SEO consultant, SEO consultant, web marketer, business developer, e merchandiser, metrics analyzer ... a set of professions that can be grouped under the theme of web marketing. But what is Webmarketing? For my part, I would say that it is the same thing as traditional marketing, that is to say a set of sciences and techniques which makes it possible to promote the meeting of supply and demand . On the internet, the difference with marketing is technique, at its heart Google SEO and metrics analysis. With tools like Google Analytics that track your traffic in detail, it's never been easier to measure your communication performance. The objective of web marketing is to deploy a catalog of products and services in order to arouse the interest of customers in order to deploy a turnover, a brand image, etc. The first step in a good marketing plan is the earlier definition of a business strategy:

  • objective: positioning on the market,
  • targets: clients 1, clients 2, prescribers ...
  • strategy: quantified objectives,
  • tactics: operational resources / marketing plan

E-commerce and E-business

182,000 merchant sites, an average basket of 78 Euros, a turnover of 64.5 billion euros in 2016 (Source Fevad), ecommerce, or electronic commerce is a sector that has developed very quickly these recent years thanks in particular to new technologies, Internet and mobile terminals, consoles and connected TV.

The Internet has today become the main channel for distance selling and is replacing what used to be called mail order sales.

E-commerce only represents part of the challenges of Internet commerce. The presence of companies on the web and their dynamics also impact purchases made in points of sale or in BtoB (eg catalog of pharmacies Pharmathèque).

As a complementary action to the implementation of transaction mechanisms, this requires the definition of an online and offline marketing action plan.


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