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Quickly develop your turnover on the Internet thanks to our consulting and our SEO services in SXO = SEO + UX, SEO and SEA Google and Facebook.

An effective strategy on social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin ...) allows you to develop your activity by making yourself visible on the channels where your future customers are located .

Providing a full SEO service (Google SEO ) also means being present on social networks. A technical base often forgotten by community managers, SMO (Social Media Optimization) allows your multichannel communication to converge towards the same objectives (quantitative and qualitative).

Merka-TIC designs a tailor-made social media marketing strategy, meaning that we find operational solutions that will match your objectives with your human and financial resources.

An alliance between advertising actions (paid referencing) and the publication of editorial content (blogging), or videos (free referencing) will allow you to develop your turnover.

With the primary objective of developing the visibility of your brand, your products and your services, one of the first results of this approach will be to see a clear increase in the number of your 'fans' (followers), likes, shares and comments.

Another outcome to be achieved in Social Media Marketing is getting content created by your fans, such as uses for your products, or more importantly, customer reviews. Today's consumers (e-buyers) trust the opinions of your customers . (Ex. Comment on an e-commerce site of a Merka-TIC client: … Not knowing this brand, I trusted my predecessors who had left a little sweet note and we tried ... )

Increase Your Performance in 2 Days

Avoid communicating in a vacuum ... social networks can be very time consuming! Ask us to reach the "critical threshold" of fans (followers) that will allow you to give a real impact to your publications.

Stimulate Customer Reviews and Word of Mouth

Facebook, Youtube, Google Map, Tripadvisor ... allows you to establish your community and interact with it. Generating content from Internet users and Internet customer opinions is an objective to be achieved in order to develop word of mouth around your brand and your services.

Automate and Schedule your Posts

Merka-TIC will help you find the right one between manual action of the Internet user on your site, automation (planning) and simultaneous publication through multiple channels (eg Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for example) and finally the follow-up of your news (not plannable).

Global and Detailed Performances

We help you improve your overall performance (brand image) and detailed (according to objectives : number of followers, shares ...). Analyzing a history of your publications allows you to know which elements of your editorial line work best with your audience.

Warning: avoid buying 'fans, or likes', in general, it's worth nothing!

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Merka-TIC helps you reach your full potential on social networks, natural SEO and paid advertising!