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You master the fundamentals of Google, the 3 pillars: technique, content, popularity and wish to train with an experienced SEO consultant to make your website a powerful and powerful website. We will thus discuss Netlinking, SXO, Google EAT or the semantic cocoon.

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Social Media Marketing

How to develop your popularity and create good links?

Creating technical and marketing links is at the heart of our business. Our SEO training and strategies are particularly suitable for any e-commerce site or any company or start-up that needs to position itself on a keyword, or a theme with high sales potential.

The onsite and offsite seo being intimately linked , in the same way when we talk about links, we describe both internal links and external links. Both are important but in this page, we deal with backlinks, external links.

So that this knowledge becomes skills, your coach will support you in carrying out personalized exercises.

SEO Marketing: for optimal efficiency netlinking

Marketing approach

Netlinking is often synonymous with low quality. We aim to win high-potential sales requests with "sexy" conversion pages with good quality design and writing. For example: "buying guide" type requests, the best [product] ...

Whitehat approach

The main advantage of being accompanied by an SEO consultant is in the creation of marketing links : optimization of an existing site network or in the creation of links with local partners: distributors, suppliers, the press, business clubs or institutions ...

Blackhat approach

Building marketing links is long and difficult, which is why quality technical links will push your site, your site money. Depending on the objectives and your budget, we can build a network of sites - PBN and / or links in order to anchor you in a high-performance ecosystem.

Why build your popularity and buy links?

The more links you have, the more popular you are! Google's function is to measure this popularity and impact it on your positions. Obviously, you may have little popularity but great content and Google will place you in the top positions. However, for an equivalent onsite scope, Google will rather promote a site with high popularity than another, less popular. Learn more about what a good SEO link is

Is the power of links tangible? Do we use the pagerank?

The authority of a web page is quantifiable and measurable using tools. Yes, pagerank has long been used and maintained by Google. Today, the pagerank is outdated because it is too simplistic. We rely on Citation Flow (volume of links), Trust Flow (Index of trust / quality of links) and Topical Flow: your theme (digital, business, sport, real estate, art, etc.). learn more about metrics for measuring the power of a web page.

How many links do I need? How much does netlinking cost?

Studying Google results, SERP, Google's top 10 results with a tool, SEOBserver's Keyword Competition Checker for example, helps determine the quality of the SERP and see the volume of links and popularity of your competitors. an example of competitive analysis on a keyword

From there, the volume of links can give us an idea of budget envelope and determine, depending on, a strategy.

Are link buying platforms good?

It's amazing ! Like Google adwords, we can go there with our eyes closed, or almost. It is indeed easy to spend lavishly and not always obtain the desired results.

Why choose an SEO consultant over a platform?

To provide a synthetic answer. Many lever arms cannot be activated on link buying platforms such as one of the most powerful: the expired domain name, the exact match domains - emd, the private site networks - pbn, the blast ... commercial or e-reputation posts. We are limited to informational links which can however prove to be very useful and even sometimes sufficient.

We ourselves sometimes use the platforms to draw the elements necessary for the strategy. We do netlinking just like a great chef cooks. He starts by shopping directly from the producers and developing sophisticated cooking recipes.

The added value of an SEO consultant is their ability to produce better returns and faster results.

Are there any risks in adopting a blackhat strategy?

We like to work on a double approach whitehat, then blackhat, we put big links before sending a blast of 10,000 submissions ... it is by an alternation of marketing techniques and technical seo that we guarantee that this approach is without risk. It is also possible to use a new branding site in order to use a 100% blackhat strategy.

The results speak for us, the truth is on the screen!

Is Link Exchanges Good?

Generally speaking, it is difficult to answer this question. This at least shows that the subject of netlinking interests you and we prefer to start from an existing ecosystem rather than a site with no backlinks. So in absolute terms, that's good!

On the other hand, this is very time consuming and many mistakes should be avoided, such as giving great content to a third party instead of putting it on their site!

Advanced Netlinking:

3 days - 3,000 €

Netlinking whitehat and blackhat have been getting along like cat and dog for years, and the value of both is unquestionable. Both work so why not combine the two ?!

Development of a lasting effective netlinking strategy

  • Netlinking WhiteHat: search for partnerships, directories ...
  • Netlinking BlackHat and PBN SEO, blasts and blasts on blasts ...

We can obviously deal with the alliance of the two through the purchase and exchange of links, the network of sites. We will dedicate a chapter on negative SEO , the different Google penalties and the ways out.

Historical reminder on popularity and link building

1998/2002 the exchange of bilateral and triangular links

What could be less natural than a reciprocal link? Marcel's site A links to Bruno's site B. Bruno links his site B to Marcel's site A. This link acted, and still does, as a mark of popularity.


Then Google made the exchange of reciprocal links obsolete. Marcel and Bruno found the solution by inviting their friend André, known as Dédé la grape-shot, and his site C. They began to make triangular exchanges:


2003 Birth of the networks of sites and principles of the mininet

Google quickly detected the schemes of the dreadful Jojos of SEO and made the exchange of triangular links obsolete. The next step in SEO, Michael Campbel in the United States in particular, focused on pushing technicality and popularity manipulation further through the “mininet”.

For that, it was necessary:

  • have several websites on different IPs: site A with IP A, site B with IP B, site C with IP C ...
  • make a single link with with a single anchor of a "keyword" to promote from one site to another. The anchor is the same on all the links that unite the mininet.
  • Michael Campbell places 6 satellite sites around the site to promote as an optimum number. Creating a mininet of 50 satellite sites is not optimal. On the other hand, rebuilding around each of the sites a set of 6 sites is. The pyramid and "butterfly" system was born!
  • Sealing the highest level mininet is important. If you had a 10-level super butterfly, you would still need a few links to external sites from the lower levels in order to appear more "natural" and not be detected by Google.

Thus, we end up with distinct sites in the eyes of Google, with links, popularity marks, perceived as fortuitous and we go up in the results, SERPs, of Google.

Butterfly networks of sites

Coming back to Marcel, he had the opportunity to read Michael Campbell's book. Unfortunately, Bruno was hired in the meantime as a “quality rater” at Google and André had left the system to start playing the violin. Marcel had to improvise alone, he rented a dedicated server, took as an option a few Ip Failover located as far as Uzbeskistan and throughout Europe. He also rented out several domain names that he associated with various ip failovers. He had, among the multiple constellation structures, chosen that of the butterfly as shown in the following diagram.

2008, the linkwheel and start of SEO 2.0

Marcel, very satisfied with this system, began to exchange his discoveries, tips, various and varied optimizations regarding the promotion of websites with other members of the SEO world. This group of individuals, understanding the stake of an active SEO, realized the importance of the exchange of information in order to unravel the secrets of the great Google. This gave birth to the blackhat SEO strain, while whitehat SEOs followed Google's recommendations.

La linkwheel

As blackhat seo continued to develop ever more sophisticated techniques in their quest, the internet ecosystem changed drastically. Then began the web 2.0 era. Anyone could write anywhere, anything. It was magical. While whitehat SEOs discovered the possibility of exchanging Ricky Martin mp3s by bit torrent and creating skyblogs to publish photos of their “silver-cola Label 5 ″ parties, blackhat understood the potential of this new Writable web . One of the direct applications was the ability to blog through various hosts at will, the other being the opportunity offered by digg-like. The Digg like being supposed to be the manifestation of the popular will (through the submission of supposedly relevant articles, as well as votes to plebiscite said articles / websites), proceed to submissions to said directories (wikio, technorati ... ) would imply that the urls submitted would be relevant, and indeed climb the SERPs. A fortiori, with the so-called mininets structures, designed to retain the juice. This gave us a linkwheel diagram like this:

Note that a fairly consistent linkbuilding even before submitting to directories ensures lasting results. If your content is consistent with the targeted keywords, there is no reason to avoid listing the central site on digg-like. Only spammers avoid doing so for fear of being penalized; the satellite sites then serve as fuses.

What netlinking strategies to have today?

It is clear that techniques have evolved and that Google's guidelines are important. Today, we also have to deal with social networks, affiliates and influencers. Technical solutions weigh their weight, but marketing and customer relations are the priority. At Merka-TIC, we will be able to provide you with the marketing and technical solutions adapted to your needs.
Here you will find examples of high level SEO solutions that we can implement.

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