SEO training: creation of PBN sites to boost your SEO.

You master the standards of seo on site and look for how to boost your positions on Google at a lower cost by creating your first network of sites (PBN - Private Blog Network), this training is for you!
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Today Google has become essential for companies, this training aims to teach you to master all the cogs of google to put you ahead without having to pay google. She will teach you how to boost your site by doing organic SEO and above all she will teach you how to avoid beginner traps.

Prerequisites for fast results

Learn how to develop a sustainable off-site strategy in 2021. The off-site strategy has a great influence in Google search results. It aims to rank the ranking of your site on search engines. Its objective is to improve the credibility of your site on google, and therefore to improve your image.

The prerequisites to be provided:

It takes the URL of the money website, targeted keywords that define your website content and your products or industry. You also need a brief for your marketing strategy. As well as a list of the competitors you are targeting.

3 days of training spread over 1 month

The training is composed over 3 days spread over months. It is divided this way so that at the end of each step you can apply the teachings you have received. You will see your results improve exponentially at such a speed that you will see results as soon as you finish training.

The objectives of the training:

Boost a money site

A PBN (Private Blog Network) is a network of interconnected websites, the goal of which is to “push” a main site (money site) in order to give it better visibility in Google search results in SEO.

Monetize the network of sites

Once the site network is set up, many of you are wondering how to monetize it. This monetization must be considered from the design phase. We will give you the keys to achieve and exceed your goals….

You will benefit from benefits that only this training will bring you. You will save time by benefiting from 60 to 80 domain names, you will not have to try unnecessary techniques in modern SEO. You will have an exponential learning curve, you will learn the basics and details of modern SEO. In 3 days of training, we offer you the equivalent of 3 to 4 weeks elsewhere.

Gray Hat Approach

A White Hat approach with the Semantic Cocoon applied to the network of sites.

Presented by Nicolas Mercadieu, Digital Marketing Consultant and E-commerce SEO specialist.

With 10 years of experience in SEO and web marketing on the Internet and 10 more in the business development of innovative companies in sport and industry. He is the ideal trainer to measure and develop your performance on the internet. Whether in BtoC, BtoB, CtoC, it is the guarantor of the success of your direct or indirect sales projects. Experienced in natural and paid referencing, he is an expert in semantic cocoons and on-site referencing, like offsite.

A technical black hat approach by Cyril Garitey an off-site SEO project manager.

Cyril has an atypical profile, his gamer mentality has led him to push and push the limits of netlinking on his websites. Expert in the art of developing and bringing serene popularity to websites, he is not afraid of updates to the Google algorithm. Over the years, he has developed a perfect knowledge of French SEO and knows the specialties of his colleagues in order to derive maximum benefit from the community. Its motto: "Join the dark side of SEO and discover the power of its strength!"

The stages of training:

Learn to develop a sustainable off-site strategy in 2021. The off-site strategy has a great influence in Google search results. It aims to rank the ranking of your site on search engines. Its objective is to improve the credibility of your site on google, therefore toimprove your image

To enter this training, there are a few prerequisite to be provided

It is necessary'Website URL which aims to earn money. As well as the targeted keywords that define the content of your website and your products. The competitors that you are aiming for.

A 3-day training divided into 3 stages:

The three pillars on which your PBN creation strategy should be based are

  • design
  • identifying the names of expired domain scrapping
  • Implementation
The “PBN SEO” training program

On-site and off-site strategy?

You will learn and understand the importance and use of internal networking , which optimizes navigation within a site and is an issue in the field of natural referencing . You will also be naturalized with the external mesh , which represents the visibility on other sites. That is to say: the links that are found in your content leading to other sites. You will know how to handle the quality of so-called “EAT” content , one of the main criteria used by google to judge the legitimacy of a page. You will also learn to use the AUX "Personas Sites" technique to conceptualize your audience's behavior. You will also be able to use Social Engineering techniques. Offsite strategy You will know the importance of link building , you will know how to distinguish a good from a bad offsite strategy. We will introduce you to the metric indices, its flaws and its advantages. Marketing solutions will be presented to you, as well as technical solutions. We will introduce you to the link buying platforms, and we will give you a list of between 60 and 80 ndd scrappés on your niche .
Are link buying platforms good?

It's amazing ! Like Google adwords, we can go there with our eyes closed, or almost. It is indeed easy to spend lavishly and not always obtain the desired results.

Hosting, boosting and supplying the eco system

We will help you choose your service providers according to the needs of your site as per ... The theme of security will be addressed, themes such as security, concealment of its network such as its ip address, server, vps ...

Content is very important and helps tell google if your site is trustworthy. We will support you in the creation of content. We will also introduce you to SEO tools.

We will explain how to make the best choice for proxies, netlinking, DAS campaign, automation tools… ..

Finally, you will be presented with new strategies to optimize your internet traffic.

The training price

The price of the training is 3000 € per person. This price does not include the purchase of domain names, servers….

Technical links

They are the cheapest, they bring no traffic and they are the essence of a self-respecting SEO. The whitehat are wrong, and this big sentence sums up the approach to be taken:

Those who do not create links, either they do not know how to do it, or they have not understood the power that it brings!

Relative quality

This is often low quality editorial content but the search for page quality is an important criterion. This is what makes the difference in prices in the services.

Low price

Good markets, from 30 €, they can be distributed on a regular basis and sustained over time. One of the key success factors of netlinking!

SEO training for beginners and advanced

You want to train with an experienced SEO consultant in Google fundamentals, the 3 pillars: technique, content, popularity or acquire advanced knowledge on Netlinking, SXO, Google EAT or the semantic cocoon.

Become a "SERP Master" and overtake ALL of your competitors!

So that these skills become skills, your coach will support you in carrying out personalized exercises.

What are the good netlinking techniques in 2021?

1 Optimization of the existing

We will help you forge links with your current partners: distributor, supplier, company club, institutions ...

2 PBN - Network of private sites

Certainly one of the most important phase of your netlinking is to go and find expired domain names.

3 PBN People

Google loves influencers, we can create persona sites created for you at a price 10 times lower than that of a real influencer.

4 Blast sur blast

A technique carried out by one of our experts.

How to develop a netlinking strategy?

1. Establish a competitive analysis

2. Onsite analysis

3.Example of an offsite seo strategy

during the start-up quarter

70% of links created for 30% of links purchased

1 Selection of around thirty expired ndds to be reassembled

2 Preparation of posts:

  • technique : 50%
  • informal: 10%
  • commercial: "competitive benchmark" type - 20%
  • ereputation : 20%

43 lectures

+1,200 cups of coffee


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