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How to develop your turnover online?

Our strategies are particularly suited to any e-commerce site or any business or start-up that needs to position itself on a keyword, or a theme with high sales potential.

We have different approaches depending on the maturity of your e-commerce

We generated almost € 200,000 in business volume in the first year and we are now aiming for € 500,000 next year! Nicolas Mercadieu, founder of oceanadventure.surf

SEO Marketing: to support you sustainably

1. Launch, start up: CA

In this phase, we want to validate the "proof of concept" and the MVP. We focus on acquiring new customers in a single search channel by being 100% focused on the search intention (search in English). We need a light advertising effort coupled with a bilateral content strategy (onsite / offsite).

Listening to customer needs is the essential element of exponential growth!


SEO Marketing: to support you sustainably

SEOCAmp Paris 2020 Black Hat Cycle Case Study

How to self-finance your startup with aggressive netlinking? or the story of the launch of a platform that without branding, without social networks, without partners (marketing)

and without legal notice ... to generate 100,000 € with only a few web pages , good marketing and good SEO. Today the platform has evolved and is targeting 500K €.

Image taken from the "Case study" conference as an introduction to the BlackHat cycle


1. Launch, start up: CA

In this phase, we want to validate the "proof of concept" and the MVP. We focus on acquiring new customers in a single search channel by being

100% focus on the search intent . We need a light advertising effort coupled with a bilateral content strategy (onsite / offsite).

Listening to customer needs is the essential element of exponential growth!

2. Objective of € 500,000 The MVP is validated and we are opening up to social networks and video by hiring a community manager . We are looking to streamline customer journeys so that we can increase advertising efforts . The onsite seo is reinforced with a semantic cocoon while continuing a more marketing seo offsite , through partnerships and the purchase of high-end links in the specialized press for example.

We position ourselves at the marketing and technical level as leader of the national market.

3. Turnover> 1 million euros.

The system set up and validated on the domestic market, we can
transpose it internationally to high potential markets . In order to control costs
and development, we are rolling out the concept country by country and devoting
an advertising amount proportional to the targeted objectives.


FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

E-commerce and e-business what's the difference?
182,000 merchant sites, an average basket of 78 Euros, a turnover of 64.5 billion euros in 2016 (Source Fevad), ecommerce, or electronic commerce is a sector that has developed very quickly these recent years thanks in particular to new technologies, Internet and mobile terminals, consoles and connected TV . The Internet has today become the main channel for distance selling and is replacing what used to be called mail order sales.

E-commerce, or any site with a payment terminal , is only part of the challenges of Internet commerce.

The presence of companies on the web and their dynamics also impact purchases made at points of sale or in BtoB or sectors where the transaction is not done online but for which the first contact is important. Ex. Real estate, sale of used vehicles ...

E-business brings together all the sites which do not have a payment terminal but which have a stake on the Internet.

As a complementary action, this requires the implementation of conversion mechanisms and the combination of an online and offline marketing action plan.

What is the price of a good SEO service?

First of all, it is important to define what a good SEO service is. Today, there are 3 types of SEO service: the basic, the good and the best.

The basic is often what we ask of the first comer, a young student leaving school for example. It will give you generalities or a partial analysis which cannot be applied because it does not take into account the competitive analysis . It is in the study of SEO professions, the Blogger profile - cf. SEO consultant profiles page (under construction)

The correct one is tailored to current SEO criteria (mobile use, EAT, internal networking ...) , takes into account global keywords: central and long tail and an analysis of the competition . It aims for short, medium and long term results. Usually, we have quarterly action plans as well as real strategic support.

The best can either go through a good quarterly action to be well calibrated but can also be focused only on netlinking. Advanced SEO which has become one of our specialties!

What do SEO services include?

The services are always tailor-made and do not contain general information. For this reason, we have a standard seo quote frame that we adapt on a case by case basis.

An SEO mission is not always operational even if this is our primary objective!

Some clients only want business plan, keyword or competition type studies. Others already have a coder, a web agency or a writer and we adapt accordingly.

Often we have 2 contacts:

  • the project leader, because it is important that we are well briefed and that the latter understands the leverage. Please note, the training is a third party service.
  • the coder or the web agency : in order to correct and optimize the existing one (which represents an additional cost)
  • the graphic designer, or community manager sometimes as part of an annual support of the marketing department and SMO services

In the case of wordpress sites, we provide the suite of paid plugins necessary for good technical optimization.

Digital Marketing Strategy or Webmarketing what is it?

SEO consultant, SEO consultant, web marketer, business developer, e merchandiser, metrics analyzer ... a set of professions that can be grouped under the theme of web marketing. But what is Webmarketing?

For my part, I would say that it is the same thing as traditional marketing, that is to say a set of sciences and techniques which makes it possible to promote the meeting of supply and demand . On the internet, the difference with marketing is technique, at its heart Google SEO and metrics analysis. With tools like Google Analytics that track your traffic in detail, it's never been easier to measure your communication performance.

The objective of web marketing is to deploy a catalog of products and services in order to arouse the interest of customers with the aim of generating turnover, improving a brand image, etc.

The first step in a good marketing plan is the earlier definition of a business strategy:

  • objective: positioning on the market,
  • targets: clients 1, clients 2, prescribers ...
  • strategy: quantified objectives,
  • tactics: operational resources / marketing plan
What is the difference between digital and tactical strategy?

We can define the strategy as global: objective, target (s), positioning ... and therefore allows to define a budget. While the tactic is operational and flows from the overall strategy, and the allocated budget in particular.

Tactics, or operational marketing, can itself be divided into a subset that can be simplified into 2 types:

  1. conquest strategy , for which the acquisition cost is the indicator to follow
  2. loyalty strategy , which by definition is less expensive than conquest.

The emergence of social networks has enabled brands and e-merchants to set intermediate objectives by establishing a community sensitive to the brand image in which prospects and customers mix.

EAT Google: Expertise Authority Trust

The old triptych Technique, Content, Popularity is no longer enough. Today, a catalog of products and services is not enough to have performance. You have to give your expertise, build your authority and prove your effectiveness in order to gain confidence.

Why combine commercial and non-commercial information?

Coat its commercial offers with non-commercial information. Giving free advice, solving problems with guide pages ... should be included in any page tree structure, this will give you maximum visibility and will lead Internet users to purchase your solutions ... one of the fundamental principles of the semantic cocoon!

Should we invest in the on-site or the off-site

Today it is difficult to have good performance with the best content in the world. To propel it to the top positions of search engines, you have to gain authority and power. Netlinking is always necessary because it allows to accelerate and improve your natural referencing.

Does netlinking work? What is a good link?

A link is a mark of popularity that has evolved a lot in recent years to go towards an ever increasing quality. In short, for Google, a link is a vote! A voting set that makes your site "popular" ... read more

E-commerce SEO strategy

You want to deploy your direct sales channels by creating a powerful e-commerce site , optimizing an existing website or simply setting up a backlinks campaign (popularity / external links), we have solutions tailored to your needs. You wish to deploy indirect sales channels : resellers, market places, affiliation ... we will be able to advise you and implement operational solutions at a controlled cost.

You have no idea what to do, we can help you develop a global strategy based on the typology of your, or your, distribution channels in France and internationally: pure player, multi-channel, cross-channel or omnical . ..

Our methodology is simple and based on quality content perfectly integrated into your ecosystem. The information flow is then distilled by a delicate mixture of automation (trigger marketing, personas in social networks ...) and manual actions .

E-commerce technologies

Our services are not the same depending on the technologies used. For 13 years we have worked on hundreds of sites with very varied technologies.

Major technologies

  1. woo commerce
  2. prestashop
  3. magento
  4. tailored

Minor technologies, pre-hosted

  1. wordpress woocommerce
  2. joomla virtuemart
  3. shopify
  4. wix
  5. squarespace

Competitive Benchmark

Internet business communication is a subtle blend of marketing, technical and business . Identifying competitive forces, positioning yourself, highlighting the customer advantages of its offers are the fundamental principles to apply.

So either you provide us with your studies, or a Merka-TIC study will be a prerequisite for any action and analysis. To do this, we can have you fill out a "buyer persona (s)" form in order to identify your customer types. For the technical part of natural referencing, our methodology and strategy is based on the analysis of the google serp on the main request (s).

Analyzing the SERP on a competitive query allows us to determine the power of the sites with which to compete.

We can thus calculate a minimum estimated budget for the onsite and offsite seo strategies.

Type of Clientele and User eXperience

At the heart of this strategy, the type or types of customer (s) that we target. What are their habits, their purchasing journey, the media and channels used ... We will have you fill out a persona sheet , we will work on scenarios in order to optimize the customer experience on your site and thus achieve your various objectives of conquest and loyalty.

Example of a first analysis on a sales site:

  • Unclear Marketing Positioning :
    Your value for money is not enough. In addition, it is not marked in the editorial of your pages
  • Non-existent story telling: your history lacks "expertise and passion"
  • No customer profiles and "buying guide, how to choose?" "
  • Well done for Press Relations

SEO training for beginners and advanced

You want to train with an experienced SEO consultant in Google fundamentals, the 3 pillars: technique, content, popularity or acquire advanced knowledge on Netlinking, SXO, Google EAT or the semantic cocoon.

Become a "SERP Master" and overtake ALL of your competitors!

So that these skills become skills, your coach will support you in carrying out personalized exercises.

The tools of a good e-commerce SEO

I am often asked what are the best seo tools? Do I, a client, need all of this? How much do tools cost to improve the visibility of your website on Google? Are there free and efficient tools to work on your SEO? ... see the best SEO tools


Yooda is much more than a tool to measure its positions in Google in France and internationally. It makes it possible to measure the positions of its competitors and to evaluate its performance in relation to them. The "Insight - Market Explorer" module allows you to estimate the volume of demand for key words and themes.


How did we do before SEObserver ? This is a toolbox, which allows you to measure the power of the site and its linkage with third-party sites but also to quickly analyze the competitors or the competition on a request. It allows to be very precise on positions in real time and above all, it measures the power of competitors and it allows to model and pose strategies thanks in particular to the keywords competition checker, we measure the competition and the competition.


Screaming Frog . Its SEO Spider is a powerful and flexible website crawler capable of efficiently indexing small and very large websites, while allowing you to analyze the results in real time. It collects key data about the site to enable SEOs to make informed decisions.

Google Analytics , the free tool to get to know customers ! This tool helps to deepen knowledge of customer behavior. Google Analytics gives you the free tools you need to centrally analyze data for your business.

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43 lectures

+1,200 cups of coffee


We innovate by bringing you greater SEO efficiency. Our goal :

support you effectively, now and for a long time!

Passionate about customer projects

Our SEO marketing work speaks for itself. We offer exceptional and tailor-made service for each of our clients, large or small.

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