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Here is the quote frame that we used before. Our new quotes are more complete and explicit on the techniques used

1. SEO and Webmarketing

a) A marketing strategy

Being on the Internet is good. Being visible is better!

Creating a site or taking inspiration from an already existing base requires an effort of imagination, evaluation and implementation. The objective of an SEO campaign - Search Engine Optimization - is to increase the presence of your site on the Internet in order to allow Internet users to discover your activity, your products and your services. This contributes to the propagation of the image of your company while increasing the number of visitors and therefore the traffic on your site.
Acquiring the best ranking of the pages of your site on the search engines and obtaining an excellent CTR (display / click conversion rate) depends above all on the relevance of your keywords in relation to the search trends of your target audience.

SEO is a lever towards the rise in the rate of visits and its conversion into actions (resolution of purchases, orders, registrations, etc.).
With a return on investment at reduced cost compared to other customer acquisition channels, natural referencing is a strategic action with high profitability while being the most economical of marketing actions. The most effective approach is a long-term intervention, because SEO is a long-term strategy.

b) Campagne SEO

The phases

SEO brings together the multiple operations aimed at improving and perpetuating the visibility of a site on the Internet.
We can - roughly - summarize the evaluation of a site through standardized factors and others more focused on marketing and incentive:

  • Encoding (study of the efficiency of the source code, highlighting the penalizing factors)
  • Content (enhancement and relevance of visible textual and editorial content)
  • Popularity (evaluation of the quality of affiliations and e-reputation)
  • Navigation (intuitive perception of the architecture, depth of the site)
  • Incentive (highlighting of structural aspects in order to motivate the visitor to reach defined objectives)


In order for your pages to benefit from efficient optimization, we formalize the entire nomenclature. Then we help you determine keywords by taking into account the number of searches and the competition for them. The (evolving) knowledge of search engine ranking calculations allows us to optimize your site according to your requests. Semantic work represents a predominant criterion for good indexing.


There are different standards developed by Internet authorities regulating the terms of indexing of pages by search engines, and consequently your “logical or deserved” positioning in their results. We carry out the analysis and the intervention on the penalizing factors which sanction the good referencing of your site.


Perfect optimization saves your site's reputation, both with affiliate sites and social networks. We review the quantity and especially the quality of the links pointing to your site, then we help you improve them.

c) Web-writing

At the heart of SEO
In order to thrive, your business is continuously active. The same goes for your website which must be alive to stay alive. Your objective is the same: attract new prospects, inform your customers, present your products and services.
From your home page to the order validation page, editorial quality is a major criterion for the attention and comfort of the readership, and therefore for your brand image.
But textual content also requires writing tailored to search engines so that they understand, like, and index your pages. We provide tailor-made web-writing services, appropriate to your needs and optimized for quality natural referencing.
Content written for Internet users while being thoughtful for search engines will make the difference.


Increase your visibility
Increase your traffic from search engines
Position your site on the first pages on one or more keywords
Develop your image
Promote your products and loyalty initiatives
Convert visits into actions ...


Each project has a short, medium or long term life cycle. An SEO campaign is transcribed over time. For natural referencing, unlike paid referencing, the effects are not immediate, the convincing results can vary from a few days to several months.
Optimization is an iterative action of reactivity and adaptation in order to achieve the set objectives.

2. SEO Audit

a) Approach

After studying your request for changes and promotional needs for your website. We will suggest you approach your project according to the following 2 aspects
• Graphics and animations
• Architecture (code) and functionalities
As a first step, starting with a diagnosis of the code will allow us to determine where you are and where you want to go.

b) Complete diagnosis

You want a study and diagnosis of your sites.
The outcome of this study will make it possible to draw up a range of different strategies and possible actions to improve your sales.
For the sake of optimal efficiency, we suggest you approach the project by providing you with a complete diagnosis of your web marketing as well as a competitive study (option) allowing you to fully understand the positioning of your offer.
We also offer a month of support to help you implement our recommendations.

This mission does not include support or management services for your e-marketing actions or continuing training.

Detail of the study phase

The table below details the mission that we propose to you and also makes it possible to clearly identify what is included
YES- or NO- in the service:


Prior meeting to present the mission:
- It is a question of defining together the site's objectives in order to focus an adequate diagnosis;
- Validation.


Analysis of structural and penalizing factors
- Control of the encoding of the site subject to certain conformities on the part of the search engines in order to facilitate better indexing.
Navigation analysis
- Study of the tree structure which must be as intuitive for robots as for targeted visitors.


Semantic analysis of landing pages
- Checking the consistency of the words used.

Keyword study

- Examination of the quality of the keywords used in relation to the objectives and the targeted customers.
Editorial advice
- guide on the optimization of the texts of the site.
Writing optimized pages
- Assistance in writing a product sheet, a category page and the home page


Call-to-action study
- Examination of the stimulation and the linking process, up to validation.
Analyse et optimisation des campagnes adwords (
- Examen de la cohérence stratégique des campagnes et optimisations.
Étude des autres actions e-marketing existantes
- Examen de vos démarches de publicité et de communication (branding, points de vente, e-mailing…).


Indexing analysis (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Voilà)
- Checking that the entire site is taken into account by the main search engines.
Consideration analysis
- Study of the popularity of the site on the Internet.
Analysis of the quality of inbound links
- Review the types of sites that link to the site.
Affiliate Tips
- detection of sites of interest (authority, themes, etc.) and link creation guide.


Meeting to present the diagnosis and the action plan
- Performance
- Positioning / Indexing
- Google Analytics statistics
- Consideration
- Conversion rate
Monthly follow-up report (1 month)



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