Who is Laurent Bourrelly, the inventor of the semantic cocoon?

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Laurent Bourrelly, early career on the other side of the Atlantic

Laurent Bourrelly is one of the pillars of referencing in France thanks to the creation of a particular referencing technique called " semantic cocoon ".

This Frenchman started his career in the United States. He worked during his first years in the field of communication and operational marketing. But his passion for computers pushed this “stork eater *” to change lanes to devote himself to SEO.

* The “stork eater” seo contest is a contest that was won by Laurent Bourrelly in 2004, which allowed him to start building his reputation.

The creation of a unique referencing technique: the semantic cocoon

Laurent Bourrelly launches the technique of the semantic cocoon inspired by the technique known as “siloing”. It consists of implementing a specific “on-page” strategy. It is illustrated around a harmonization of the pages of the site thanks to the creation of several silos on various themes.

This technique combines known principles with notions of thematic PageRank, for example. PageRank consists in representing the popularity of pages on Google by a particular index noted from 0 to 10. You can thus quickly know if a page of a site is popular according to its topic. The closer the page index is to 10, the greater its popularity.

We must visualize the semantic cocoon as a sort of pyramid formed of different layers which classify the contents according to their semantic field. The mesh of the whole can be imaged by a spider web woven around a main subject. This vision shakes up the techniques used until now and is widely proven in the field of SEO.