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This complete and sustainable SEO technique revolves around a quality c ontenu that covers the triptych: expertise, authority, trust and is the only complete technique combining a technical, marketing and sales SEO approach .

Its fields of application range from a simple site of a few pages to e-commerce of a few hundred pages or real estate portals of several tens of thousands of pages.

THE complete and successful SEO method

The term semantic cocoon was developed several years ago to build and organize the architecture of a website. This technique consists of organizing the content of the pages of a site to link them together. This internal mesh worked around a particular theme forms a whole called a semantic cocoon.


Links: essential techniques for a good cocoon

The cocoon is built thanks to the establishment of an internal and external mesh, perfectly worked. The pages internally are organized under different levels:

- The target page;
- Mixed pages;
- The final pages;

These are the internal links that form a united whole between the different pages. This technique has proven itself in natural referencing.


The content: the element at the heart of the semantics of the cocoon

Semantics commonly means "the study of the meaning of linguistic units and their combinations". It is through this notion that the term semantic cocoon must be interpreted.

The contents that form this cocoon must be linked together by a common theme. And this theme must imperatively take into account the needs of Internet users to respond effectively.

This theme comes in the form of keywords worked and used effectively on each page according to the needs of the users. This technique works on the semantic field of each content to harmonize all the pages between them. It is this work of cohesion and liaison based on the needs of “targets” that forms the whole of the semantic cocoon.


Why make a semantic cocoon?

After understanding what the notion of semantic cocoon means, we must answer the question: but what is it for? And why should we use it?

The answer is simple. Building your site using the semantic cocoon gives you the opportunity to be visible on the internet in a very effective way. Internet users quickly find your site in Google results. However, this asset is not the only one to count when using the semantic cocoon.


Improve the visibility of its website

The number one reason that leads owners to use this technique is its SEO results. The semantic cocoon has been proven for several years to rank among the techniques to use to have perfect visibility on the internet.

Attention, to obtain this result, it is necessary to scrupulously respect solid techniques in terms of referencing. It's not enough to just insert internal links and build quality content to stay at the top of Google. The professionals who apply this technique order, build and optimize the entire architecture of the website as a whole. Having a global vision to be efficient in every detail, this is perhaps the secret to know and apply.

Google SEO referencing by Semantic Cocoon

Meet user needs

Building a semantic cocoon allows you to start from the needs of your targets. They will come and visit your site to obtain your products or services, but also to obtain additional information. You have determined upstream the user questions to answer them in the pages of your site.

This technique allows you to increase the number of visitors to your site. They come and above all they come back to read relevant content!

Develop conversions

In 2020, we cannot limit SEO to a purely technical approach, we must integrate the marketing approach and therefore conversion tracking to be perfectly effective.

That's all the difference between target page, mixed page, and final pages. The target page is the most important, and the most expensive because it is intended to convert visitors into buyers, or hot leads, mixed convert but on a lesser scale, final pages have a binding function and are not intended to convert en masse.

The target page is therefore subject to significant work and perfect optimization. It is a landing page subject to A / B testing and permanent commercial activities.

This method is the perfect combination of a technical, marketing and sales approach!

Development of sales or requests for quotes

Development of sales or requests for quotes


High level SEO technique

The evolution of referencing techniques demonstrates the current effectiveness of the semantic cocoon. In the eyes of Google, this technique brings quality and quantity. Lightweight sites with a lot of links are risky! Today we capitalize on significant quality content that revolves around the triptych: expertise, authority, trust!


The lack of quality sanctioned by Google

SEO techniques have sometimes gone as far as perversion to be "blacklisted". Some consultants were pushing page SEO to an exaggerated basis. The contents then became unreadable. The keywords were inserted too heavily, going so far as to suppress the main information.

Google is reacting strongly. He launched in 2011 Google Panda considered filter and penalize low quality content. Its goal is then to improve the natural results of Google for the benefit of sites offering quality content.

The hunt continued in 2012 with the creation of Google Penguin. This novelty seeks to penalize over-optimized sites including keyword stuffing. It also fights artificial or poor quality links. Even today, Google continues to put in place tools that penalize sites that do not respect “good SEO practices”.


To last, opt for technical and marketing referencing

Gone are the days for anarchist content that pulverizes the semantic field of a page. Today, we must take care of its content and put it back at the center of our concerns. Ultimately, for a site to be visible, it must have quality content.

However, more needs to be done. All SEO techniques are qualitative with the application of the semantic cocoon. The objective is to build a perfectly harmonious whole to guide both Google and the user on technical and relevant information.

Obtaining a high-performance result cannot be obtained without nothing. Each action must have its reason and its effectiveness to create unique added value for the site. This is mainly achieved by placing your targets at the heart of the organization. Simply technical referencing is over, it must now integrate a marketing and sales approach to give better visibility to the target page.


How to create a semantic cocoon?

The construction of the semantic cocoon is hierarchical and ordered. It is necessary to respect certain essential steps and not to burn them to achieve an optimal result. Presentation of this organization.


1. The priority: understanding the needs of Internet users

Internet users are at the heart of the technique. You have to understand what the Internet user is looking for in order to answer their questions with appropriate content. This is therefore the first step to follow. The use of "personas" is an effective action to analyze the needs of its targets.


2. Group the needs of Internet users around several expressions

Once the needs have been identified, we must focus on transforming these needs into different expressions. These make it possible to do all the work devoted to keywords and the semantic field. You have to put yourself in the shoes of Internet users to understand what you might type in the Google search bar.

Questions from Internet users

3. Build the organization of the pages of the semantic cocoon

The design of the semantic cocoon involves the arrangement of the pages of the site. We must design the semantic cocoon around a pyramid on several levels. For example, imagine that the theme of your cocoon revolves around new real estate.

- At the very top of the pyramid is the target page or the parent page. It is intended for conversion. Its main theme is “new real estate + [name of the city, eg Bordeaux]”, associated with a quote form;

- Below, the mixed pages provide relevant information to Internet users. There may be a page with the subject “living in bordeaux” and another on “investing in bordeaux” associated with a quote form, associated with a quote form;

- The third step is reserved for additional or final pages. They are intended to enrich the content around the same theme. The contents can therefore be more or less distant such as, for example "How to finance my new real estate purchase? "," What investment to make in 2020? ";

Examples of Semantic Cocoons

Two examples of semantic cocoons.
In the first diagram, the home page is not the most important. On the second, an internal page is more important than the home page . The "bordeaux" type city page for example on a new real estate site.


Once the different pages have been organized, you have to start working around the internal mesh. It allows to bind the pages together to form a perfectly welded whole.

These steps are obviously briefly explained to get an overview of the steps in the creation of a semantic cocoon. On this subject, the place of the pinel law generates a volume of research so important, that this subject must be put forward in the tree structure of the site.


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