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Quickly develop your turnover on the Internet with an economical and effective SEO strategy .

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Your SEO agency in the Basque country aims to define an SEO strategy that focuses on achieving your business goals.

Increasing your visibility is good, increasing your income is better.

By having global visibility on your web marketing and your acquisition models (direct and indirect sales, natural and paid referencing) we will increase your efficiency and reduce your costs. Managing this transformation by involving your staff is a key success factor that we have mastered.

With our transversal skills, you will avoid spending money for a low return and together adopt a complex but effective strategy.

Nicolas Mercadieu, Senior SEO Consultant

He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of e-commerce and SEO in many sectors: crafts, real estate, startups, tourism ... He supports professionals eager to quickly develop their business by implementing strategies profitable acquisition and loyalty in the short, medium and long term.

Image taken from the "Case study" conference: Self-finance your startup with aggressive netlinking!

In addition to his SEO consulting activity, he also passes on his experience and knowledge by participating in various e-commerce training courses in universities and business schools in his region. He is also in demand for conferences on business opportunities on the internet, the Google system and organic referencing of course!

Trilingual English, Spanish and graduated with a master's degree in International Trade from the Institute of Business Administration - IAE de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour, he is also an entrepreneur at heart and launched in 2019, the platform. A project whose launch he presented at the last SEOCamp Paris because without branding, without social networks, without partners and without legal notices ...

... it proves that you can generate 100,000 € with good marketing and good SEO .

With a target of 500K € for this platform and multiple e-business projects targeting France and internationally, Nicolas Mercadieu specializes in SXO and SEO project management and surrounds himself with multiple experts and freelancers. SEOs specializing in specifications, tracking ... but also high-level writers, graphic designers and videographers.

An SEO agency specializing in SEO is an invaluable option for those who aren't looking to completely outsource the solutions for their business. We help you provide internal teams with a complete view and detail the leverage to push to develop the Return On Investment of your Internet presence.

We are proud of our in-depth knowledge of natural referencing, Google SEO, and our experience in implementing innovative solutions, such as the semantic cocoon. We provide our clients with industry, technical and creative experience that enables them to consistently deliver the results they expect.

E-business study: Google, Amazon, Social networks, Mobile uses

Starting today in e-commerce is not easy because the Internet landscape has grown with countless social networks, platforms like Amazon and uses have changed in recent years . Nomadic terminals such as cell phones and mobiles have appeared and with them new technical constraints.

Is Google still a channel to use for purchasing? Here you will find resources and studies to understand these developments, compare the channels in order to make the right decisions to orient your marketing and resources actions: human and financial ... see e-business studies

What is SEO? Why work on your SEO on Google?

Optimization for search engines, also called natural or organic referencing in French. In English, SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is an SEO technique used by SEO consultants and agencies to improve the visibility of a business on the internet.

The digitization of means of communication leads companies to develop a digital strategy to be visible and win new customers, whether they are individuals - BtoC or professionals - BtoB.

Thus the goal of improving their competitiveness in competitive markets, companies need natural referencing to ensure their presence in search engines like Google .

Natural referencing improves web marketing strategy, notoriety and visibility.


Depending on the target markets, there are more or less aggressive strategies. Respect for individuals, customers, brands and the legal framework must always be respected - learn more about the definition of SEO

How much does SEO cost? Is it profitable immediately?

You have heard that natural referencing, SEO, is the most profitable way to capture traffic but when you ask for a quote from providers, you are told quotes at several thousand or tens of thousands of euros and no ROI !

It is therefore quite natural to be able to estimate your Return On Investment - ROI (ROI) in the medium term, but the truth is that ... it is not possible! learn more about the ROI of natural referencing

Is visibility correlated with online revenue?

In theory yes because your seo consultant aims for targeted traffic on transactional requests (high conversion rate), in practice, to achieve this he can also target informational requests (zero conversion rate). This approach literally pushes transactional pages and therefore sells more. In theory, visibility is correlated with results, in practice, it can be measured and optimized.

Keywords: should we aim for the 1st position and / or the long tail?

Should we aim for the first position or is a long tail strategy, expressions composed of two to several words, relevant?

Project leaders often have a confused answer and expect their SEO consultant to provide a profitable keyword strategy tailored to the targeted customers.

A supplier of very high-precision military equipment is not going to target a generic one-word query!

However, the opposite is also true, because it is sometimes impossible to develop a business on queries consisting of 2 words or more, you have to aim for the 1st position.

Example. With , we targeted a long query before targeting the short query. Learn more about 1st position in Google

0 position and rich text snippets

In 2012, the launch of the knowledge graph, the Google knowledge base and the exponential evolution of the use of mobile search engines naturally led Google to adapt. How? 'Or' What ?

The answer to a voice search in Google is simple: featured snippets, text extracts in "google search" ... as well as results coupled with its other applications: Android and the application of applications via "Play", Youtube and the suggestion of videos, Maps and search elements ...

Today what interests us particularly is to know and understand what these optimized extracts are as well as their interest for e-commerce ... ranking 0 and rich text extracts

Should we follow Google updates?

Google's objective is to respond to Internet users, to its uses (mobile use, local or voice searches, etc.) and to its research intentions: informational or transactional. Google's technical challenge is also that of supporting, organizing and prioritizing a number of pages that are growing exponentially.

When you call on an SEO consultant, do you have to follow Google updates?

A good consultant has normally already anticipated future updates and met the expected standards. On the other hand, it will measure the impacts and adopt actions if necessary ... find out more about Google updates

SEO consultant: how to choose the right one?

The landscape of SEO providers is like project leaders: so wide that it is almost indefinable. However, there are criteria to distinguish them:

  1. Onsite and Offsite skills : the one who does not believe in backlinks is a blogger because either he has not understood the effect of backlinks or he does not master it. Conversely, someone who only does offsite seo without looking at your onsite seo can quickly turn out to be a bottomless pit. The one who does everything, will exhaust himself and explode in mid-flight!

  2. Tools, Training and operating costs: the right tools have a cost, without training or travel to conferences or bootcamps difficult to progress and learn about the work and technical developments of his colleagues ...

  3. The results: it's hard to cheat on the results because everything is on the screen! To be sure, call his references by phone ... how to choose his SEO consultant?
EAT Google and YMYL, LE standard SEO in 2021

Google analyzes the pages published on each site in order to rank them and make them more or less visible according to different criteria. This is the whole issue of SEO in 2021. The more the page “complies” with the rules imposed by Google, the more likely it is to end up at the top of user searches.

However, there are more sensitive topics than others on which Google activates more filters. Subjects that may have effects on the future happiness, health, personal finances or security of users, then these are categorized under the section of pages called " Your Money Your Life ". To make it shorter, we have to talk about YMYL pages ... read more on YMYL and Expertise Authority Confidence , the Google EAT

SEO Tools

I am often asked what are the best seo tools? Does the client, the project leader, need to buy it? How much do tools cost to improve the visibility of your website on Google? Are there free and efficient tools to work on your SEO? ... see the best SEO tools

SXO: Marketing and SEO technique

SEO + UX = SXO , an expression that is not a fad but THE right way to think about and apply SEO. There is no exponential growth without a good analysis of customer needs and the adaptations that go with it. From analyzing purchasing behavior to managing UX Design, including a promotional calendar and the design of quality content, we will be able to adapt to market expectations and your budget.

Where to start ?

  • Competitive benchmark
  • Customer analysis
  • definition of customer journeys

Audit SEO Google

The SEO audit brings together the multiple operations aimed at improving and perpetuating the visibility of a site on the Internet.

We can summarize the evaluation of a site through standardized factors and others more focused on marketing and incentive :

• Encoding
• Content
• Popularity
• Navigation
• Incentive


Link Building Strategy

The more links you create, the more popular you are! Google's “job” is to measure this popularity and impact it on your positions. Obviously, you may have little popularity but great content and Google will put you in the top positions, or not. With an equivalent onsite scope, Google will rather promote a site with high popularity rather than another, less popular.

How do we measure this power? With the pagerank?

The authority of a site is quantifiable and measurable using tools. Yes, pagerank has long been used and maintained by Google. Today, we rely on Citation Flow (volume of links), Trust Flow (Index of trust / quality of links) and Topical Flow: your theme (digital, business, sport, real estate, art, etc.).

SEO training for beginners and advanced

You want to train with an experienced SEO consultant in Google fundamentals, the 3 pillars: technique, content, popularity or acquire advanced knowledge on Netlinking, SXO, Google EAT or the semantic cocoon.

Become a "SERP Master" and overtake ALL of your competitors!

So that these skills become skills, your coach will support you in carrying out personalized exercises.


Semantic cocoon

The semantic cocoon is a complete and sustainable SEO technique revolves around a quality concept that covers the triptych: expertise, authority, trust and is the only complete technique combining a technical, marketing and sales SEO approach .

Its fields of application range from a simple site of a few pages to e-commerce of a few hundred pages or real estate portals of several tens of thousands of pages.

The term semantic cocoon was developed several years ago to build and organize the architecture of a website. This technique consists of organizing the content of the pages of a site to link them together. This internal mesh worked around a particular theme forms a whole called a semantic cocoon.

Web writing and story telling

Web writing consists in finding the words adapted to the products or the services of your company to tell your story, that of your company, with passion is a profession. Indeed, today, a brand is appreciated because it tells its story. This art is called storytelling and is deployed through common values, that of his business manager, his clients, his ambassadors ...

Customers are no longer affected by a single product, but by the story it conveys and the benefit it will bring them.

Writing to reach a particular audience requires mastering specific techniques : adapting your writing tone or even setting up good natural referencing and thus increasing your visibility.

43 lectures

+1,200 cups of coffee


We innovate by bringing you greater SEO efficiency. Our goal :

support you effectively, now and for a long time!

Passionate about customer projects

Our SEO marketing work speaks for itself. We offer exceptional and tailor-made service for each of our clients, large or small.

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