How to Protect Your Domain Name and Brand?

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Nothing could be easier than buying a domain name and setting up a website. However, after a few months or years you will find your friends or colleagues, as in the case of , who will open their site on an equivalent domain name:, biarritz…

Reserve several generic domain names!

Google announces that the exact match (ex: naturopath biarritz) does not work in SEO. In my opinion, this is not correct and for small businesses or health professionals, lawyers, lawyers, craftsmen or traders it is even essential! So choose domain names

  • with or without dash
  • with inverted words
  • in .com and .fr to a minimum
  • new .eus tlds (euskara if you are in the basque country) and extensions specific to your .travel business. press… explore the new tld here. Even though Google says no, some are appreciated.

N’en réservez pas trop car il est toujours possible de pénétrer le marché avec des noms de domaine “sexy”.

I recently recommended an .investments for 77 € ht in order to distribute comparative studies and thus recycle its #benchmark #marketing. It will bring in a lot more!


Domain names including your brand

Unlike a generic domain name, you can and should protect your brand. A brand protects itself on one activity, rarely several. Consult the inpi brand directory / Book now

  • your brand name
  • your brand name + activity

Protect your brand from google ads

To prevent third parties, or your competitors, from advertising your brand (a practice that brings results!), You have the option of declaring your brand to Google through this form:


Don't give up your domain names!

Lors de ma dernières session de formation à l‘iup de Bordeaux, nous avons cherché un nom de domaine expiré sur le site de l’université. Nous avons trouvé le nom de domaine d’une société scientifique de bordeaux abandonné depuis près de 4 ou 5 ans et remonté pendant 2 ou 3 ans pour du “chat coquin japonais”. Ça aurait pu être du porno, on a de la chance. Il était relativement propre, je l’ai racheté !

Why are these domain names important and worth buying?

Ils ont du jus ! cf. post sur les backlinks, ou du moins “qu’est ce qu’un bon lien ?”

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    Return on investment

    Did you know that google referencing is the central pillar of your communication? Undoubtedly the most profitable leverage around which your paid advertising actions should revolve.

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