Training Creation of a PBN of Sites to Boost your SEO



You master the standards of on-site SEO and are looking for how to boost your positions on Google at a lower cost by creating your first network of sites (PBN - Private Blog Network), this training is for you!


Create a PBN of Sites to boost the positions of the money site
Monetize the network of sites


Develop a sustainable offsite strategy in 2021
Enhance your image

Prerequisites to be provided
Money site url
Targeted keywords
Competitors (in the offer not the keywords)

3 stages over 3 days of training:

Design, Scrapping Exercise of Expired Domain Names and Implementation are the 3 pillars on which your PBN creation strategy must be based.

The “PBN SEO” training program

On-site or off-site strategy?

Information on 4 levels and more
Internal or external mesh
Content quality and Google EAT
Personas sites
Social Engineering

Offsite strategy

Why create a link?
What is a good offsite strategy?
Metrics: a good indicator?
Marketing solutions
Technical solutions
Link buying platforms
Why do a PBN?
Legal framework: 2 families of prohibitions

list of ndd scrappés on your niche: about 70

Objectives and Strategy

Competition analysis
implementation of a strategy
Mapping on site off site

Implementation of the NDD eco system
Scrap Preparation of ndd
Scrap tools
How to choose ? (niche, metrics, persona ...)

Ecosystem hosting

Choice of providers (o2switch, planet, launchpbn, gopbn ...)
Hide your network (ip, server, vps)
Mount the ndd in wp + static
Auto network maintenance (mainwp)

Eco system power supply

Prepare your content (mindmapping, persona, niche, text)
Creation / Scrap / Structure
Creation tools (Seo Content Machine, GSA, Redaction ...)
Checking the structure
Checking the mesh (screaming ... ..)
Auto power supply (mainwp, scm ……)

Eco system boost

How to choose spots (not just blogs)
Proxies (choice)
Daddy's netlinking (directory, blog ... platforms)
The startup (ghstools, rankerx, scrapebox comments….)
The DAS compaign
Boost diagrams
Web2,0 boost
The choice of strategy
Tools to automate (gsa, ghs, rankerx, sap, monerobot, senuke, scrapebox, etc….
The tools to follow (serprobots etc)

The 4R strategy

mass use of 4 google products