What is SEO? Why do SEO?

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SEO, acronym for Search Engine Optimization, is an SEO technique used by SEO agencies and consultants to improve a company's visibility on the internet.

The digitization of communication means leads companies to develop a digital strategy to be visible and win new customers, whether they are individuals - BtoC or professionals - BtoB.

Thus the goal of improving their competitiveness in competitive markets, companies need natural referencing to ensure their presence in search engines like Google .

SEO improves the webmarketing strategy, awareness and visibility.

Depending on the target markets, there are more or less aggressive strategies. Respect for individuals, customers, brands and the legal framework must always be respected.

SEO: organic and free SEO

The natural referencing SEO is one of the techniques used for the referencing of websites in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing but also Qwant, DuckDuckGo…

The overall term for all of these techniques is SEM = Search Engine Marketing. SEM encompasses natural SEO, SEA paid SEO, and SMO social media SEO.

A short formula summarizes this webmarketing ecosystem: SEM = SEO + SEA + SMO.

The objective of natural referencing of websites

By definition, SEO is designed to optimize the positioning of a website in search engines.

This in order to generate more qualified traffic, improve the conversion rate and increase the sales rate, for example.

The impact of SEO can be seen in the long term if it is done correctly.

The search engine algorithm will slowly bring up a website in the first results, thus offering better visibility and greater credibility.

Paid SEO VS free SEO.

Both SEO techniques are necessary and compatible.

SEO referencing.

The SEO strategy allows to establish the notoriety of a site in the long term.

It involves performing a web audit to correct errors and improve the content of the site.

This method of referencing sites requires continuous monitoring.

SEA paid referencing

With SEA SEO and a good landing page, it is possible to attract new customers in a few hours.

This paid web referencing offers a short-term solution.

SEA referencing allows a site to position itself on very competitive keywords.

Where SEO may have more difficulty to be placed, the SEA offers an interesting solution.

The goal is to create relevant paid ads to make yourself visible.

Complementarity between SEO and SEA.

The two referencing techniques, paid and free, offer a visibility solution for a website in the short, medium and long term.

The profitability of SEO.

SEO natural referencing remains an interesting and complementary solution to SEA paid referencing.

Indeed, if you decide to use a referencing agency, the services to refer your site will be paying.

But, this allows to obtain quality work, carried out by SEO consultants who are experts in this field.

The creation of quality content on your site is improved.

Everything is E-business

Communicating just for the sake of communicating is not optimal and costs money. To have a good communication strategy, you have to set goals.

To do this, it is essential to analyze your needs in order to determine the objectives to be achieved:
- Do you need to create traffic?

- Would you like more engagement from your community?

- Do you want to set up an emailing strategy with newsletter sending?

- Do you want to achieve a more regular or important sales cycle?

- Do you need to stand out more from your competition?

It's all about business and marketing strategy, whatever your goal!

SEO for Search Engine Optimization

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which translates in French as Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a method intended to optimize a website for a keyword or a group of keywords.

The ultimate goal is of course to make it climb the ranks of the web so that this website is at the top of the search engine results.

User experience and algorithm.

The SEO technique aims to improve a website so that it can meet the requirements of search engine algorithms while offering an excellent user experience.

The criteria for optimization.

Four criteria are particularly important for a good optimization:
- The quality of the hosting (speed of loading pages, images, videos etc.)

- Quality web content (relevance, consistency, comprehension, theme etc.)

- Notoriety (quality of netlinking and internal networking)

- User experience (average duration of a visit, number of pages browsed, conversion rate etc.)

Definition of Search.

Search, translatable as "Search", refers to search engines like Google and Bing.

The term Search brings together the means, techniques and advertising tools used to promote a website. This in order to improve its visibility and positioning.

The means used are commercial offers, websites, mobile applications, images and videos, etc. responding to a request made.

Definition of Engine.

Engine, translatable by "Engine", refers to Search Engines and their algorithms.

Google, Bing, Yahoo and others are constantly looking for web content to feed their database.

Writing quality content is important to generate visits and therefore allow the engine to be interested in your website.

Optimize your natural referencing, your video referencing or your local referencing to feed copiously the algorithms of the search engines.

Thanks to quality and informative content, you bring added value to your site.

Definition of Optimization.

Optimization, translatable by Optimization, refers to the different contents that make up a website, a blog, a page etc.

The SEO optimization technique begins with marketing.

It is essential to offer quality but informative content to feed a website.

Without informative content it is impossible to push commercial content because it will not have the necessary power to position itself effectively.

Improving your SEO by optimizing content is the opportunity to give your professional site power and importance.

However, the notoriety and credibility of your business will follow!

Specialist in growthacking and e-commerce, you will benefit from our experience to develop your contacts and your turnover in record time!

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