Redesign of, 1st comparator in new real estate is an Internet marketplace specializing in the marketing and promotion of new real estate . She selects the latest real estate articles for you daily to keep you informed of news and upcoming tax measures.'s vocation is to connect individuals looking for advice on finding the ideal property and real estate professionals. offers you detailed access to almost all new real estate programs (everywhere) in France , via a geolocation system to precisely locate residences and know their surroundings.

Redesign of the site and quantified objectives multiplied by 2

Having a site is good, making it perform well is better. Julien Arthapignet, an innovative business manager, has been very successful in establishing himself locally over the past few years. With their expertise and advice, he decided to make their website the first comparator in new real estate. For this, he hired human resources, an entire team of developers, and surrounded himself with expert service providers such as Merka-TIC.

Our mission, to deploy an architecture of web pages optimized for Google and visitors, to build a semantic cocoon. Indeed, any web project must logically comply with a certain number of rules in terms of SEO (SEO: Search Engine Optimization or natural referencing). Here are the three main ones:

  • Rule # 1 : Any website needs to be visible on search engines in general, and Google in particular. Google represents on average 93% of internet searches in Europe. This traffic usually represents at least 50% of the total traffic on the site. It therefore seems absolutely impossible to do without these visits, whatever your industry.
  • Rule N ° 2 : Any SEO optimization carried out before the site is put online is more effective than if it is carried out downstream.
  • Rule N ° 3 : Very often, website creation agencies, or a team of developers, do not deliver a "Google friendly" website by default. Google SEO is not within the competence of a developer. It's another job.

SEO Technical Specifications

So below is a summary of the different points to consider in creating a website optimized for search engines in terms of HTML code and site design.


  • Structuring content into Hn tags
    • Home page
    • Internal pages
    • Using the Web Developer extension
    • General advice
  • Title Tags
    • Home page
    • Internal pages
  • “Description” meta tags
  • Semantic markup and "rich snippets"
  • Meta “keywords” tags
  • Image file name
  • ALT attribute of images
  • Hreflang Tags
  • Pagination tags

Site design

  • Flash content and SEO brakes
  • Sitemap
  • Extension and domain name
  • URL
  • Duplicate Content
  • Sitemap file
  • Robots.txt file
  • Semantic cocoon
  • Monitoring tools
  • Site performance
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Index Mobile First
  • Site security (HTTPS)
  • Arch management
  • Faceted navigation management
  • W3C validity
  • Internal engine results pages
  • Deindexing the test site

Editorial content

  • Bold editorial content
  • Possibility to indicate Hn tags in the content
  • Internal mesh
  • Management of errors on unavailable items


Without mastery, power is nothing said Mr. Pirelli. Popularity is the same. Once the site has been deployed, inexpensive and effective leverage should be provided.

Deployment of the semantic cocoon

This complete and sustainable SEO technique revolves around a quality c ontenu that covers the triptych: expertise, authority, trust and is the only complete technique combining a technical, marketing and sales SEO approach .

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Return on investment

Did you know that google referencing is the central pillar of your communication? Undoubtedly the most profitable leverage around which your paid advertising actions should revolve.

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