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For this start-up which has developed in 28 countries in 1 year, we carried out a referencing mission in Spain (innovative netlinking), the nature of which will not be disclosed in writing. For more info contact us!

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Finding teachers to give private lessons is now easier than ever thanks to a virtual platform that has become the leader in Spain.

Its name is Superprof and it is currently considered the largest private teaching community in the world, providing users with the experience and knowledge of more than 1.6 million experts from 13 different nationalities.

This is surprising when you consider that this community of private lessons teachers was created only two years ago in Spain.

And it is that this startup born in France arrived in our country in 2015 with the aim of revolutionizing the education sector and personalized teaching.
Superprof, a community of private tutoring teachers to which more than 400,000 students have already used.

Today, the community of private education teachers Superprof can boast of an offer of more than a thousand subjects at all levels of education and more than 150,000 local teachers.

In addition, more than 400,000 students have used this web platform where it is possible to find the right teacher in a simple, agile and convenient way.

As entrepreneur Wilfried Granier, founder of Superprof explains, “we work with the philosophy of consolidating ourselves as an embassy for the exchange of knowledge and knowledge.

The idea is that wherever they are, the user can enjoy the experience of gaining the knowledge they want with the professional they consider to be the most expert.

However, Superprof is not only useful for those looking for experts in math, English or Spanish, for example, but also for those who want to know subjects as diverse as belly dancing, tightrope walking or education. babies, among many other subjects.

Superprof, the largest community of private tutoring teachers in the world

It should also be noted that the people who work at Superprof are responsible for supervising, at all times, the procedures that take place on the platform.

In this way, they can ensure that the service is of excellent quality and that the user covers their training needs in the shortest possible time.

This is how an entrepreneurial project was born that has become the largest community of private tuition teachers in the world and a proposal that can serve as inspiration if you also want to undertake in the field of education and l 'education.

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