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Merka-TIC was contracted by this start-up in order to master the internet development of the By The Wave ecosystem: Sales Site, Partner Network (surf schools and surf shops) and mobile training application. From mapping of the existing to development at N + 2 years in multisport, we frame the operational and technical implementation over nearly 3 months so that Google's referencing is as good as the user experience.

The 1st intelligent board sports tracker because it is coupled with a personalized coaching system

One year after its creation, the start-up BY THE WAVE announces the signing of a license with Aquitaine Science Transfert to market the cutting-edge technology protected by two international patents. We are therefore working on their worldwide referencing and on the United States in particular. We also worked on their triptych: product, school, platform.

CEO ByTheWave

I take this opportunity to thank you because at the surf school we are spending the summer with nearly 60% of our reservations by internet or phone thanks to the school website . The trip advisor is also starting to work well so your method works graaaave 🙂

By the wave technology is the result of extensive research

The result of four years of R&D, BY THE WAVE products are equipped with the latest advances in embedded technology and predictive algorithms. This is a sensor that attaches to the front of a surfboard to help the surfer stand up, the goal being to make the learning phase less frustrating for the beginner. Equipped with the first virtual coaching algorithm, a connected version also allows the performance of each surfer to be measured in real time.

The project was developed by Kevin Lestrade, Jean-Luc Barou and Philippe Viot, Bordeaux researchers from the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering (I2M), attached to Arts et Métiers, the University of Bordeaux, the CNRS and Bordeaux INP, then supported in the maturation and creation phases of the start-up by SATT aquitaine and AMVALOR (Arts et Métiers subsidiary).

“50 million people surf, 28 million of whom are beginners who don't know when to stop rowing to jump on the board and catch the wave. Suddenly, they progress very slowly.

With our take-off assist technology, the first feedback indicates that the measured time saving is 2 years! The first equipped will therefore be individuals and surf schools and discussions are underway with distribution brands, ”explains Kévin Lestrade, founder of BY THE WAVE.

Based in Hossegor within the EuroSIMA cluster and already rewarded with numerous prizes, it is a successful takeoff for the start-up BY THE WAVE which consolidates its trajectory in the snow sports landscape and is now committed to the development of a wide range of innovative products and services with a planned fundraising of € 250k. Thanks to a major R&D program over the next few years, the start-up plans to adapt the device for mountain sliding sports.

At the same time, BY THE WAVE opened the first 100% connected surf school in Moliets, followed by two other new generation franchise schools. The first wave of a long series, which suggests a promising future for the BY THE WAVE surge.


  • 2 This is the number of patents protecting BY THE WAVE technology.
  • 4 years This is the number of years it took to develop the First-To-Market and the predictive algorithm, which gives BY THE WAVE a head start.
  • € 96,500 This is the amount of the investment granted by Aquitaine Science Transfert for the maturation of the technology (including € 13k of comaturation by AMVALOR).
  • 2 years This is the time saved for a practitioner in the learning phase of surfing thanks to BY THE WAVE technology.
  • 70% This is the percentage of surfers who surf less than 6 weeks per year and who are considered beginner surfers.




In surfing, the main difficulty encountered by the beginner or occasional surfer is the take-off phase, that is to say the passage from lying face down to standing. It requires 3 concomitant elements: a fluid gesture, in the right place and at the right time. If the first two elements are easy to work on, good timing is acquired only with experience and its learning is often very long: on average 1 year of continuous practice! This phase corresponds to the most critical and frustrating action for a beginner: without take-off, no feeling of sliding can be properly felt ...
BY THE WAVE has thus developed the first wave-setting aid for beginners.

Connected surfboard box

Usable in a surf school or by beginners in autonomy, it is a device that attaches to the front of the board and gives the surfer the optimal time in real time to perform his take-off thanks to to a visual signal (in foams or non-breaking waves). The box can be attached to any board, short or longboard. The Wavecatcher 1.0 is already on sale.


BY THE WAVE is also developing a range of connected tools that measure the performance of each surfer in real time.
It is the first virtual coaching algorithm that allows the surfer to improve his surfing thanks to adapted and personalized advice: performance, interactions with his surfboard, characteristics of his way of surfing, faults, strengths ...
The Wavecatcher 2.0 is therefore available for pre-sale. The pre-series is scheduled for summer 2018 with a marketing target for the last quarter of 2018.

For experienced or professional surfer, a connected version integrated into the grip - or pad - will be available from 2019. This Techpad will allow the surfer to have the means to measure and compare his performance, for fun, competition or This device can also be directly integrated into the surfboard, the latter being instrumented during its manufacture. This product must be able to be used to instrument surf simulation boards, used in amusement parks or wave pools for example.


The first Simusurf project was born in 2012 at the initiative of Philippe Viot, Director of the campus of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Arts et Métiers de Bordeaux. Supported by Aquitaine Science Transfert (formerly Aquitaine Valo valorization unit) and co-financed by the Nouvelle Aquitaine Region, this project aims to analyze surf movements and reproduce them on a hexapod-type simulator, generally used for surf simulators. 'plane. This innovative device will make it possible to study the neuromuscular response to a complex solicitation to adapt, for example, the rehabilitation of a subject suffering from local muscle failure or to study the learning of balance in the athlete to optimize his training.

A surfboard incorporating elements of high technology (measurement of efforts, speeds, acceleration, etc.) is manufactured in close collaboration with Johan Leconte, shaper for CleanCut Surfboards. An experimental campaign is being carried out in order to implement all the required measurement resources and to have a first proof of concept of the technological product. Kevin Lestrade is simultaneously carrying out a thesis as part of this project, the research results of which lead to the filing of two patents. The object of the invention is a device for sliding sports allowing the measurement and analysis in real time of data reflecting on the one hand the interaction between the athlete and his board and on the other hand, the interaction between the board and the environment.



Directly in line with Simusurf, the Combo on-board technology project in 2015 proposes to design, manufacture and market products for real-time analysis of sliding sessions and performance support. The business creation project is led by Kevin Lestrade, Philippe Viot and Jean-Luc Barou, all three attached to the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering I2M (University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux INP, CNRS, Arts et Métiers).

The objective is to develop several products based on patented technology in order to meet the needs of each user: for beginners, it is a take-off aid device (the wavecatcher) positioned at the front of the surfboard; for experts or experienced surfers, it is a device equipped with force sensors integrated into the “front pad” and linked to a mobile application (the techpad).

Other products are also planned, namely a techpad directly integrated into the surfboard, or even a board sport simulation device directly inspired by the first Simusurf project.


In 2015, the stake of the maturation program financed to the tune of 96,500 euros by Aquitaine Science Transfert makes it possible to define the business model of the future company, to establish the good technical performances adapted to each use and finally, to validate the industrialization of the various products.

In early 2017, the BY THE WAVE start-up was born.

At the end of the maturation program, a test campaign in a real environment is carried out in order to develop products that meet the technical specifications required by customer requests.

The desire of users to constantly improve their performance suggests strong growth for the coming years. With more than 80,000 surfboards sold per year in Europe, the surf market is growing almost constantly. This promising technology surfing on a booming market has no equivalent today.



is co-founder of the project and director of BY THE WAVE. A graduate of the ESTIA School of Engineers, he holds a master of science from Cranfield University (3rd university in the United Kingdom) and a doctorate from the University of Bordeaux on the SIMUSURF project. Passionate about board sports, accomplished surfer and former high-level athlete, he is also a surf teacher at the Full Speed Surf Club in Moliets.

Jean-Luc BAROU

is co-founder of the project. A graduate of Arts et Métiers ParisTech, he is currently regional representative of AMVALOR.

Philippe VIOT

is co-founder of the project and University Professor. He is currently Director of Innovation, in charge of the development of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute of the Ecole des Arts et Métiers ParisTech Bordeaux.



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