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I am often asked what are the best tools for an SEO consultant ? Does the client, the project leader, need to buy it? How much do tools cost to improve the visibility of your website on Google? Are there free and efficient tools to work on your SEO?

The peculiarity between SEO 10 years ago and today is that the number of tools has exploded, and there are hundreds today.

Project leaders do not have to buy tools? No, the providers are responsible for providing reports. This is a fairly significant expense item that fluctuates between several hundred and several thousand euros depending on its size.

How much do tools cost to improve the visibility of your website on Google?

A seo tool is like a house builder's hammer, it is not enough on its own to assemble the structure. They only allow the analysis of a situation, a competitor, a sector of activity.

Are there free and efficient tools to work on your SEO?

The free tools allow you to drive in the first nail but do not allow you to build a solid set. If your seo provider uses free tools run away, he is not a professional!

The suite of Google tools:

Control and acceptance tools that allow you to analyze pages like google bot itself.

Performance measurement is an important topic and for my part I find Analytics ideal to start with but then you need a specialist in performance measurement.

Summary of the page

1. Google Analytics and its derivative products:

to get to know customers

This tool makes it possible to deepen knowledge of customer behavior. Google Analytics gives you free tools you need to centrally analyze your business data.

Get a complete overview

Analyze the users of your site and your application in order to better assess the performance of your marketing actions, your content, your products, etc.

Get insights exclusively provided by Google

Access machine learning features and exclusive Google insights to get the most from your data.

Match your insights to results

Because Analytics is designed to integrate with Google products for advertisers and publishers, you can leverage your Analytics insights to reach the right audience.

Get the most from your data

Quickly process and share your data with an intuitive interface and easy-to-share reports.

Integrated design

Easily access data from other Google solutions while using Analytics, and benefit from a smooth workflow to save time and improve efficiency.

Google Ads

Get more detailed insights on how users from your Google Ads campaigns engage with your site.

Data Studio

Combine Analytics with Data Studio to easily create custom performance dashboards and reports.


Build personalized browsing experiences using audiences you've already created in Analytics.

This is not new, but the announcement of core web vitals as a ranking factor further accelerates the need for ergonomic solutions, particularly through technical performance.

2. PageSpeed Insights
to mainly compare the performance on Mobile Vs Desktop

PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page and then generates suggestions to increase page speed.

I complete it with other tools in order to have a complete view of the mobile version, the loading of resources with and the optimizations on the content ...



To mainly analyze the waterfall view of resource loading time

To do a free speed test from multiple locations around the world using real browsers (IE and Chrome, etc) and at real consumer connection speeds. You can perform simple or advanced tests, including multi-step transactions, video capture, content blocking, and more.

Its results will provide rich diagnostic information, including resource loading waterfall charts, page speed optimization checks, and suggestions for improvement.

If one has any questions about performance or optimization, au can access a forum where industry experts regularly discuss web performance optimization.


4. GtMetrix
mainly to analyze and obtain corrections on content, images in particular


Waterfall, Video and History tabs:
Additional tabs give you information about your page load distribution and the ability to capture and see how your site is actually loading. Charts give you a historical view of your site's performance over time.

Performance / Structure tabs
Breaks down your page's performance in terms of Speed (user experience) and Structure (front end code), listing the achievable optimizations and prioritizing them according to their impact on your page speed .

Web Vitals

Get the metrics that matter most at a glance - largest contentful paint, total blocking time, and cumulative layout lag give you a high-level metric of your page performance.

GTmetrix Grade Performance/Structure Scores

Cumulative rating of your page's performance through our GTmetrix Grade - an overall rating based on your site's performance score (how quickly your page performs for users) and on the structure score (the quality of its construction for performance), provided by Lighthouse and GTmetrix.

Different test formats

Test your site from 22 different testing locations and analytics options to give you a more accurate view of your page's performance. Upgrade to the PRO version for access to mobile testing, 15 additional regions, and advanced PRO options.

Summary tab

High-level overview of your page's performance and content, plus which optimizations to prioritize first.

GtMetrix pricing:


  • 1 free test per day


  • 3 tests / day for $ 10 per month
  • 6 tests / h for $ 20 per month
  • 12 tests / h for $ 40 per month

5. Mobile optimization test

This tool allows you to test the usability of your page on a mobile device. To do this, simply enter the URL of the page to view the results.


Why choose mobile?

Mobile users are more and more numerous. Make your website mobile-friendly so that your pages display well on any type of device.


6.      GSA – Google Search Console

Search Console alerts you to critical errors with your site, such as the detection of pirated content, and helps you manage how your content appears in search results.


Optimize content with search analysis

Identify the queries that attract Internet users to your site. Analyze impressions, clicks and the latter's position in Google search.


Host your content on Google

Submit sitemaps and individual URLs to explore. Check the index coverage to make sure Google has crawled your entire site, including the very last pages you added or edited.


Receive an alert in the event of a problem and correct your site

Receive email alerts when Google identifies issues with your site. Identify the URLs affected by these issues and let us know once you fix them.


Determine How Google Search Accesses Your Pages

The URL Inspection Tool provides detailed information about crawling, indexing and serving your pages, directly from the Google index.



Control, test and track your AMP pages using Search Console tools and reports. Learn more


Mobile ergonomics

Test and improve the mobile usability of your site using custom reports. Learn more


Enriched results

Your recipes, job postings, and other structured data may appear as rich results in Google search. Use Search Console reports to monitor and improve them. Learn more


7.      Screaming Frog

It is a crawler intended for technical audits which simulates the behavior of Google Bot and which makes it possible to analyze a website and its tree structure of pages.

The SEO Spider is a powerful and flexible website crawler capable of efficiently indexing small and very large websites, while allowing you to analyze the results in real time. It collects key data about the site to enable SEOs to make informed decisions.

Find the broken links

Instantly browse a website and find broken links (404s) and server errors. Bulk export errors and source URLs for repair, or send them to a developer.

Redirections audit

Find temporary and permanent redirects, identify redirect chains and loops, or download a list of URLs to audit during a site migration.

Analyze page titles and metadata


Analyze page titles and meta descriptions during a crawl and identify those that are too long, short, missing, or duplicated on your site.

Discover duplicate content

Discover exact and near-duplicated content, duplicate elements such as page titles, descriptions or headers, and find low content pages.

Extract data with XPath

Gather all the HTML data for a web page using the CSS, XPath or regex path. It could be social meta-tags, additional titles, prices, item numbers (SKU) or more!

Revision of robots and guidelines

Check out URLs blocked by robots.txt, meta-robots, or X-Robots-Tag directives such as “noindex” or “nofollow”, as well as canonicals and rel = ”next” and rel = ”prev”.

Generate XML sitemaps

Quickly create XML sitemaps and XML image sitemaps, with advanced configuration on URLs to include, last modified, priority and frequency of change.

Integration with MA, SGC and ISP

Connect to Google Analytics, Search Console and PageSpeed Insights APIs and retrieve user and performance data from all URLs at a glance for better understanding.

Crawl JavaScript Sites Web

Render web pages using the built-in Chromium WRS to explore dynamic, JavaScript-rich websites and frameworks, such as Angular, React, and Vue.js.

Visualize the site architecture

Evaluate internal links and URL structure using diagrams and site visualizations in the form of interactive graphical trees.

8.      Google Keyword planner

This keyword research tool tells you how often certain words are searched. It also shows you how that research has evolved over time. This can help you narrow down your keyword list by keeping only the ones that are really interesting to you.

This tool has long been useful for SEOs but since the search volumes related to queries have become too estimated and imprecise, the market explorer of tools like Yooda's insights have become real assets for analyzing a set of keywords.

9.      Google Suggest

Suggest is not a Google tool in the strict sense of the term, but rather a search feature available to everyone for free. Indeed, the autocomplete function accompanies the request with important search expressions, which are calculated by Google according to different criteria. From an SEO perspective, we can therefore use this function to obtain search expressions related to the targeted query.

10. Google Trends
to explore the latest trends!

This tool can be very useful in cases where the keywords are recent and part of the latest trends. In addition to providing information on search volumes, it gives us information on the channels used and therefore the media to be used in the strategy: web page, video, etc.

11. Yooda's Insight
Quick ranking measurement and keyword study with their Market Explorer

Allows you to measure approximate positions to take the temperature of a site and see the positions it has in the top 3, especially in the top 20 which, for me, is an important commercial argument.

Today, if you are fifteenth, twentieth on comparator Bank. I know I could get you to number one, pretty quickly, after maybe 6 months. It's fast in SEO and we will be able to really perform after a year because it is a very competitive request.


Analyze the Google visibility of any competitor!

Evaluate the visibility and SEO traffic of 15 million sites

Confront the semantic field of two sites

Put your competitors under surveillance

Analyze their best search phrases

Discover their best content

Go back the history of their visibility over 4 years


100 million expressions to analyze your customers' search habits!

  • Explore 6.3 billion searches by French internet users and exploit their search habits
  • Evaluate your market and each of its niches
  • Enrich the semantic field of your content
  • Discover new content and keyword opportunities
  • Filter, sort, prioritize and export the expressions you will target


For many considered one of the best writing assistance tools because it is simple and effective.

YourTextGuru is a service that provides writing help guides, in relation to an entered query, with the avowed purpose of saving you time.

These guides are generated using algorithms that work in two parts:

  • Imitation of the treatment done by a search engine on the relevance of texts
  • Computer-assisted documentary research: retrieval of texts related to the subject and determination of the most important key expressions.

Thanks to automation, we are happy to offer affordable prices to everyone.

Writing texts for websites is a specific style exercise: the web is not a newspaper or a catalog, the screen is not paper.
To successfully engage a reader on a website, you need to write clearly, expertly and effectively.
Clarity is essentially the skills of the writer that will bring it, for the rest, YourTextGuru is there.

Write like an expert, without spending too much time on it

A good text is first of all a text that responds to the problems of the reader (and also of the search engine). For this, the lexical field contained in the text must be in line with everyone's expectations.
Traditionally, the best copywriters take time to understand this lexical field. This time is money, and to save time and money, YourTextGuru allows you to shorten this phase of learning the lexical field by providing you with the key vocabulary allowing you to write a text aimed at a query. specific and by revealing to you the compatibilities between the words of this text.

Some of our testers claim to have saved 25% of writing time thanks to our tool!


To optimize texts

There are many optimization tools they can sometimes prove to be sterile on a given request. Crossing their data can increase performance and save time. is a tool for optimizing your texts, for better rankings in search engines.

Adapt your content to the expectations of search engines

Create content designed for better search engine rankings. Text optimization aims to add or remove words in your text, in order to better match the expectations of search engines.

Find the subject of your next article

Explore the questions people are asking themselves and produce optimized content.

Write optimized

Produce content optimized in content and form with the best editorial support tool. Control and improve your content productions, establish better editorial strategies.

For more traffic

Over 50,000 copywriters, SEOs and marketers use our proprietary technology to achieve higher rankings in search engines.



To get lists of questions related to my main query

Get instant, raw research information, directly into the minds of your customers.

There are 3 billion searches on Google every day, and 20% of them have never been seen before. They are like a direct line to the thoughts of your customers ...

Sometimes it's “How to clear the paper jam”. Other times, it's the secret fears and desires that they would never dare share with Google.


Discover an untapped gold mine of content ideas

AnswerThePublic listens to data provided by search engines like Google, then quickly goes through all the useful phrases and questions people ask around your keyword.

It's a gold mine of consumer knowledge that you can use to create new and super-used content, products, and services. The kind of products and services that your customers really want.


15. SEObserver
How did we do before SEObserver?


a toolbox, which measures the power of the site and the network of sites.

It allows you to observe the competitors. It allows to be very precise on positions in real time and above all, it measures the power of competitors and it allows to model and pose strategies thanks in particular to the keywords competition checker, we measure the competition and the competition.

It allows you to immediately discover the methods of sites that rank.

Go beyond simple theoretical SEO. From now on, centralize all possible information and base your analyzes on measurable, quantifiable and above all… real data.

Look for sites that come up dangerously on certain keywords. And those who disappear.

Get immediate access to our exclusive database to unearth the secrets of your competitors. SEObserver examines live the ranking of the 100 best sites on several million keywords.

Analyze the strategy by means of automatic filters and if necessary thanks to our teams.

The slightest change is tracked and analyzed for any site on all requests. A backlink appears? A title is changed? A volume of pages evolving? You are up to date with everything live.

Loot good ideas and techniques that work. Outshine your competition at their own game.

Build your own lists of high added value resources. SEObserver gives you access to a never-before-explored gold mine and you can access it immediately.

Keep an eye on everything that's happening, in the most important SERPs

By accessing all of the most important SEO data, our database gives you an instant visibility map for every site and every keyword.

SERP Time Machine: Access the first SEO control tower

Go back in time in the SERPs
Complete and unlimited access to the history of the first 100 positions on several million keywords. Become expert even on the requests that you do not follow, by going back in time.

Add your keywords
If we don't already monitor the keywords that are important to you, add them to our watchlist to trigger SERPs and Top 100 Watch.

Target surgically
Do your keyword research by targeting them by CPC, search volume and interest, depending on your strategy.

Really analyze the SEO competition
Our original method of viewing SERPs (SERPmachine) shows you the reality of SEO competition on your keywords.

Track all changes that have an impact on rankings

Understand concretely what impacts rankings: creation of backlinks, title changes, content change, number of indexed pages and many other indicators.

You are making breakthroughs in SEO.

Compare the rankings and the new backlinks created

Check if the new backlinks obtained have had an impact on rankings. And if so, which ones and after how long.

The complete list of all backlinks, already sorted.

Access included to all Majestic SEO data. No need to pay a subscription to an additional backlink provider. We analyze the CMS and the type of backlink to allow you to find the information when you need it.

Find out how SEObserver will radically transform your habits and save you hours a day.

Your approach to SEO is going to be completely changed. Welcome to the “SEObserver” dimension.


Before SEObserver

You had to manually check your website positions or you had to pay for a number of tracked keywords or for a pack of questionable proxies. You had to wait 24 hours between two readings.

With SEObserver

You have an overview of the evolution of SERPs over time, you and your competitors. You pay for total access to the base of several million keywords. You can refresh our results if you see that the SERP has changed.


Backlink Monitoring

Before SEObserver

You spot a website that passes you by and you analyze its backlinks manually every 3/4 days, using csv exports and complicated and boring sorting under excel.

With SEObserver

The sites of interest are automatically spotted by the software, they are automatically tracked and their strategy is simply put forward. You can download an export if needed.

Manual review of backlinks

Before SEObserver

During a link review operation, you were forced to visually search for the link by making long, boring scrolls and sometimes without achieving your goal.

With SEObserver

You click on the “SEObserver” bookmarklet and your screen scrolls by itself to the link, then surrounds it in red on a fluorescent yellow background. Impossible to miss it.

Choice of keywords

Before SEObserver

You were doing your research by hand. Or you had to pay to get access to different software that supposedly shows you keyword interest.

With SEObserver

You have an overview of the entire French-speaking adwords keyword database. Our method of ranking the most important keywords allows you to have a quick view on essential keywords in the French speaking market.

Subscription prices

Before SEObserver

You had to pay for multiple subscriptions to different data providers and juggle the different tools in boring ways.

With SEObserver

You have an all-in-one tool that brings together the best of every tool currently on the market.

Specialist in growthacking and e-commerce, you will benefit from our experience to develop your contacts and your turnover in record time!

    SEOCAmp Paris 2020
    Black Hat Cycle Case Study

    How to self-finance your startup with aggressive netlinking? or the story of the launch of a platform which without branding, without social networks, without partners (marketing) and without legal notices ... generated 100,000 € with only a few web pages , good marketing and good SEO!

    Return on investment

    Did you know that google referencing is the central pillar of your communication? Undoubtedly the most profitable leverage around which your paid advertising actions should revolve.

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