International referencing: njuko II sport event management application

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Running is being emulated all over the world. Njuko offers solutions for the management of sporting events and has more than 3,500 competitions to its credit.

Designed to combine simplicity and convenience, offers a ready-to-use solution to manage your event, an all-in-one application that allows you to save time and focus on the essential: your event. Whether it's building your personalized online form, creating your events, managing your finances or assigning bib numbers, we accompany you to the start line with peace of mind .

As part of the release of version 2 of the application and their opening up to new markets, Merka-TIC supports them to achieve their international referencing. With particular attention to the countries and continents where they have offices and staff: Singapore in Asia, France, Germany, Italy. And of course the English language will be a priority for the UK, Ireland, the US and the rest of the world.

An original white label strategy

Their strategy is based on 3 arguments:

“The first is the fact that the organizer remains the sole owner of the data collected during registrations, which implies that we do not and cannot do any targeted marketing,” says Pierre Duvelleroy. “The second is the concept of white label, that is to say that we appear nowhere, both from the point of view of the organizer and the participants: all our service remains in the image and the name of the organizer. Finally, third argument, payments are made directly to the account of the organizer as and when registrations, without intermediary. ”

and a cutting-edge technological solution.

What do sport event organizers say?


We've been working with Njuko for 2-3 years now and I have to say the guys are great. The service is second to none. And the response time is second to none.

As they are novices, they helped us every step of the way and couldn't have made it easier for us to navigate their site. I highly recommend Njuko and am happy to support her. I wish the team every success for the future.
GBAC Committee
Graigue-BallyCallan Athletics Club

Eoin Ryan

I have been working with Njuko for a long time and have to say the guys are great. I have 8 races a year in Ireland, so I work all year. The service is second to none.

Unlike other great players, Njuko doesn't try to do everything for everyone and as a result half of them do it well. The guys from Njuko know their market and that's why I've watched them grow from small beginnings to the enterprising company they are today. I highly recommend Njuko and am delighted to endorse it.


I have worked with Adam, Matt and the Njuko team for the past two years.
They are very professional, responsive and make registration to events simple, efficient and that nothing bothers them.

The Njuko system, some events of which attract international participants, gives us a lot of information about the demographics of the participants and allows us to analyze and provide real data to local authorities and tourist boards.

The Njuko team also recommend affiliate partners and contacts which have proven to be very helpful.

I would highly recommend Njuko to any race director who wants the hassle removed from the registration process.
Eunan - Excel Sports


The Njuko platform is a very easy platform to use as a race director, especially with the reports that are produced. She is also very versatile when it comes to events and competitions that you can add. Being able to add event merchandise to the registration process as well as charitable donations is a great feature. Feedback from our attendees is very positive about how they can register for our event and the ease of use, especially on cell phones. Adam and Matt's account managers are incredibly helpful and very accommodating. I highly recommend this system.

Jason scarff
Race director
Mullingar Half Marathon 2015 - 2019

Joanne Murphy

Adam and the njuko team provided fantastic support for our virtual fitness challenges in December; they were efficient, patient and extremely helpful in setting up the challenge registration. If we needed a feature, the team created it for us without any issues.

The njuko platform was easy to use for the participants, who were able to register and track their activity, but also for me, in the background, who was able to download the data for the challenge. The ability to send branded emails directly to attendees was also very helpful and effective. We launched our January challenge at the end of December and it was easy to replicate the previous event, update it, and bring it to life immediately.

I highly recommend njuko to race directors and event managers who want to work with a team that can get their personal and professional tasks done within a tight deadline.

Brendan Doyle

I have used a few other companies for my recording platform over the years. I'm not very good at the technical side, so having Adam and Matt on the phone at all times is very important to me. Other companies offer answering or callback services, which is not enough. They are great for sharing events and keeping the pressure up. They also have an easy and fast payment system for runners. They are high level and very professional people. Thank you for making it easy for me and saving me a lot of trouble. 👍👍🏁


Having used a different registration system for the first year, it was so obvious that Njuko made a huge difference. It all started with the efforts Adam and Matt made to create a proper relationship, always being on the phone. The system saved me hours and hours of time which allowed me to devote more time to other areas in the event. It looks awesome and has so many features. I couldn't recommend anyone else more than these guys. Thank you.


We've been using Njuko since our debut in 2016, and every year they get better. Now that Matt has joined the team, things have really improved. It's very helpful that he's RD himself, he sees it the same way we do and is often cited for new ideas that help increase ticket sales. They always send someone to do our race day check-in which is a massive help. Keep up the good work guys.


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