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From local craftsmen to video game companies, including travel and fintech start-ups, we know how to understand the challenges of each company as well as the specificities of the business.

Beyond the top positions that we can take for you, we also know how to control your e-reputation.

Start-ups and platforms

It is a sector of activity which requires skills to rapidly develop visibility and increased profitability. It is a very challenging sector that we particularly like.

Ocean Adventure , Sports Travel platform

2,000 surf lessons sold in 2 months with just a few wordpress pages. We switch to Version 2 at a launch of almost a year. Good Job!

Statistics for March 2020

Tourism and Travel Sites: Long-haul and Inbound

Continuous work on a travel start-up has enabled us to develop a certain expertise in the travel sector.

Faré Voyages, specialist in Tahiti and the Pacific

For almost 15 years we have been working in Tahiti and Polynesia and recently we have been expanding to other destinations in the Pacific. Merka-TIC's advice allowed us to establish a very concrete SEO strategy in order to consolidate our strengths and erase our weaknesses. Fabienne K. agency manager in Paris

Real estate and platforms

We worked in the new sector for the 1st comparator as well as in the pharmacy dispensary transactions sector with The leader of the sector that we have maintained in the top positions for many years., leader in pharmacy real estate

For several years, we have been developing the presence of pharmacies on the internet. In 2019, 132 pharmacies were sold.

"Since Merka-TIC has positioned us ahead of all our competitors, all the players in the sector want to work with us and benefit from our business volume!" - Jean Luc Guérin, Founder of Pharmathèque

Statistics for March 2020

Bank and insurance

Our experience with has enabled us to develop a specialty in the sector.

Since spring 2019 we have been developing the visibility of my website. I am very satisfied with their performance. The objective of being in the top 10 for the name of the banks has been fulfilled! - Stephanie Thomas

Healthcare professionals and laboratories

We work on health through our presence in the pharmacy real estate sector, which allows us to create interesting synergies with laboratories and other health professionals: physiotherapists, osteopaths, naturopaths ... and

Since the summer of 2019 we have been developing the visibility of the various sites of Madame Nadia Rasamoely, naturopath in Biarritz.

"Since Merka-TIC has assisted me in coordinating my various sites and optimizing them, my visibility has exploded. I will be able to take a new step, develop vlogging and develop my sales" - Mrs. Nadia Rasamoely

Sport Sector: Products / Shops / Destinations

We work for a wide range of sports companies, surf schools, diving centers, video games, surf camps with innovative equipment (connected surfboard) we particularly know the needs of practitioners whether they are beginners, or confirmed and the technical equipment he needs. We particularly enjoy working on the Products / Boutique / Practice destination triptych.,,

CEO ByTheWave

At the surf school, we are spending the summer with nearly 60% of our reservations by internet or telephone thanks to the school's website . The trip advisor is starting to work well too, so your method works graaaave! - Kevin Lestrade

Textile and Eco design

Our experience with a "label" in eco-design for outdoor companies in the Nordic countries has enabled us to develop a specialty in the sector.

Catering trades

Our experience with local producers of PDO-labeled specialties has enabled us to develop a specialty in the sector.

At the beginning, I did not make a sale and now we sell for almost 150,000 € of goods and I have to slow down the Christmas sales so that my shops are not overwhelmed! Cédric Bergez, manager

Legal: Accountant, legal or fiscal ...

Our experience in local referencing has allowed us to develop with professionals wishing to develop their local or multi-site referencing.

Au départ visible sur Dax et les Landes, je suis depuis visible sur une zone allant de Pau, Béarn à la côte basque en passant par Mont de Marsan ! Frédéric Gauthier, Expert en Bâtiment

43 lectures

+1,200 cups of coffee


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