E-commerce How to successfully launch your site?

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For the launch of the Victor Hugo online herbalism, the Bayonne Monkimedia communication agency asked us to work on the referencing of the e-commerce site https://www.herboristerie-victorhugo.fr/ even before that this is not developed and put online. This is the normal procedure but seldom applied by customers new to the web.

1 month and a half after the launch of the store enters the
1st google page on the request, very competitive “herbalist” .


An e-commerce site with more than 2000 Keywords

SEMRush Organic Traffic measuring the site's presence on the first 10 pages of Google

Market study and business plan

This project started during the development of the business plan, which enabled Merka-TIC to sound out the market and determine its potential. Determining the traffic of competitors allowed the client to project himself as a challenger.

Content Marketing and onsite SEO

Quality content and product pages !

It is of vital interest to develop technical expertise in the product description. In view of the competitive forces, it was established to unfold structured content as follows:

  1. [Product name] - H1
  2. What is [product name]? - H2
  3. The benefits of [Product name]? - H2
  4. Therapeutic properties - H3
  5. Dosage - H3
  6. Contraindication - H3
  7. Make - H3
  8. What to associate [Product name] with? The advice of the Herbalist Pharmacist….
    1. Objective 1
    2. Objective 2
    3. Objective 3

Be expert content of nearly 500 words. A minimum remaining volume.

To analyze the technical quality of your texts, go here https://textalyser.net


The tree structure is not limited to product sheets and the product catalog comprising more than 400 references. This content and required a lot of work but the result is there.

NetLinking and Offsite SEO

A successful site is not really successful if it doesn't have popularity. Marketing partnerships, press officer, netlinking, social media marketing, all means are good to literally graft you onto the web.

The fastest and most economical way to develop the power of your site is to use our services.

TF Herbalist

Paid SEO

You wish you could do without it but it is almost impossible to do without it today. In any case, it is a quick way to probe the purchase intentions of requests and natural, organic lines of communication.


Specialist in growthacking and e-commerce, you will benefit from our experience to develop your contacts and your turnover in record time!

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    Return on investment

    Did you know that google referencing is the central pillar of your communication? Undoubtedly the most profitable leverage around which your paid advertising actions should revolve.

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