E-business Studies: Google Vs Social Networks Where To Start?

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Your SEO consultant knows that starting today in e-commerce is not easy because the internet landscape has grown with countless social networks, platforms like Amazon and uses have changed . Nomadic terminals such as cell phones and mobiles have appeared and with them new technical constraints, such as voice search .

Is Google still a channel to use for purchasing? Here you will find resources and studies to understand these developments, compare the channels in order to make the right decisions to orient your marketing and resources actions: human and financial.

Brian Solis' Conversation Prism

Social media has changed everything. Here is the Conversation Prism version 5.0! Launched in 2008 by Brian Solis and JESS3, The Prism of Conversation is a visual map of the social media landscape . This is an ongoing study in the field of digital ethnography that tracks dominant and promising social networks and organizes them according to their use in everyday life.

Social media have democratized information and changed the structures of influence.

The last update of The Conversation Prism was in 2013.
Your audience can use it to:

  • Create conversations on social media and explain that they go beyond Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Brainstorm new channels and ways to leverage social media.
  • Use it as a content creation tool.
  • Study the landscape when planning your next social media strategy.
  • Show your expertise and that social media shouldn't be ignored.

Internet and social media landscape

Hootsuite study on the different channels used and their progression

In this 2018 study, we notice that google is still in the lead, in France. In the 2019 and 2020 studies, Google is no longer part of the study which now focuses only on social networks.

An American study determines that Amazon is more spontaneously used when it comes to e-commerce purchases but we could not find the representative sample and did not disseminate it. It should be remembered that this is a trend!

2018 Ebusiness study on the different channels

Download here - E business 2018 study on the different channels: Google remains the 1st channel used!

Obviously, the growth of the mobile phone is pushing us to study the behavior of our Internet users and to ask the question: are the objectives mainly met on mobile phones and tablets and the underlying question:

Do you need a mobile application?

Mobile use in 2020

Experts talk about the trend from mobile first to mobile only and however note the interest of several figures and it is true that today, it is often necessary to consider its design on mobile before representing it on a computer (desktop).

As a SEO what challenges us is that more than 60% of users are geolocated. So you have to think about referencing sites as well.

Mobile usage 30 key figures

Mobile uses in 2018


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