EAT Google and YMYL, what are they?

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Google analyzes the pages published on each site in order to classify them and make them more or less visible according to different criteria. This is what your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Consultant is all about . The more the page “complies” with the rules imposed by Google, the more likely it is to end up at the top of users' searches.

However, there are pages classified in a particular box. Indeed, if the latter deal with subjects which may have effects on the future happiness, health, financial stability or security of the users, then they are added to the list of pages called " Your Money Your Life ". To make it shorter, we have to talk about YMYL pages.

YMYL pages: presentation and explanations

Some pages may be considered more "sensitive" by Google. This is the case with YMYL pages. And for good reason, the web giant considers that these can influence the lives of Internet users who learn about them. This way, if they perfectly meet these criteria, he can choose to value them.

Which pages are considered to be YMYL?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is important to know which pages are affected by this particularity. These are certain topics that address

topics that are useful to Internet users on a daily basis: medical, financial, legal, economic, etc. This list is not exhaustive.

For example, online store sites easily include a YMYL page when matched with an online payment page. However, to enter the criteria of Google, it is necessary to respect a few elements such as delivering information that gives users confidence when they come across the payment page on the website concerned.


How does Google go about verifying the information produced by YMYL pages?

Every day, the pages are analyzed by Google robots to check their relevance. However, pages considered to be YMYL are verified by people. These are called Search Quality Raters.

These people have the task of checking the content on the form and on the substance of all these pages in order to make them more or less visible.

It therefore seems essential to learn about the quality criteria to be met when it comes to creating new pages on a website!

Concrete elements of the Google EAT

Basic elements

  • an address,
  • a phone,
  • a contact form,
  • a unique telephone number,
  • legal notices.

Some call it reinsurance elements but they are essential.

Named Entities

  • the answer to who are you
  • references = outgoing links to named entities

Social existence and interactions

  • Page google my business
  • Yellow pages page
  • Page facebook, instagram, linkedin…
  • Page youtube channel
  • Business directories and backlinks

In short, you have to materialize your ecosystem, create overlaps and develop your authority.

Responses to purchase intentions

4 essential questions to ask yourself before publishing a website

To be up to date when you are about to publish your website, it is important to take the time to ask yourself certain questions. This allows you to easily and quickly put yourself in your visitor's shoes.

  1. How can this website help me?

Here, it is a question of putting yourself in the shoes of an Internet user to understand what your website can bring him. This one goes to your site to find a solution to a need. Identify it here to answer it!

For this, it is necessary to identify these "buyer persona".

  1. Who are you ?

By going to your website, the user must be able to perfectly identify who is behind your pages. For this, it is necessary to add some details such as an "about" page. The values of the company are also interesting.

  1. What do I do now ?

Put yourself here in the place of the Internet user who comes across one of your pages. What does he do once on it? What actions can he do? And how can you get him to go to certain pages?

By answering these questions, you can improve the user experience on your pages and create a perfect conversion funnel.

  1. Why you ?

This last question allows to know the reasons which motivate the users to come to seek information, a product or a service on your Web site in particular.

In parallel with these questions, it is necessary to identify the criteria which encourage Google to highlight your pages when they are considered as YMYL pages.

Les critères des pages YMYL : l’EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust)

Three main points are examined by Search Quality Raters at Google:

  • The expertise of the person who writes the content of the page,
  • The authority of the content, the author and the site as a whole,
  • Confidence in the author, in his content and therefore in the entire site.

But then, concretely, how to go about succeeding in ticking the boxes required by Google?


Google must feel that the content written on the YMYL page is done by an expert. The author must then show that he has a perfect command of the subject and his field. Vocabulary is therefore important, as is the relevance of the words.

The recognition of the criterion of expertise can be facilitated when the page mentions the author of the content. This is particularly why it is common to observe on certain websites a part at the bottom of the page devoted to the author's biography.

Google qualifies the author as the "creator of the main content".

The authority of content

The authority of a page and more broadly of a website should be understood as its influence and popularity.

The popularity of a site is recognizable especially when many inbound links arrive on these pages from very influential and recognized sites. Being on social media also helps assert this authority.

More broadly, your website must position itself as a reference figure in its sector!


Here, Google explores the level of expertise of the content produced on the YMYL pages and more broadly on the website as a whole.

Indeed, it must be possible to understand the reliability of a site and its recognition as an expert in its field.

Confidence is also proven when the site is able to provide precise information on certain areas such as:

  • Its customer service,
  • His contact information,
  • The website manager or the content manager.

It is also for this reason that it is particularly important to have up-to-date legal notices on its website.

Ultimately, it is essential to know the YMYL pages to achieve them perfectly before putting a site online.


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