SEO Consultant: How To Choose The Best One For You?

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The web landscape is wide and deep, so too is the multitude of SEO consultants . Between juniors and seniors, tool authors and link buying platforms, it is not easy to find which way to turn. And that without counting the churches: whitehat, blackhat… and all the blah-blah of the branding of the ones and the others…

Mission 1: support you sustainably

Today, the most important thing is knowing how to support you in the development of knowledge and your turnover.

Web project managers, and even more project leaders, have a very narrow vision of the web which often comes down to


They see the tip of the iceberg of communication and bloggers or community managers and their advice helps to capture part of your market. We can estimate this generously at 15/20%.

Vision B: Tool Sellers and Link Buying Platform

With unparalleled popularity, link buying tools and platforms allow you to improve performance and reach 30/40% of your market segment.

Vision C: Mission of the SEO Consultant

Your SEO consultant is able to optimize your SEO MArketing and go further in the expected technical optimizations. Both in improving on-site performance and in providing off-site power and popularity.

It should allow you to cover your presence in your market segment as much as possible.

The deep web is the favorite place of hackers of all kinds, but one thing is certain is that your popularity can be boosted at a lower cost by sites, near the surface, without traffic but with a certain power. Your SEO consultant will help you exploit this as well.

Landscape and occupations glossary

Deep web = Sites without traffic, Darkweb, pornography, illegal content ...
The deep web, also called deep web, hidden web, describes in the architecture of the web the part of the web not indexed by the main general search engines. This term is also sometimes misused to designate offensive and inconspicuous content found on the web.

Graphic Designer / Coder / Blogger / Writer / Community Manager

Like a photographer, or an illustrator, someone who writes texts should be part of your team. Don't expect a copywriter or graphic designer to determine your strategy


A magnificent technical profile, capable of catching large requests with pages… empty. His spirit forged by gaming, video games, leads him to win, by all imaginable technical means. This is not necessarily an asset in your team because, poorly framed, it can completely miss your marketing objectives.

SEO consultant = Project architect

Comparing designing your website to building a house makes sense. You are not going to ask a mason to decorate or design it. It's the same on the internet.

Your SEO consultant translates your project into specifications, just like an architect sizes and designs your house.

Mission to SEO consultant

Mission 2: Generate profits, time and money

The person in charge of your natural referencing must be your referent for the web because the first benefit you will derive from it.

1 Avoid making mistakes, about providers and what you expect from them

a coder that costs 3 times less than a team, will do 3 times less work

It seems simple to understand but when you expect from your coder, or your web agency, a beautiful design without calling on a graphic designer, it seems badly started. When he does SEO on top of that, it's wonderful… or it's exaggerated.

Someone who says SEO does not. It's up to you to check that there is someone working on this and doing their job correctly.

We have already seen multilingual hotel-type sites, supposedly followed by SEO, which did not have their home page indexed in French ...

2. Adopt an SEO strategy in accordance with objectives (and your means)

3. Capture qualified traffic , and convert it into Revenue or profit

Depending on the mission set at the start, your SEO consultant will help you capture traffic.

What are the important selection criteria?

  • Understanding of the challenges of the project
    You will work in project mode, with therefore exchanges. It is worth that your interlocutor quickly understands what you want and that you manage to understand it *
    If you can't, let the reporting tools at least speak for him!
  • Long- lasting results over time
    There are young people who can be good, but having someone who has lasting results over time is better.
  • Le coût de ses outils, formations et autres…
    Un vrai consultant ne peut pas travailler avec des outils gratuits. Chez merka-tic, nous avons des couts de l’ordre de
    • tools: around € 450 / month: seobserver, yooda, mitambo,, killduplicate… customer reporting tools.
    • training and participation in SEOCamp: around € 400 / month
    • servers and domain names, + 500 € / month

Mission 3: provide business expertise

As in all professions, there are specialties, some are only generalists, others have developed skills on

  • a type of netlinking,
  • performance tracking,
  • the design of specifications ...

not to mention that some are specialized in technologies such as

  • CMS WordPress,
  • Woocommerce,
  • Magento,
  • Prestashop ... and the
  • tailor-made developments. Certainly the ones that create the most problems, both technical and human.

we can add to this the extremely competitive sectors

  • tourism and travel,
  • immovable,
  • insurance,
  • finance…

Here is an exhaustive recap of everything you can find in an SEO mission.

Missions of the SEO Consultant

Download PDF version



  • Research modeling
  • Acquisition pattern, Seasonality, News, devices used Index ...
  • Standby
  • Search Engine User Behavior CD Web Technologies Social Networks
  • Sourcing
  • Recruitment Service Providers and Tools
  • Evangelization
  • Direction IT / Marketing
  • Coordination of technical and marketing teams
  • Other traffic levers

Optimisations On-site

  • Structure Url, Rich Snippets, Sitemap, Robots.txt,
  • Internal mesh
  • Meta-Tag Content, Copywriting, Customer Testimonials
  • Response Time Images CDN Code Front Code AMP Server
  • Special cases Penalty, Dynamic Serving, Migration, App Deep Linking, Vocal, Multilingual
  • Automation Content Generation, Forecasting, Alerting
  • Fichiers PDF, Excel, Word, Google Data Search, Others (…)


  • Partners, Directories, Linkbaiting
  • Communication, Relations, Press,
  • Events
  • Video SEO Youtube, Viméo, Dailymotion
  • Posts, Link buying, Site buying
  • Social Media Optimisation,
  • Internet social products, Curation, Influencers,
  • Forum, #hashtags
  • Apple store
  • Google Play Store

Steering and reporting

  • Data SEO
  • Ranking, Search console, Backlinks, Analyse de log,
  • Simulation de crawl
  • User Data
  • Traffic, Navigation, Events, CRM
  • Data Business
  • Conversion, Turnover, Lead generation, Client recruitment
  • Data IT
  • Response time, Availability, Errors

Mission 4: Mindset and structure of a site today

To remain in the lexicon of construction, techniques since the Neolithic have evolved. We do not build large buildings with standing stones. On-site SEO and the page tree are identical.
The tree structure of a website responds more to a monolithic view of web pages. Not even binary if we add a blog ...
The techniques evolve regularly and continuously and today, we know that
  • the competition is fierce
  • the acquisition blow of a new customer is high
  • you have to combine natural and paid referencing
  • have an ability to produce multimedia content and video
  • master the navigation route
  • reconcile marketing and technical approaches, both in landing pages and in navigation routes
  • structure the objectives because a sales site does not only sell

What is the solution ? The semantic cocoon?

Yes and no. The semantic cocoon approach provided by Laurent Bourrelly and all those who have used it is very clearly 100% SEO. The integration into a website requires above all to know how to prioritize the marketing issue of its pages…. in order to transcend technique. This is the SXO .

  1. Sales pages at € 10,000 *:

    A rich page, with beautiful graphics, video, copywriter text that encourages action ... its regular performance monitoring makes it a page that must be A / B tested
    * it is a hypothetical value which makes it possible to represent the difference in effort to be provided between a page at 10K € and a page at 100 €.
    Ex. New Real Estate Bordeaux

  2. Mixed commercial pages at € 3,000:

    A rich page but less important than the previous one but important nonetheless.
    Ex. Investing New Real Estate Bordeaux

  3. Mixed non-commercial pages at 300 €

    The stake here is informative, like a weather page, it prevents the Internet user from leaving the site and supports your structure.
    Ex. Bordeaux New Real Estate Fair

  4. Complementary page at 100 €

    Who can matter more or less.
    In this case of new real estate in Bordeaux, it may be interesting to disseminate feedback…. and to enrich the Google EAT with the pages that you push.

5. Personas, the concept to transcend!

Favorite SEO humanization tools, you have certainly heard about them in the context of social selling or elsewhere, in the EATGoogle score, but not in netlinking in their role to replace real influencers . Using real profiles or transcending technical marketing concepts (persona = targeted profile) is the ultimate goal of your SEO.

Giving digital life to marketing personas and integrating them into your ecosystem is the ultimate goal of a mature and well-run SEO campaign.

With this in mind, you can also use your persona for paid advertising.

You would think that with 600 million devices using ad blockers, advertising would be less effective. Google ads represent 73.1% of search ads, or roughly $ 40.3 billion. Advertisers can't afford to keep spending so much money on ads if they aren't effective.

Google ads are effective.

What is difficult for many businesses is choosing the right AdWords agency. Managing Google ads takes a lot of time, effort, and energy. Most companies choose to outsource this difficult job to a PPC agency. If you're planning to do the same, you're going to need to know how to choose the right agency to manage your Google ads. You can find a good one and for that click here .


Opt for an experienced consultant, who understands you, with whom you can communicate serenely. He must know how to support you in achieving your goals and be up to date, otherwise, you will be on page 2 (SEO joke).

Specialist in growthacking and e-commerce, you will benefit from our experience to develop your contacts and your turnover in record time!

    SEOCAmp Paris 2020
    Black Hat Cycle Case Study

    How to self-finance your startup with aggressive netlinking? or the story of the launch of a platform which without branding, without social networks, without partners (marketing) and without legal notices ... generated 100,000 € with only a few web pages , good marketing and good SEO!

    Return on investment

    Did you know that google referencing is the central pillar of your communication? Undoubtedly the most profitable leverage around which your paid advertising actions should revolve.

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