The 5 best online banking comparators

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Many sites that are described as “bank comparators” offer to compare the offers and services of the best online banks for you. Over the years, the offer has grown, new banks have appeared, traditional banks have developed new brands and it has become increasingly difficult to see clearly.

Having worked on the subject, our experts have selected the 5 best on the market in order to help you identify their differences but above all to know which ones manage to provide you with the answer that best meets your needs.

  1. Banque-Info - Our favorite
  2. Bank Comparator - The most personalized
  3. Panorabanques - The most complete
  4. Captain-Bank - The alternative par excellence
  5. MoneyVox - For specialists

1 / weather forecast for online banking services

Compare, understand and choose quickly and efficiently . Here is what this online bank comparator offers you Banque-info is our favorite in the online banking comparator sector for these main reasons

  • the information is updated almost in real time: premium amounts, changes in prices and services,
  • it's easy to find the offer that matches your needs
  • essential information can be quickly found on the main banks: Boursorama, ING, Fortuneo, Monabanq, Hello bank, BforBank…
  • and we can deepen our knowledge of the offers and their needs on other banks:

This site is intended for the general public but also for professionals and associations. It is a site independent of any banking organization, the purpose of which is to filter bank offers according to the stated needs.

In a simple and uncluttered design with rankings where the advantages of each solution are highlighted according to the need to be researched, deploys

  • a quick bank comparison with the 4 best banks,
  • then more fully with the services of the 6 best banks

Understanding the needs according to different profiles is that of an expert!

In addition to a good structure of the information sought, you can also find standard letters to facilitate exchanges with your banker.

2 / Bank comparator - The most personalized was launched in 2018 and quickly developed to become a comparison site for banking services and premiums thanks to the expertise and relevant analyzes of Stéphanie Thomas, site director and specialist FinTech journalist . This site is best known for providing an independent and unbiased comparison of banking and insurance products.

As an intermediary, this website does much more than that and compares the price, the premiums of neo-banks and classic banks credit cards, loans, savings accounts and current accounts.

Its strength, its vlogs that make news from online banks digestible.

They know managing your finances is not something you want to spend time on, so they make the hard work do the hard work for you and constantly improve their service to add the little things that make the user experience better. every day.

How does make money? They earn money when they find a new windfall for their clients on their household finances. For example, every time a person opens a bank account, after finding their new supplier through them, they receive compensation. It is free to use the service and the fees they receive do not affect how they classify the products.

3 / Panorabanques - The most complete

Student, employee, craftsman, business manager or retiree, panorabanques will find you the right solution for your banking needs.

Founded by Guillaume Clavel in 2012, Panorabanques is a banking services comparison platform, is independent of the banks it compares, ensuring an impartial and objective comparison service.

You will be able to compare the main French banks in order to optimize your relations with their banking establishments and thus choose the ideal solution from concrete data: management of customer accounts, overdraft, means of payment, remote banking services ...

In addition, a questionnaire based on your banking habits allows you to simulate your bank charges.

You will be able to choose between a multitude of services to compare according to your needs,

  • banks
  • online banks
  • pro banks
  • Consumer credit
  • student loans
  • mortgage repurchase
  • mortgage
  • life insurance
  • online broker
  • booklets

The online comparator Panorabanques offers a completely free service for comparing banks and banking offers to users. As a result, you will not be charged any fees or commissions when using the online tool.


4 / Captain-Bank - The alternative par excellence

Captain Bank compares the offers of traditional banks and online banks to find the most suitable.

Their goal: to get the best banking offers. Investment, savings, credit, banking services … the offers are studied in every detail.

This free service belongs to the company Cap Au Nord, established in the north of France in Villeneuve-d'Ascq. The company was created in 2013, initially specializing in financial services benchmarks.

It allows you to compare banks, loans and savings according to many parameters using regularly updated rankings.

The job of bank comparators is not only to offer a selection of banking organizations, but also to analyze their pricing and general conditions, to understand the offers and to know them inside out. The Capitaine Banque bank comparison experts then draw up a ranking based on the results of their research.

With simple and explicit texts, Capitaine bank helps you to better understand what banking services offer.


5 / MoneyVox - For specialists

MoneyVox is a website that was created in 2003 under the name

Its primary goal was to make resources that did not exist on the web available to the general public:

Explanations and calculation tools on the housing savings plan and mortgage loans.

The MoneyVox site differs from its competitors because of the requirements on the content they broadcast.

Considering the fact that a team of journalists and web professionals has been formed, MoneyVox offers very good quality content, explanatory and didactic while maintaining a neutral and objective position.
They take particular care to keep the reference articles up to date at all times. The publication of a new regulation can thus have an impact on the content of several dozen pages.

While viewing MoneyVox is free, the costs of producing online media are relatively high, if only for server hosting, AFP subscription, or salaries and accrued liabilities.

It is free to use the service, so how does MoneyVox make money? The team is paid thanks to the advertising on their site.

Three tips for choosing an online bank

Before opening an account in an online bank, it is important to be able to make the right choice. It's extremely simple, but it requires asking the right questions and taking the time to make all the necessary comparisons bank by bank. If you want to save time, you can very well compare the banks on which has already listed them all.

Tip # 1: Really Compare Prices

This is one of the first criteria that you must look at. Each online bank tries to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering advantages, even free, on products such as bank cards or transfers. But it can also hide other costs that are important: payment abroad, account incident costs, etc.

Tip # 2: Take a good inventory of available services

It is important to know if the online bank you are going to choose offers all the services you need. Some banks have additional services that others do not and that may be important to you. Conversely, there is no point in paying for services you will never use, such as authorized overdraft or buying and selling services on the stock market.

Tip # 3: Know how easy it is to contact an advisor

The big downside that you can have when choosing a 100% online bank is that it can be difficult to easily reach an advisor when needed. If this is important for your peace of mind, choose an online bank known for the quality of its customer service, both by internet and by telephone. If it is charged, it does not matter because when the time comes, you will be able to find a real person to answer your questions.

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