PBN SEO: How to create your 1st Network of Sites?

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At the Paris 2020 SEO camp, we were pleased to inaugurate the “BlackHat” cycle with a conference on “How to self-finance your start up with aggressive netlinking?”. The concrete example of an e-commerce site positioned on sports tourism, in France and internationally.

A singular example because it presents the creation of a network of sites to launch the launch of this activity, without therefore any branding, without social networks, without partners and without even without… legal notices *.

… It proves that you can generate 100,000 € with good marketing and good SEO .

* These elements have since been implemented to meet legal requirements. All the elements mentioned below are in accordance with the legal framework.

Merka-TIC Case Study on OceanAdventure.surf:

Introduction on why “Self-finance a start up with aggressive netlinking”? Seduce investors or maybe just to do without? This SEO growthacking approach for start-ups will provide you with solutions to immediately generate revenue at a lower cost.

Introduction du Cycle BlackHat… un mindset

Initially oriented “growthhacking seo”, a more blackhat orientation was chosen for the second edition because it is true that the platform is based on 90% of duplicate content and we can see ...

… A mindset in SEO strategy that takes both WhiteHat techniques, very SEO Marketing and BalckHat, from a more Technical SEO.

Both are part of SEO best practices in 2021

1. Growth, or how to achieve exponential growth:

The case study of a startup will make it possible to determine a simple and effective development process for exponential growth. We will be able to use free SEO tools, or almost, to qualify a growing market as well as the main competitor . Determining its strengths / weaknesses and its turnover will consolidate our strategy and allow us to validate quantified objectives. These objectives and forecast results will set an estimate of the resources to be allocated to promoting the company over 1, 2 or 3 years.

1.1 SXO, Keywords and Analysis of Daily Personas

The analysis of keywords and personas helps to know how to deploy an effective page tree on Google.

In this example is the use of the same keyword by two different sports profiles: surfer and kiters.

1.2 Optimal user experience with ergonomic design

The optimal customer experience and focused on the reservation objective allows for optimal landing pages.

Even almost empty of textual content, they position themselves effectively.

1.3 Competitive Benchmark: Analysis of Competition

Competitive keyword analysis helps to determine and identify industry players. A brief SEO diagnosis makes it possible, in a few minutes, to identify their size and weight: both in terms of page tree structure, SEO strategy and turnover.


Hacking, boosting its popularity with 100 expired domain names:

Then comes the hacking part, or how to boost your website with only € 1,000 , which costs around 100 expired domain names. Here again, with almost free tools, I will show how to build this vast set which will constitute the 70% of links created for 30% of links purchased cf. link building strategy .

The 5 steps to build a PBN SEO:

  1. Core keyword analysis
    … Competitors and therefore sites positioned on the request.
  2. Search for spots and expired domain names
    … Types of sites to scrap.
  3. Domain Analysis
    - Thematic,
    - Power,
    - Number of links,
    - Quality of links,
    - History of the domain name and links
  4. Network assembly
    … Optimize the structure so that it is undetectable.
  5. Everything is unique ... or almost
    From buying domain names to setting up the site and its content, everything is unique.
  6. Site structure on 2 levels

The granularity of the power of a site must be vertical, with different qualities of internet sites and their publications distributed over time. Dynamics is the ingredient that guarantees success.

A good netlinking resides in its granularity and its diffusion over time. Diluting the juice in a vertical of websites during a 3-month campaign, allows to pose a first technical step which considerably boosts the visibility of a site.

Why do a PBN SEO?

A PBN SEO, how to create your first network of sites? Quite simply for 3 essential reasons:

1. Not 100% trust link sellers

2. Control of linking , international strategy and possible developments

3. It's quick to get to compare marketing / whitehat links

3 Types of links for 3 different and cumulative objectives

The websites you are going to create will be manageable and this means that they can evolve over time, especially if you want to monetize them.

  1. Push the site money and therefore support your positions. This is important to structure the presence and consolidate it
  2. Rank these sites: it is in any case a structural objective because if a position weakens, it can be boosted by a 301 redirect from site 2 to site 1 while it is improved and completed.
  3. E-reputation: push your PBN with personas or a set of named entities that support your YMYL rating and satisfy the Google EAT filter.

Aggressive netlinking when buying expired domain names

I will show the prohibitions that we have allowed ourselves and how we have managed the crises.

Search and choice of expired domain names

  1. With SEOBserver: Theme, power, number of links, quality of links, history of backlinks, past ranking and a
  2. Viewing old pages in web archives
  3. Detection of penalizing factors and prohibited or risky content: dating, counterfeit, adult ...

Examples of types of links sought for levels 1, 2 and 3


  • Companies: directories, business groups, service providers, institutions
  • Sport: personalities, artisan shapers, brands
  • Tourism: Competitors, Tourist Offices, municipalities

International local

  • France: Target area and others
  • Belgium / Switzerland … another French-speaking country
  • Spain: Target area and others

Search for Spots

Example on the query “hotel paris” = unsuccessful. While the search on “paris hotel directory” is more efficient. The harvest is of the order of 5 domain names in 1 hour . This is not enough and we must look for others ...

Sometimes, we can select an expired domain name that does not have metrics that only one and good link! It costs 10 € and 15 minutes of work on average.

Site hierarchy

Simple modeling of the hierarchy of sites and of the technical and marketing needs to manage this set of sites: various ndd registrars, hosts, ip… generation of unique content on the fly .

How to make it undetectable?

In a perfect SEO PBN, there is a domain name = 1 registrar + 1 owner +1 IP + 1 unique theme + 1 unique content.

Named entities are optional but recommended to strengthen the EAT Google rating of the money site.

We add in a random and variable way: an address, a telephone, a contact form, a unique telephone number, legal notices… and we optimize the costs as far as is reasonable.


Conclusion and Future Problems

We could have been more profitable with a more qualitative network because this allows us to better monetize it in the medium term.

Instead of 100 sites with 70% level 2 and 3, we could have reduced our efforts on level 3 and bought more links at a low price <50 € per links, we would have saved on production and hosting problems related to the security of the park in particular.

However, this structure is enough to reach the top 3 and achieve solid results. The rest is the most interesting.

Slideshow and pdf on “How to create a network of sites - PBN SEO



PDF to download: PBN SEO 2021

SEOCamp Paris ticket office and program

High-level conferences and workshops

SEO, voice search, web analytics, machine learning, UX… Everything that makes SEO today and will make it tomorrow.

On the program: 70 conferences divided into 11 cycles: Data Analytics, Search Marketing, Growth Hacking, SEA and Social Ads, International, Black Hat, Tech SEO, E-commerce, NDD, Design and CRO, Vis ma vie SEO. All in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Caterer of the day: Thierry Marx to treat us!



1st edition at SEOCamp Bayonne on September 6 in Bayonne

As part of the SEO CAMP DAY PAYS BASQUE at the CCI on September 6, 2019. Alan CladX offered us a backlink on the site of the seo camp in exchange for an intervention. We said “yes that's a good backlink! We participate !"

This large gathering organized between the Bayonne CCI and the SEOCAMP association, is dedicated to a major issue on the web:

the acquisition of traffic, the sinews of war on the web!

Although SEO is the heart of the event, the main channels of traffic acquisition will be discussed during the 26 conferences and keynotes planned. The precise program is available online on the dedicated site https://paysbasque.seo-campus.org/

“Thanks in particular to Alan Cladx (INVESTOWEB) in favor of the Basque Country edition of SEOCAMP, the best French experts will be present such as Vincent Courson (Search outreach specialist at GOOGLE ), or Olivier Andrieu (ABONDANCE), one of the historic popes of SEO in France . In fact, this day will have nothing to envy to the large SEO / Traffic Acquisition gatherings of the major European cities. During the day, you can also try to take the QASEO or the CESEO, 2 SEO certifications offered by the SEO CAMP association. ” dixit Frédéric Péres Missionary in Digital Performance at the Bayonne CCI


Statistics for September 2019


Return from the conference: the best of the day?

No, we can't say that! However novices to SEO experts like the Denis brothers, loved it because they learned things… even Romain from blackhat.money gave a good feedback!

On the other hand, in order not to give strategic information to the competition, the support will only be distributed to an informed public . Please do not hesitate to request it using the contact form.

Specialist in growthacking and e-commerce, you will benefit from our experience to develop your contacts and your turnover in record time!

    SEOCAmp Paris 2020
    Black Hat Cycle Case Study

    How to self-finance your startup with aggressive netlinking? or the story of the launch of a platform which without branding, without social networks, without partners (marketing) and without legal notices ... generated 100,000 € with only a few web pages , good marketing and good SEO!

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