E-commerce: should you choose a Web or Communication Agency?

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You have a specific project in your mind and it is transcribed in paper or computer form. This is already the most difficult first step to get started: finding your project. Good ideas are usually already taken, so we have to innovate more and more in the digital sector.

The web is on the rise and it is very interesting to have good ideas. Indeed, according to the moderator's blog, 74% of French people access the internet every day. And they put in about 18 hours a week on it , which is a pretty good average.

The real questions to ask once the project has been determined are: who to turn to? Which actor is best suited to take charge of your web project? The market abounds today with agencies all more different than the others - communication agencies, web agency, digital agency, SEO consultant - but then which partner to turn to?

1. E-commerce project: the preparatory stages

A web project is preparing to be properly launched. To do this, certain steps must be observed when setting it up.

# 1. Structure your e-commerce project

The first essential step is to organize your project. It must be defined and given a perimeter. This phase is essential to allow the creator to ask the right questions:

- What are the objectives of your project? ;

- What is the interest of this web project? ;

- Why do you want to set up this web project? ;

TIP: To structure your project, it is advisable to go through the 5W phase. This principle comes from marketing tools and it allows you to understand the guidelines to follow for your project.

Products for an e-commerce project

Two types of products predominate on the internet: those which are rare, or those which are inexpensive ...

WHAT: what?

What is in place in your web project? This question is perhaps the first to be asked. It will structure your explanations to highlight your web project.

WHEN: When?

The question of time brings together several underlying questions:

- When can your project be launched?

- What is the necessary duration of implementation before the launch of your project?

WHERE: the place

The territory in which the project is implanted is important. This makes it possible to define the context of the project and above all to determine its means and objectives. Some think that web projects aim to be developed without having land borders? It is a mistake ! The web and google are structured by languages and by country. Deployment by sequential phase on market segments or on markets must be taken into account in order to properly control promotion budgets, whether natural or paid.

WHO: The target

You have an idea, a project and therefore an audience. Indeed, you want to create something for someone. This can be the creation of a website to attract certain Internet users or the establishment of an application to be downloaded by users. To exist, it is therefore necessary to know precisely the intended target. It is the profile of this target that needs to be refined. By understanding the needs of your targets, you can refine the tools for your application.

WHY: why?

What are your motivations for setting up this project is the first question. Once this is determined, the following must be answered: why should your web project be created? What is it for? What is his interest ? You have to develop its added value and what distinguishes it from things already existing today.

Once these broad lines have been dealt with, you will be able to explain your project to third parties, Merka-TIC will help you transform it into business communication from a document called the “Action Branding” sheet (2 working days)

# 2. Build a business plan

Before approaching professionals to help you in the development of your project, you must have a clear idea of what you are going to offer them. The first steps focus on the organization of the project and its structure. The business plan allows you to lay down, on paper, all the details of your project: foundations, motivations, financing plan, short and long term objectives.

This organization allows you to visualize and project yourself. It is fundamental to leave with the right elements. Your web project is structured and you can then turn to competent professionals to support you. This phase allows you to save time. In fact, your project is ready to be deployed when it arrives at the professionals' premises.

Do not expect to “entrust your business project” to a service provider because you will be disappointed. You are the project leader and the service provider helps you achieve your ambitions within the limits of the means allocated to him. This must be prepared beforehand!

TIP: some steps of the business plan can be carried out with an accountant. They can help you set up a case for a funding organization, for example. Their support is also a guarantee of seriousness.

2. How do I find the right provider (s)?

Once the first organizational steps are completed, you can go knocking on the doors of the professionals. However, before you jump in with your head down, it's important to educate yourself.

Web professionals are everywhere. Agencies are flourishing in cities to become real pillars of advice for web project leaders . Alongside these structures, independent professionals also help new projects to take shape: freelancers. So, how do you manage to sort it out? Which structure to turn to so as not to be mistaken? And how to make the right choice according to your web project?

The communication environment is made up of freelancers and agencies ranging from 2 to 200 people. Which ones can help you achieve ambitions and provide you with relevant advice?

This environment is very competitive and “dominated by the image”, project leaders tend to turn to graphic designers to develop their business. Do we ask a bus driver for a plane ticket? Nicolas Mercadieu, CEO Merka-TIC

Choosing the right professional to launch your web project?

Opting for an independent professional or turning to a professional team, this question very often torments project leaders. They find it difficult to visualize the advantages of each structure. The strengths and the negatives are found in every professional. The important thing is to correctly associate your web project with the right professional. The priority is that the freelance or the agency can effectively solve your problem.

Let's start by defining your problem: have a website, communicate effectively internally or externally, develop a new business or complete an existing activity?

Reminder: the 3 main web professions:

  • SEO : analyzes the request on google and offers the customer to build specific content (set of pages) to the customer as well as technical optimizations to the web provider. It offers them each a seo specifications adapted to the content and the container.
  • developer : writes lines of code to create and develop the functional scope of a site, application, or platform, internet.
  • graphic designer : dresses up a website in the colors of your graphic charter, whether it is the container, or the content (texts, photos, videos, etc.)

Should you choose a web or communication agency?

After observing the signs of the agencies more closely, it is possible to notice the differences: web agency or communication agency. There is something to get confused when you are carrying out a web project looking for a professional. To see more clearly and know exactly which type of agency to turn to, you have to understand their actions and their differences.

Web agency and communication agency what are the differences?

A web agency masters the technical aspect: the functional perimeter

The project leader goes to these professionals to obtain a complex and tailor-made functional scope : specific applications under prestashop, site in 4 or 6 languages under wordpress, development of magento gateways… These websites require technical skills perfectly mastered by an agency web.

Of course, they know how to make beautiful sites and often use a graphic designer, or a specialist in UX (User eXperience) internally, or not.

A communication agency masters the strategic aspect of communication

It is often confused, and rightly so, with an advertising agency which controls the rental of advertising space (billboards, paper, radio, TV, etc.) and their filling: graphic creations.

This organizes your positioning in the market and creates the identity of your company. It draws the contours of the personality of your project using methods based on the company's DNA. Proven in the construction of a brand identity, she may be required to manage business issues related to the multi-brand communication of a group, or she may also be required to analyze business sectors and trends in the market in order to better help project promoters stand out from the competition.

They often know how to build websites and reference them at a minimum, but to know a market on the Internet, determine a market volume , or go gain competitive positions, she calls on a SEO or SEO agency.

What is the role of an SEO agency?

You have defined the main lines of your project and you want

  1. know the market on the internet: in volume and keywords
  2. have a high-performance platform in terms of visibility in google
  3. measure the return on investment of your various online and offline actions

If your priority is to get web support to be visible and gain customers quickly . The priority is therefore to obtain high visibility on the web, it is the SEO agency that is competent. It will help you get a high-performance site created by a web agency or a communication agency depending on its technicality, but you will be guaranteed that your website will be visible on the web!

We must always keep in mind a basic rule, we are what we were formed for!

What about user experience, UX, in all of this?

In the good old days, SEO was easy. You filled in a page full of keywords, and you ranked number one. Oh, if only it was that easy today! Today, Google (and other search engines) literally take hundreds of factors into account when determining which pages rank highest in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

This new reality means that elements of user experience (UX) have been incorporated into SEO best practices. Is your site easy to navigate? Do you have quality content that makes visitors want to stay and engage? Is your site secure, fast and mobile?

Merka-TIC combines SEO and UX in this way: SEO targets search engines, and UX targets your website visitors. Both share a common goal: to provide users with the best possible experience!

For you, the client, this translates into goal achievement, first and second. In the case of an ecommerce, the first objectives are

  1. sell and increase the average basket
  2. Receive emails
  3. Fix fans in social networks

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