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How to register in Italian in Italy and Italian Switzerland?

Internet makes it easier to reach customers on the Italian market. By setting up an SEO campaign in Italy, you improve your presence on the transalpine market. How to succeed? Our solutions in this article.

Why SEO for your site in Italy?

Italy has a diversified industrialized economy. On the one hand, there is the industrial north, the prerogative of private companies, and on the other, the south, less developed and with a high unemployment rate. Despite this disparity, Italy manages to occupy the 11is position of the world's economic powers and to have a dynamic industrial fabric. Despite a certain slowdown, due to deteriorating economic conditions, Italy still constitutes an interesting market for a company wishing to establish itself internationally. The figures show that Italians are very active on the internet. 92% of Italians say they use the internet on a daily basis. E-commerce is also doing very well. The industry registers 42 million users per month. 72% of Italians also claim to visit shopping sites on the internet, and 42% claim to make their purchase on the internet. Most of these Italian internet users carry out their research and purchases in their mother tongue. To hope to have a place in the Italian market, a natural referencing in Italian is essential. To hope to reach Italians and encourage them to learn a foreign language, must be referenced in Italian. Italy is also one of the favorite destinations for tourists in the Mediterranean. We can set up a local and international SEO strategy to help you reach this significant part of the Italian market.

Italian SEO: the assets for success

Native writers for relevant content

Italian is a complex language whose essence and subtlety are often difficult for machine translators to grasp. For perfect pages, which meet the language requirements of the Italian audience, we offer native Italian writers. They have all the necessary know-how to put in place relevant page content, which allows visitors a natural linguistic experience. They will be able to write optimized content to improve your positioning on keywords.

Local players for the popularity of your pages

Italian SEO often requires the help of local players, namely sites with strong authority such as the press, and influencers. A netlinking work is thus essential. In our SEO work, we work with local players who can bring added value to your site. In SEO, the links that point to your site are very important. They have the effect of driving more traffic to your site. For a referencing in Italy, it is thus necessary to have Italian sites which return links towards your site. The more links there are to the pages of your site, the more Google will deem them relevant and promote their indexing in its database. You could thus register a better positioning in the results of the search engines. Among the local actors to be favored, there is in particular the press. The press sites are often sites with strong notoriety. A link from one of the news sites will have more impact than several links from anonymous sites. Influencers are also other local players to be favored to improve SEO in Italy. Influencers have at least a hundred "followers". If in one of his publications he inserts a link to your site, you could benefit from his notoriety and increase your traffic, which is beneficial for your link. For netlinking with influencers to be relevant, you have to choose them carefully. We are not satisfied with the number of followers, we also look at the level of engagement of influencers in their approach. Some people indeed buy fictitious fans to position themselves well, which is not interesting for our SEO work. The goal of the backlink is that it converts into a click to your site. Fictitious fans will not be able to do this. Collaboration with these influencers will therefore be of no interest to us and our SEO work.

Natural and paid referencing: for a successful campaign

We have been talking about natural referencing from the start, but for a better positioning on the Italian market, especially for a site that has just opened, this is not the only option. There is also what is called SEA (search engine advertising) or paid referencing. This technique, to be adopted on an ephemeral basis, allows you to position yourself straight away on the first page of Google results. This technique consists of buying the most relevant keywords in your field at auction. With each request from the Internet user, your ad thus appears ahead, well before the results of natural referencing. As the operation has a certain cost, unless it is a very large structure, it is not possible to apply this SEO technique indefinitely. This technique can complement, but does not replace the work of natural referencing, the result of which is sustainable.

The technical implementation of SEO in Italy

The success of an SEO campaign requires the application of well-defined techniques. First, the language. To reach the audience of a country, you must adopt the language of communication of that country. If you want to have a share of the transalpine market, you must adopt Italian for all of your sites. All content including metadata must be translated into Italian. If several languages exist on a single page, search engine crawlers will have a hard time doing their indexing work. Either the indexing of your pages will not be done correctly, or the crawlers will simply ignore your pages. Translation work should therefore not be taken lightly. Online translators are therefore not your best ally in this area. Better to use the services of a qualified person, perfectly mastering the language and its subtleties. Geographical location is also important. Your site must be easily identifiable locally. In other words, shouldn't have any trouble indexing your pages in its database. How to get there ? You have the choice between creating from scratch an additional site dedicated to the Italian public or creating an Italian version of your current site. You can thus set up either a multilingual site or a site with an .it extension. To simplify the work of search engine robots as well as possible and to obtain a fairly rapid result, we recommend the use of the .it extension. The presence of this extension in your domain name already indicates to crawlers that you are targeting Italian queries. You can target both Italians and Swiss Italians who use this language to carry out their research on the internet. If you want to fully play the internationalization card, you can always keep the basic extensions such as .com, .org or even .biz. However, to reach the Italian market, hosting in a server with an Italian IP is more than recommended. The choice of keywords is another important step in SEO work in Italian or any other language. The stakes are high, since if the keywords on which you are positioned are not relevant, your site will have very low chances of appearing in a good position in search engine results. Keywords are not chosen at random. An analysis of the industry is essential. It is essential to define the right keywords, those which are most sought after in Italian, and which are also related to your area of expertise. We choose the keywords that increase your chances of having good positioning in the short and medium term. For example, in the short term, to have a quick result, we will bet on long tail expressions like "hotel Roma centro". In the medium term, we will aim more at positioning on keywords such as "Hotel Roma". The search engines to target are also important. Google is essential. It is the most widely used engine in the world. Efforts are therefore focused on this search engine, but that does not mean that other search engines are negligible. It is also interesting to refer to Bing or Yahoo. We mentioned above the importance of netlinking. Our agency, which is also based in Italy, has all the necessary know-how to build an effective Link building strategy for your site. In addition to the powerful tools which make it possible to determine the relevance or not of a site for your site, we count in our network of many collaborators giving us access to various sites which can publish articles with links towards your site. Your site will thus be at the heart of a web of balanced and thematic links. We do not choose links at random. The theme of the site that hosts the article, the semantics of the link as well as the authority of the site are all points that we take into consideration in our netlinking strategy.

SEO Italy: permanent monitoring

We continuously monitor the referencing of your site to see if the indexing strategy put in place is effective or not. Regularly, adjustments are made to achieve good results. A ranking of the different keywords chosen according to their relevance is established to improve the strategy. Regularly, you receive a periodic report of this keyword ranking. You could thus follow the referencing of your site in Italy. You will see which keywords are of interest to attract Internet users.

Clientele Typology and Navigation Scenarios

At the heart of this strategy, the type or types of customer (s) that we target. What are their habits, their purchasing journey, the media and channels used ... We will have you fill out a persona sheet , we will work on scenarios in order to optimize the customer experience on your site and thus achieve your various objectives of conquest and loyalty.

SEO Basque Country

Tools & training

The use of nomadic terminals has generated significant changes in the technical aspect of natural referencing of internet sites. For this reason, it is important to continually learn and use professional and precise tools.

SEO training

What is Google SEO in 2018? Why is this a central skill in digital communication? How to become a good SEO consultant ... see here for a definition of SEO. The SEO Bootcamp is a training course provided by Laurent Bourrelly, SEO & SEA consultant since 2004, its mission is to bring visibility, traffic and performance to my clients. Voted 3rd best SEO in France (Journal du Net ranking), he is also a certified Google Adwords Partner.

SEO and web marketing tool

Yooda is much more than a tool to measure its positions in google in France and internationally. It makes it possible to measure the positions of its competitors and to evaluate its performance in relation to them. Yooda's "Insight - Market Explorer" module allows you to estimate the volume of demand for keywords and themes.

Webmarketing and SEO tool in the Basque country

Popularity analysis tool (offsite)

Once the fundamentals are in place, you may discover that it is not easy to take positions on very competitive keywords. You will then need netlinking campaigns to develop your popularity. In order to dominate google and your competitors, we use SEObserver, a very complete tool that combines many features but also data from Majectic SEO and SEM Rush. For a link profile analysis we will use CognitiveSEO or equivalent.

Semantic analysis tool (onsite)

How to have optimized, relevant and intelligent content? Your Text Guru covers the expectations of search engines such as adopting a hierarchical and organizational structure. Clearly the engines want to find certain elements in your texts, but also want to find a logical organization of your content pages between them.

We can also use other tools:

Keyword and content density analysis:

Content duplication rate analysis:

Conversion Tracking

Structuring the content into layers of information relating to the intentions of Internet users increases your visibility as well as your sales potential:

Example: a catalog of real estate (=> level 1 buyers) to which we add a blog "expert advice" which is aimed at people looking for information ... but information prior to the act of purchase!

On a website, we can materialize all your goals and necessarily follow their conversion. We mainly use Google Analytics and yandex for behavioral analysis.

How can you help?

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Web Marketing, definition

SEO consultant, SEO consultant, web marketer, business developer, e merchandiser, metrics analyzer ... a set of professions that can be grouped under the theme of web marketing. But what is Webmarketing? For my part, I would say that it is the same thing as traditional marketing, that is to say a set of sciences and techniques which makes it possible to promote the meeting of supply and demand . On the internet, the difference with marketing is technique, at its heart Google SEO and metrics analysis. With tools like Google Analytics that track your traffic in detail, it's never been easier to measure your communication performance. The objective of web marketing is to deploy a catalog of products and services in order to arouse the interest of customers in order to deploy a turnover, a brand image, etc. The first step in a good marketing plan is the earlier definition of a business strategy:

  • objective: positioning on the market,
  • targets: clients 1, clients 2, prescribers ...
  • strategy: quantified objectives,
  • tactics: operational resources / marketing plan

E-commerce and E-business

182,000 merchant sites, an average basket of 78 Euros, a turnover of 64.5 billion euros in 2016 (Source Fevad), ecommerce, or electronic commerce is a sector that has developed very quickly these recent years thanks in particular to new technologies, Internet and mobile terminals, consoles and connected TV.

The Internet has today become the main channel for distance selling and is replacing what used to be called mail order sales.

E-commerce only represents part of the challenges of Internet commerce. The presence of companies on the web and their dynamics also impact purchases made in points of sale or in BtoB (eg catalog of pharmacies Pharmathèque).

As a complementary action to the implementation of transaction mechanisms, this requires the definition of an online and offline marketing action plan.

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