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Our team develops sustainable SEO strategies for websites to be established on the German language market in countries such as Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland or elsewhere in Europe, such as England , Italy or in Spain . Our methodology and analysis is based on the creation of quality content and external links , totally interwoven with the activity of your company.

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How to reference in German on Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland?

Germany, the leading European economic power, is essential on the European market. If you want to position yourself on the European market, you cannot ignore SEO in German, particularly targeting this country, but also the Author and German-speaking Switzerland.

SEO to target German speakers

For a better positioning in Europe, it is important to position yourself on the German market. You should target not only Germany, but also other countries in Europe that use this language to communicate.

Targeting of the Germans

Germany is the leading European economic power. In 2017, it recorded a GDP of 3263 billion euros. This country has also been the 4th largest economic power in the world since 2007. Since the end of the crisis, Germany has recorded an above-average growth rate within the euro zone. If there is thus one market to be favored within the European Union, it is the German market. A German SEO will help you market your products and services to Germans. In 2016, a study found that 86% of Germans used the internet on a daily basis. Targeted SEO will help you position yourself in the first search results in German.

Targeting of Austria and German-speaking Switzerland

Austria is another market that should not be overlooked if you want to position yourself on the German-speaking market in Europe. Austria has always been a good student in the euro area. The country has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, with a very efficient purchasing power parity GDP / capita. The same is true for Switzerland. Switzerland has a prosperous economy, which owes its performance to its surplus trade balance. German-speaking Switzerland, which speaks German, occupies 65% of the country. If you want to conquer Switzerland, it would be interesting to do a referencing in German.

How does SEO in German work technically?

Setting up a German SEO starts with the language. The site to be referenced must be in German. The content of your site must therefore be translated. The translation must be done in a natural way, from a linguistic point of view. Whenever possible, avoid online translators. If the language of your site is not natural, Internet users, although they are directed there, will not stay there long and will not become customers. The SEO work will therefore not have brought all the result that you expect. Once you have mastered the language, you have the choice between creating a multilingual site or using a .de extension. The multilingual site has a German version. Our referencing work will only focus on this version. If you want to dismantle your market, and specifically target a market, you can create an additional site geared towards your German speaking audience. We recommend this second option. The site will have been designed only for the German-speaking public and will be referenced in German, in order to attract visitors from Germany, Austria and German-speaking Switzerland. The final choice, however, depends on you and your strategy. Do you want to have a single site to position in several European countries or do you want to target markets by language? Regardless of the choice of domain, computer hosting must be done on a server with a German IP. Many make the mistake of wanting to position themselves in the German-speaking region, while opting for "hosting" on a server on French territory. The regional search engine tends to find pages originating from a server with a German IP as more relevant. These pages will therefore be more easily indexed by this search engine.

Native German editors

Once the site is set up, there is still the choice of keywords on which the SEO work will focus. The choice of keywords makes it possible to lay the foundations of the action plan to be put in place to succeed in the SEO of your site. We will determine together the key words to favor in the end. Upstream, we carry out an analysis of the various keywords in relation to your commercial niche and your sector of activity. We look at what your competition is doing to get you targeting the most searched keywords in German and even country-specific, since we're targeting not only Germany, but also Austria and German-speaking Switzerland. Although all these regions speak German, regional variations may exist depending on the customs of life and mores. Keywords must be highlighted in the content of your pages to be spotted by search engine crawlers. These keywords should be inserted in a natural way. It is for this reason that we work with seasoned editors to enrich your pages. These qualified writers, who are native speakers, have a perfect command of German and all its subtleties. They have all the know-how necessary to sublimate this language and produce relevant content, where the various keywords will be highlighted, without altering the interest of the article. Speaking of crawlers, we have to take into consideration, not only those from Google, but also those from other search engines. The efforts will be focused on good positioning on Google, but we also take into account the potential of Bing and other alternative search engines. Once the keywords have been determined and worked on, we also carry out linkbuilding or link research. To index pages, crawlers often go from hyperlinks to hyperlinks. If there are few or no links that point to your pages, your site is unlikely to be indexed by search engines. Without indexing, its content will never appear in search engine results since the engines are unaware of its existence! We have a palette of tools and many collaborators to succeed in the work of netlinking of your site. We have access to a wide choice of sites that will be able to publish articles with links pointing to your site. We could thus set up an efficient and relevant “netlinking”. We do not choose links at random. We first study the semantics of the site that will host your links. We also take into account the reputation of referring sites.

Netlinking to work on popularity

To improve your positioning, we cannot ignore local players and influencers. Earlier we talked about the importance of "linkbuilding". This cannot be done without a relationship with influential people in the German market. These local actors are mainly the press and influencers.

The press and local actors to gain popularity

In terms of netlinking, it is above all the quality of the link and not its quantity that counts. Thus, a link from a well-known press in England will have much more value than dozens of links from directories or small blogs and personal sites. Of course, all local players should be favored for a better positioning on the market, but for a relevant referencing, we favor those who can really bring you added value.

Influencers, essential in SEO

Influencers play an important role in SEO. They have a great reputation within their community. To reach a larger audience, improve your positioning on the web and boost your traffic, we cannot ignore them during our SEO work. We study the influencers and select the ones that are most relevant to your business. We don't just rely on the numbers of followers they have. We also look at their engagement rate in terms of their publications. Once the most relevant influencers have been found, we work with them to bring their notoriety to your site.

SEO in Germany: easy or not?

SEO work is never easy. This is a long-term job that takes a little time to bring its first results. A referencing in German will not be easier or more difficult than in France. It all depends essentially on the competition. If the sector and strong competition, the work will be longer. To quickly obtain quality traffic and be “immediately” profitable, we will first target long expressions which will allow us to improve your visibility on sub-segments of the markets. So, to get a quick result, we will focus our work on key phrases such as "Hotel Berlin Zentrum", for example. In the medium term, we can, for example, target “Hotel Berlin”. A better positioning on this keyword with a high request will not be obtained in the short term, as the competition is fierce. Once the basics of SEO are in place, we monitor to assess competing SEO strategies and better understand the expectations of your potential customers in terms of content. We thus optimize your pages accordingly, to better attract crawlers and promote the indexing of your pages.

Natural and paid referencing: what use?

SEO in Germany like everywhere else takes time to show results. The advantage is that the work is less expensive and above all, the result is long-lasting. Once you get the positioning, you can't fall quickly, except maybe in the case of a penalty from the search engine. However, to immediately improve your traffic, we can implement a paid SEO strategy. Paid SEO involves buying keywords at auction so that a page appears first in search results. We combine the two techniques to get you a relevant result fairly quickly.

SEO monitoring of your site in Germany

We don't just set up an SEO strategy. We also carry out a constant follow-up of the referencing of your site. Tracking is done by search engine and keyword. We are adjusting our indexing strategy through constant improvement in keyword rankings. On your side, you can also follow the evolution of the referencing of your site in German. Periodically, we send you a ranking of the various relevant keywords in German to attract visitors.

Clientele Typology and Navigation Scenarios

At the heart of this strategy, the type or types of customer (s) that we target. What are their habits, their purchasing journey, the media and channels used ... We will have you fill out a persona sheet , we will work on scenarios in order to optimize the customer experience on your site and thus achieve your various objectives of conquest and loyalty.

SEO Basque Country

Tools & training

The use of nomadic terminals has generated significant changes in the technical aspect of natural referencing of internet sites. For this reason, it is important to continually learn and use professional and precise tools.

SEO training

What is Google SEO in 2018? Why is this a central skill in digital communication? How to become a good SEO consultant ... see here for a definition of SEO. The SEO Bootcamp is a training course provided by Laurent Bourrelly, SEO & SEA consultant since 2004, its mission is to bring visibility, traffic and performance to my clients. Voted 3rd best SEO in France (Journal du Net ranking), he is also a certified Google Adwords Partner.

SEO and web marketing tool

Yooda is much more than a tool to measure its positions in google in France and internationally. It makes it possible to measure the positions of its competitors and to evaluate its performance in relation to them. Yooda's "Insight - Market Explorer" module allows you to estimate the volume of demand for keywords and themes.

Webmarketing and SEO tool in the Basque country

Popularity analysis tool (offsite)

Once the fundamentals are in place, you may discover that it is not easy to take positions on very competitive keywords. You will then need netlinking campaigns to develop your popularity. In order to dominate google and your competitors, we use SEObserver, a very complete tool that combines many features but also data from Majectic SEO and SEM Rush. For a link profile analysis we will use CognitiveSEO or equivalent.

Semantic analysis tool (onsite)

How to have optimized, relevant and intelligent content? Your Text Guru covers the expectations of search engines such as adopting a hierarchical and organizational structure. Clearly the engines want to find certain elements in your texts, but also want to find a logical organization of your content pages between them.

We can also use other tools:

Keyword and content density analysis:

Content duplication rate analysis:

Conversion Tracking

Structuring the content into layers of information relating to the intentions of Internet users increases your visibility as well as your sales potential:

Example: a catalog of real estate (=> level 1 buyers) to which we add a blog "expert advice" which is aimed at people looking for information ... but information prior to the act of purchase!

On a website, we can materialize all your goals and necessarily follow their conversion. We mainly use Google Analytics and yandex for behavioral analysis.

How can you help?

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Web Marketing, definition

SEO consultant, SEO consultant, web marketer, business developer, e merchandiser, metrics analyzer ... a set of professions that can be grouped under the theme of web marketing. But what is Webmarketing? For my part, I would say that it is the same thing as traditional marketing, that is to say a set of sciences and techniques which makes it possible to promote the meeting of supply and demand . On the internet, the difference with marketing is technique, at its heart Google SEO and metrics analysis. With tools like Google Analytics that track your traffic in detail, it's never been easier to measure your communication performance. The objective of web marketing is to deploy a catalog of products and services in order to arouse the interest of customers in order to deploy a turnover, a brand image, etc. The first step in a good marketing plan is the earlier definition of a business strategy:

  • objective: positioning on the market,
  • targets: clients 1, clients 2, prescribers ...
  • strategy: quantified objectives,
  • tactics: operational resources / marketing plan

E-commerce and E-business

182,000 merchant sites, an average basket of 78 Euros, a turnover of 64.5 billion euros in 2016 (Source Fevad), ecommerce, or electronic commerce is a sector that has developed very quickly these recent years thanks in particular to new technologies, Internet and mobile terminals, consoles and connected TV.

The Internet has today become the main channel for distance selling and is replacing what used to be called mail order sales.

E-commerce only represents part of the challenges of Internet commerce. The presence of companies on the web and their dynamics also impact purchases made in points of sale or in BtoB (eg catalog of pharmacies Pharmathèque).

As a complementary action to the implementation of transaction mechanisms, this requires the definition of an online and offline marketing action plan.

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